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Pakistani Writers Better not Enter India-BJPWarning!



Not a single day has passed with ease and no tension after the inception of two countries Pakistan and India in 1947. The two have always kept some long lasting grudges against each other for any reason. Recently the athletes of Pakistan were made victim of this long rift between these two and recently Indian extremist group Bharti Janata Party BJP has warned Pakistani writers not to enter the soil of their mother land India to attend Jaipur Literature Festival or face the dire consequences.

According to the recent updates BJP in their threat have made advancements and now total 7 writers from Pakistan are literally banned to enter the India to attend the festival. This harsh behavior from the BJP was seen when work of seven Pakistani writers including some prominent names like Jamil Ahmed and Mohammed Hanif are shortlisted in 2013 festival for certain award category. These steps from an Indian extremist party are a clear indication of hatred and their narrow mind behavior.

Actions are louder than words, that is the phenomenon everyone believes however BJP stands out unique and once again not only their actions are loud but their words too hence it was proved by BJP’s Yuva Mocrcha state President of Rishi Bhansal “we will not allow them to enter the festival venue. There is no question of welcoming the Pakistani authors here at a time when their country has disrupted peace at the border.” It is a clear indication of threat against Pakistani writers who might be deprived of a golden opportunity in this festival. Last but not least even the organizers of the event showed least interest of managing this issue and trying to cope up with the situation and stated “all sessions would be held as per schedule in the presence of all guest authors.

Actions of hatred and hostile behavior are always condemned and opposed by the sane mind and these actions taken by the BJP is one of them. They criticized on both side of the border and almost on every level too. A peace loving human nature will never welcome such actions and will try to diffuse these types of tensions between two people if he could and that is what Pakistan and India need at this very moment. There have been a lot of debates sessions and even conferences to have peace talks talk between the two neighboring countries however they seem to fail games and literature abstaining from politics of the countries.

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