Haseena Moin Finds Today’s Drama Industry Unsatisfactory-What Do you Think?

These days when most of the viewers of Pakistan’s Drama industry are finding this era as one of the most successful ones, It seems that there are some veteran Actors/ directors/ Script writers who are not satisfied with the trend that has been set these days. While I was searching for some latest updates, I found that the legendry drama writer, Haseena Moin has serious concerns about the present work that is appearing on screen.

The Lady who doesn’t need any introduction, Haseena Moin has been serving Pakistani Drama since a long time giving some remarkable scripts like Tanhaaiyaan, Dhoop Kinaare, Ankahee, etc. However, Haseena seems to be offended by the current storylines been adopted by the young writers and considers them to be a ‘source to spoil the youth. While giving an interview to a local media, she expressed her concerns about the language been used in the new dramas where no measures to maintain decency are taken into account. Although she didn’t mention the name of any serial or channel, it is assumed that she might be pointing towards the dramas like ‘Raju Rocket’, where the use of abusive words is commonly seen. Moreover, she also highlighted that the artists speak wrong Urdu onscreen which goes unnoticed by the directors and the managing team.

Talking about the vulgar and bold scripts, she also said that few serials are becoming adult shows, where parents do not prefer their children to watch dramas that are based on vulgar themes. When she was asked about the ‘celebrities craze’ that is emerging gradually and getting severe indeed, this living legend also disapproved the ideology, considering it to be a total disaster, she said:

“Today’s youth and housewives take drama artists as their ideals and the dialogues in drama also create enormous impact on peoples’ mind.”

It might sound contradictory to the general perception of the viewers these days, Haseena Moin compared the acting skills of today’s artists with the actors of 80’s and 90’s, and voted for the later one. She also suggested that there is a serious need of training academies for film and drama artists so that the industry can portray acting and art despite of glamour and boldness.

With that, the post comes to an end. With all due respect to her thoughts, I personally do not agree with few, actually most of the points she criticized. Pakistan has had gone through worst years where people literally hated Pakistani Dramas but hats off to the young talent and private TV channels, the dramas that are been made today are absolutely amazing. Her views might be correct for the Lollywood industry but for drama, acting skills are highly satisfactory; what do you think? Also share your views about her concerns about the huge fan following of few artists. Do you think it is wrong?  Your opinion Matters J

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Nida Zaidi


  • DDs

    she is actually totally right.
    i noticed in drama MANJALI that they use many hindi word like "kaaran"
    and also all these "arrey, abhay" are mumbai bhasha.
    thw worst: bollywood songs and dancing. they feel proud to mention names like katrina or kareena.
    seriosly what is wrong with you ppl?
    miss dramas like LAHAASIL or MOORAT.
    But i have to say that nowadays some dramas are also good (dastaan- a masterpiece).

  • DDs

    and stop all these intimate bedroom scenes!

    • Sherry

      Which intimate bedroom scenes? :S

  • FatimaAwan

    What about Haseena Moin's own play Meri Behan Maya, some of the scenes are so disgusting.

    • Zahra Mirza

      Fatima what about that play? I haven't seen but now I want to know? 🙂

      • FatimaAwan

        Zahra plz watch episode 12 & you will know what I am talking about. Take time out and watch it , i would like to know yout views on it:)

        • Zahra Mirza

          Suredy. 🙂

    • Xadee

      U r right fatima…!
      SOme scenes/dialOgues are really disgusting…
      fatima i want tO ask r u reviewing meri behan maya and bari apa On anOther site?if yes y u r nOt reviewing them here?
      AnOtherthing,y u r nOt replying me at TNS Review thread 🙁

      • FatimaAwan

        Xadee so so sorry I must have missed your comment. Yes I am reviewing them for dramapakistani, why don't you read the reviews there. I can't review the same dramas for two pages, that is why I can't review it here:( Are you watching both the shows? Meri Behan Maya has a weak plot too.

        • Xadee

          🙂 sure…i will visit that site tO read ur reviews.i really enjOy reading ur reviews…but, i lOve this site mOre becOz there r mOre visiters,mOre cOmments;mOre dicussiOns. 🙂
          fatima… i fOllow almOst all dramas Of ary,hum,geO On N Off except my fav. dramas…i can't even think tO miss a single scene Of them 🙂
          n yes meri behan maya , i started watching it due tO haseena mOeen bt nOw really lOsing my interest. 🙁

          • FatimaAwan

            I know, we all love this site, it is like a second home:) Thank you so much for following my reviews and liking them. It really means a lot to me. We can talk about Bari Aapa aunder the TNS thread. share your views about the latest episode under the TNS thread.

          • Xadee

            Yes, i will definately…When i will watch that episode 😉 becOz i missed it.hehe

  • Sherry

    Haseena Moin Sahiba is generalizing. While SOME dramas resort to vulgar dialogues and scenes in an attempt to show a liberal culture (case in point: Ashk), a majority of them are still pretty ok to watch with the family.
    I'm sorry, but the scripts and screenplays of the 90s (as much as they are still loved) will fail to captivate a younger audience today, which demands shorter scenes with little dialogue and more interaction.
    And I had to change the channel during Meri Behn Maya last night due to a particular scene. Talk about practising what you preach.

    • FatimaAwan

      I know what you mean Sherry. Even some of the dialogues in Meri Behan Maya make you cringe.

  • Maheen

    Agree to an extent. I thought overall, Humsafar was tastefully done, although it was not necessary to show so much hand-holding and lovey dovey yucky scenes. And why can't husbands and wives talk in the living room or somewhere else than the bedroom on the bed, indicating a level of intimacy that is inapprorpriate if we consider that the actors and actresses involved are not married to each other?

  • Zahra Mirza

    I agree to some of her points but with due respect these seniors never fail to criticise the younger generation. If a few directors or writers are picking up bad story line does not mean that the WHOLE NEW LOT is spoiling the youth. Yes, a few dramas like Mohabbat Bhar Mai Jaye etc are cheap beyond limits but others are pretty normal. Allhamdullilah, there are so many comments that I've come across & so many people right away object if they see anything worth an objection, which means our audience is pretty much well-aware of what they want to see & what not.

    The seniors no doubt have an experience of their own but I have seen so many seniors criticising their juniors. I saw Nida Yasir's morning show in which she was interviewing the cast of TNS, there I also felt the same thing that with due respect Behroz Sabzwari especially degraded the younger directors & actors openly by passing a few comments & Marina Khan talked about how Yasir Nawaz approached her for the direction of TNS but she refused to appoint him as a director because in her opinion TNS was the project that belonged to the OLD cast & she didn't want to share anything related to it with anyone. She didn't say it out loud but what she meant was clearly understandable.

    The seniors need to understand one thing that they have had their moments of glory & now when the younger lot is succeeding in whatever they're doing, they should appreciate rather than degrade or criticise.

    • nazia

      and another point : aik taraf mohabbat jaye bhhar mein jesa vulgar drama hai to doosree taraf shehrezaat jesa drama bhi hai jis ne logon ko Allah ke mazeed qareeb kia aur jo ke aik young director ka banaya hua hai

      • Zahra Mirza

        Yes exactly Nazia but unfortunately seniors these days fail to see the positives too & point out only the negatives out of sheer insecurity that they have lost their time. There are very few bad dramas but we mostly have the good ones. So, I guess the bad ones should be ignored.

      • Xadee

        Agree nazia…there z variety in Our drama…bad Once are less than 10%.n sher e zaat was superb.masterpiece Of sarmad khOosat.

  • Xadee

    Zahra…I agree with u 101%
    hum tOu usy hi fOllow krain gaye jOu hmain impress krny me sucessful hO ga… 🙂
    yOung or a seniOr team..dOesn't matters.

    • Zahra Mirza

      Exactly. But Seniors ko bhi appna app impose nahi karna chahiye aur they should whole heartedly make a way for younger lot to flourish. 🙂 Isn't it?

      • Xadee

        OffcOurse…seniOrs shOuld nOt merely appreciate but alsO guide them…we knw seniOrs have mOre experience sO that we get finest wOrk.afterall,cOoperatiOn iz the key.

  • k22

    i think we are raising our standard of entertainment way too high..

  • Mrs Asim

    I agree to u Nida,though Haseena moeen is not totally wrong,In fact what she said is the typical way our won parents give their opinion about such things,yes very wrong Urdu is being spoken,hindi words r there,there is bold topic,this all is true but what our elders are fail to notice is that fact that world is no more that simple little world they had in their times,tehy should realise the unavoidable effect of 'EXPOSURE',because of the advances in technology,cultures is mixing together and its inevitable,the thing is that k younger generation must be aware of rights and wrongs,n as ZAHRA stated it,it too much obvious that most of the youngester do know the meaning of vulgar,u can see such innocent comments under MBMJ k'drama is good lakin kuch ajeeb sa hay':).they know it. we expect our elders to encourage younger talent,instead of criticising all in one sentence.

    • Nida Zaidi

      Mrs. Asim, so rightly said! 🙂

    • Xadee

      Drama iz gOod but kuch ajeeb sa hai lOl 😀
      u r right…i agree

    • Zahra Mirza

      I agree completely & thank you for mentioning me in particular Mrs. Asim. 🙂 I know there are still a few innocent people who find Mohabbat Bhar Mai Jaye type dramas funny & ignore the boldness of it but still viewers are viewers & everyone has a right to follow what they like.

  • zamzam

    100 % agree
    it is common behaviour of elders
    they like their own old world "things" which are no more
    here i wanna mention one of above comments i am very much agree with
    that haseena moeen,s herself drama meri behn maya has a lot of boldness and yucky scenes
    and a lot of young producers are giving us marvelous dramas.
    last days i read an interview . i think it was of fasih bari khan he mentioned the same thing that seniors are not appreciating the new talent . instead of appreciating their juniors,s good work they always try to live in their old heaven . he said some of oldies are so jealous of new ones though all are not same but yes seniors should appreciate good works done by juniors

  • mojojojo

    totally agree with haseena moeen…..I don't like bold scenes in dramas nd due to this reason I cant watch them with my family

  • Rania

    Dont really like people like haseena moin , despite of speaking against your own thing she should appreciate it.. Hate her even though she has given hits but still , she outs all of the blame to her co workers even for TNS Did that!! She blamed marina and mohammad ahmed for the poormstory of tanhaaiyan naye silsilay so she should stop blaming and critising..

  • Rania


  • Luckily Im pretty laid back.