Indian Dubbed Cartoons – A Nuisance!

Yes you read it right, I am so annoyed over the fact that our kids are being “taught” Hindi- Urdu through cartoons that are dubbed in Hindi-Urdu rather than the Urdu we speak here in our country. Not only this, many cartoons are based on cultural and religious myths of Hindus and while everyone talks against Indian shows on Pakistani channels and Indian models in Pakistani ads, we hardly ever hear anyone talking about these nonsensical cartoons, which have no educational value except that our kids are learning Hindi-Urdu very fast and they watch cartoon characters lying and cheat on-screen. Some years back PEMRA imposed a ban on Cartoon Network and Disney because of these dubbed shows but few months later this ban was lifted on the condition that these dubbed shows will not be shown on the channel. But after a few months the dubbed shows were back with a bang because our children are so addicted to them that they cannot survive without them! Those of you living in Pakistan who have children in the house will know what I am talking about. I have seen many children who are literally addicted to these shows and mothers have to impose a strict ban on Cartoon Network, Disney and Pogo but when kids go to friends’ houses their first request is that they want to watch Doraemon or Chota Beem.

Few months back when Geo TV announced that they were going to have Disney Time I was very happy to hear that because I thought that finally someone has thought about dubbing these shows in Pakistan. I am all for children watching cartoons in Urdu, as long as it is the Urdu we speak here in our country. But when I saw the cartoons being telecast on Geo I was utterly disappointed since they were dubbed in Hindi-Urdu, so basically our channels were just promoting the Indian Urdu even more. Sometimes it scares me that the kids who are growing up watching these programs won’t be able to tell the difference between the two languages. This is what I call cultural invasion in its true sense. Showing Indian advertisements is not as dangerous as this latest trend and something should be done to address the issue.

First of all my question is that even with so much technological development and enough monetary resources why can we not dub these cartoons ourselves? My second question is that if we have enough money to launch new news or entertainment channel every second month, why can’t we have one channel for children too? Pakistan television private or governmental has never produced good quality shows for kids in abundance. And I think that we are missing out on a great opportunity to educate our children through television. These children are our future and a little investment in them is going to go a very long way.

When Hum TV launched a new channel a few months back, I was not happy about it at all because Hum TV is doing so well already as far dramas are concerned so why not invest the same time, energy and money in doing something for the future generation? I am waiting impatiently for the day when we will have our own cartoons promoting our own values, language and customs. I have seen children watching animations like Dettol warriors and Safeguard ones over and over again. These animations are not meant for entertainment purposes at all but are very educational. Kids find them very interesting and follow the instructions given by the animated characters and understand the difference between good and bad as shown in these animated advertisements, this only goes to show that television is such a strong medium that it can bring about any kind of change. It is sad that we leave it to India to make and dub our children’s entertainment shows but can go on making endless dramas for grown ups. It is obviously more about money than doing something good for the betterment of the country.

PEMRA should take a step forward and this time around ensure that no Hindi-Urdu dubbed shows should air on Pakistani Cartoon Network. It would be much better that our kids watch these shows in English, Chinese or Japanese if we cannot do the dubbing ourselves.


  • mehwish

    i totally agree we have rights of some international cartoon channels why cant we dubb them ourselves? i blocked all hindi dubbed cartoon channels coz my 4 years old started to use hindi words.

  • Xadee

    Very True.

  • zamzam

    totally agree
    this is a great issue
    especially when kids are watching indian religious myth shows about damn devi and devtas.
    i dont know how parents can allow there children to watch this bull shit
    pemra should ban this kind of stuff

  • Khurram

    Hamaara apna media bhi to logon ki soch ka khaana kharaab hi kar raha hai, i remember my childhood when there was only PTV and sir Mustansar Hussain Tarad was the host.. we used to desperately wait for 5 min tom and jerry cartoon in morning transmission alongwith getting to know about beauty of our beloved Pakistan as well as some great advices for children,,
    now morning shows are showing JIN BHOOT dramay baazi, Fake Peerz and raid on dating couples (in maya khan show),, mehndi and wedding functions,, all CRAP i must say

  • mag

    guys u can control ur kids by giving them good and educational games which are more intresting then cartoons…i never let my kids saw these cartoons, especially indian religious and cultural cartoons….it our responsibility how to control our kids routien…here are soem good websites….like nik jr, cbeebies, pbs kids, starfall, these are having videos and games , from age 2 -6 till now they spend their lesieur time with these websites and many more …what did u need just spend some time to search soem good websites for ur kids……but need family privicy on internet so they cannot used other adult material lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.i wish every other pakistani child should use internet like this way ………and han there are interactive reading books too…….guys plzz try them for ur kids…u just love themm

    • FatimaAwan

      Mag you are so right. We need more moms like you:) I am also very particular about what my kids watch. I prefer dvds and internet and these cartoon channels are never an option. But yes we should have educational programs for kids in GOOD Urdu too. My daughter also likes the dettol warriors ads and they did prove to be educational. I am definitely in favor of coming up with such cartoon series too.

  • tima

    You are all hypo rates..You are okay for kids to learn any language but not Hindi!!!!!You are so egoistic that India can make good cartoons and not you.! Bad mouthing other religions does not make you a good Muslim and if you want your country to lead in Anything ..then do something instead of Complaint..LOL.

    • xpert

      you sound like a hindu

    • shah

      Got to be kidding …good cartoons like what ,Bheem !
      It is culture that is need to be preserved we want kids to learn their own culture first and this is what article is about.

  • abcd

    Very true.

  • nadia

    now i havent read the article but indeed its serious issue , when i was in pakistan i saw these cartoons and heard kids saying hindi words, that was so weird , i cudnt believe really the cables guys are so pathetic that they dont care about the kids of their nation yet alone the youth. The cartooons here are very informative and learning now but agin the choice was nonsense and the dubbing was soo funny..i would say save the kids from this crap before they start speaking hindi at home.

    • Fyza

      Are u as vehement about the kids not learning any other language?

      • IBAD RAO

        Problem is not with learning language but with religious views. A few weeks ago I was in a little town of punjab where I noticed my little cousins mad after Pogo channel. What they were watching one day was the story of Hanuman the monkey who was loved and married by a human being(woman) and soon after marriage she got pregnant and gave birth to a child who was half monkey and half man. This was one of Hindus's religious story. All this and the treatment of the story was not suitable for children in any way.

  • Haroon

    I fully agree. We should raise our voice against this cultural invasion and should force PEMRA to stop this nonsense.

  • muslim

    as a parent i completely agree..

  • Dds

    I am speechless..didnt know that!!!

  • Niloufer

    What a hypocrite! It is ok for us to allow our children to watch absolute nonsense on Nick jr and other English
    Channels which promote Halloween , Christmas and Hanukkah etc but not ok for them to learn Hindi as a launguage
    I am an Urdu speaking Indian American and I prefer our children learn yeh and Hindi over English first.
    ESP as a Muslim I think it falls to us To guide our children when they are watching tv… Any kind of tv!
    My children know their traditions… Know how to speak to their Pakistani aunties and friends here and are able to
    Appreciate and understand and tolerate their Hindu and various Indian religious sects ( as Islam promota religious tolerance) . Do not treat children as stupid beings. Guide them when they watch tv … Is it as dangerous to them to accept all the holiday/ Christmas themed cartoons on English channels. Promote tolerance and understanding and at the same time instead of building a fort around your children teach them to be a fortress themselves where as ad when they grow they are able to filter what we should do and not do.

    • Ibad Rao

      Dear Nilofur little children do not have minds or Plato and Aristotle who can understand everything themselves. They need guidance from their elders at every step of their lives. And especially Muslims are responsible for the good education of their child. I agree with you children should be taught tolerance about other religions but not the teachings of other religions as being essentials for them. But you can't make very little children understand very conflicting beliefs that are by un-luckily shown in most of Indian cartoons.

  • Ms.

    one hundred percent agreed with this article…and having the same issue for such a long time….i hate these dubbed cartoons….and never allowed my kids to watch these hindu culture.
    wat an amazing time we had watching Pink panther and Tom n jerry and Woody woodpecker type cartoons…nothing to do with religious customs in those cartoon during that golden period.
    i hope more articles to come regarding this topic.

  • Wisechap

    Hindi dubbed cartoons and originally Indian cartoons based on their super-natural religious characters are not the only nuisance . Even bigger problems than those is with American based cartoons shown on Disney-Channel, cartoon network and such other western Kids' channels. They are filled with the mention of love and dating affairs. Even Tom and Jerry which are meant to be watched by very little kids are not free of concept of sex, kissing and dating. OMG, What these westerners want to make the children, Tinkerbell's movies were very popular with the kids around the world. Even the fourth tinkerbell movie is not free of this menace. There is a mention of love affair between the fairy queen and lord milori and ultimately a kissing scene is also present in the movie which I have to delete before my six years old daughter could see it because she is crazy about Tinkerbell movies.

  • Anonymous

    If getting shows dubbed is such a big problem, why don't we have shows subtitled instead? They're a cheaper, faster and easier alternative. Keep the show's native language but add English or Urdu subtitles to go with it. Watch how it'll improve the kids' reading skills! 😀

  • Annonymous

    Please upload aladdin series in hindi with full episodes