Kahi Unkahi Episode 5 – Getting Way Too Interesting

Wow! Today’s episode was completely engaging. There are many aspects which have been highlighted in the episode this week with lots of progress. I am totally hooked to this drama because they have dealt with the script & the characters perfectly.

This week we’ve seen a few other sides of Zoya’s nature. She is soft spoken & head strong but she is completely sensitive yet can raise her voice when needed. The start of the episode was completely heart-wrecking where a young servant is being mistreated. Zoya’s restlessness & her tears put a light on the harsh reality & showed that such people do exist where they forget the humanitarian values & cross the limits. Zoya’s encounter with the servant’s mother was extremely well-executed & the dialogues were perfect.

We got to see more of Anums’ character in fact more of her true colors in this episode. Her unreasonable attitude towards Zoya said a lot about herself as well. Mr. Kamal, as usual; an irrational person backed her silly personal joke whereas Mrs. Kamal disliked it. What she said or did was totally uncalled for but then again they have to keep on highlighting the personalities of all the characters, which justifies the scene. But I still don’t understand why every-time they call Zoya for tea or even for passing the orders to the other servants. She ain’t a home-maker of their house nor she is a servant.

One very interesting revelation was of Shahzeb. He happens to be the brother of two sisters who are friends with both Anum & Zoya. Shahzeb was the one Anums’ mother was interested in but he found Zoya more appealing for obvious reasons. It could be clearly seen that when Anums’ friend tells her that Shahzeb has refused to get committed to her, she gets enraged & tries to cover it up by telling she ain’t interested in him either. Anum, however has started to show interest in Sherry even before he has arrived. Seems like he is the one who is up-to the mark of Anums’ expectations & standards. Now, at this point I can’t wait for Sherry’s arrival.

One unjustified thing today was Ansars’ behaviour & his conservative statements & values. At one point he has feelings for Zoya & is being extra particular about where she goes & who she meets & on the other hand he wants a partner who has a clean slate & has never interacted with men. His attitude towards his fiancée Mariam is surprising. On on hand he has agreed to get married but on the other he is least bothered. I am actually wondering what could be the reason behind his lack of interest towards his fiancée? Now we still have another thing to wait for.

Now last but not the least a say on Anums’ parents. We see that Mrs. Pervaiz is pretty much worried & wants to find a suitable partner for Anum whereas she is snubbed by Mr. Parvaiz saying ‘tum kya middle class ma’oon ki tarhaan shadi ki fikar kar rahi ho’. Excuse me? LOL! Do people belonging to high-class do not get their daughters married or leave them at loose to go & hunt for the husbands themselves? I guess the dialogue writers should always re-consider whatever they write because no matter which class one may belong to but our values are pretty clear about how two people get married & what sort of approvals the go through.

Anyhow, I like this drama to the extent that to wait for it for a whole one week seems like a burden but never-mind I am happy that the script is getting stronger & has a few surprises of it’s own. After seeing the preview for the next weeks episode I really can’t wait for it. :) Have your say on it readers.

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Fatima Awan

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      • Zoya’s character is not portrayed properly. In earlier episode she was shown to be pious and not interested in other men. She doesn’t show interest in Ansar but she takes lift from her friend’s brother. Earlier she had discussion with her father that she did not hide her identity of being poor from others but when her friend said that you had beautiful house she kept quite and did not tell her that it was not her house.

        Passing sarcastic remarks by Anum seems to be influenced by Indian drama. It looks quite silly that once Mrs Kamal was adamant to safe Zoya from sending her away but now when Anum passes remarks on Zoya she did not show her displeasure and just kept quite.

        • Thanks for sharing you bit Palwasha but I believe there are no contradictions in her character. She took a ride because of her friend & the next time when Shahzeb offers her a ride she refuses & prefers bus, why? Because her friend was not there in the car & he was alone. I don't think taking a ride made her less-pious.

          Yes, I agree Mrs. Kamal could've stopped Anam but she stayed quiet. She treats her like a daughter but ignoring Anam's attitude & her taunts at that point was wrong on her part.

          • The problem with our women TV writer is that most of them had been writing short stories in the digests which people just read to pass time and throw it away. They do not pay attention to the plot or characterization. Therefore when they dramatised the same story on tv we find the same flaws in them.

            There are many dramas in which the character contradicts its own nature.

          • u r very right, very very right indeed, bilkul yei fault hota hay kafi dramas main, I think Umera Ahmed is the only digest writer who is successful in converting novels into script (in fact she learned it here in UK ) Farhat Ishtiaq and Faiza Iftikhar ,sarwat Nazeer are also doing it better than some other writers.

          • Well Umera Ahmed ki to baat hi kuch aur hai. She is Masha Allah God-gifted when it comes to writing. Her skills are unmatchable.

          • I agree Palwasha ( not all her examples though) this one is a big fault of this drama k characters r not behaving as they r shown . there r contradictions ,n one feels k why this person is doing this or saying that( u also pointed out this feeling in ur own review for example about Ansar) .

          • Yes, Mrs. Asim. To me Ansar's character is bit ambiguous but the rest of them are fine. As far as magnifying the characters & point out tiny bits & pieces is concerned I guess it's just a drama & as far as other characters are concerned they are doing a pretty good job. :)

  • the review is awesome i like it the way u portraited it
    cant w8 4 the next episode to see anum reaction :-D twhen she will cum 2 know that she has been rejected because of zoya ( the servant's daugher) she is gona flare up lol.
    and for sherry 2 will he also move close to anum or to zoyo
    let home for the best happens to zoya
    all my wishes for her

    • Thank you very much for appreication Naina. :) Yes, I can't wait for the next episode either. :)

  • very good review,I must say excelent( for u review only not the drama:) u know what,I watched it coz u asked me to watch, what I felt k firstly,subject is extremely common(ameer ghareeb) chalo u can say k there is always scop is such topics but then script is written quite childishly mostly… but I must admit k in few scenes it seems quite up to the mark (I think direction is a bit better than script) ,so as a whole when i watch it I have to think many time k it could be better. koi bat nai tumhari kahtir dekh loongi agay bhi;) .waisay review is really good,I enjoyed it.

    • Thank you very much Mrs. Asim for appreicating & encouraging. Yaad hai na appko hi wada kiya tha meinne k I'll improve Insha Allah so I did & I really appreciate k jab appne ghalati batai abb sahi hone k baad app tareef bhi kar rahi hain. :)

      Drama in its own is good but yes direction plays a major part & the director has done a really good job. Kuch characters to bohat dekhe dekhe se lagte hain but the lead character of Zoya is the one jiss k basis pe I watch this drama. :)

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