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Turkish Soaps to Conquer the Drama Industry- Pakistan’s Integrity at Risk!

Although Pakistani Drama industry is attracting viewers where they are finding these dramas interesting enough to follow, it has recently been noticed that foreign dramas are somehow trying to make their entry in the country. Just like ‘Maria-Mummy Papa ki Jaan’, Ishq-e-Mamnoon, a Turkish Serial was aired and ended up conquering high ratings.  Where people are enjoying this change, it is turning out to be a real threat to the integrity and local industry of the nation.

For the readers who want to know more about the policy that is been used behind the idea, it is important to highlight the two modules that are followed worldwide. Countries that follow the first module allow the producers to have complete authority to air their dramas anywhere in the world, provided that the drama is first aired in the local country. On the contrary, countries like India fall in the second one where the channels own the rights and are the sole owners of the drama. A drama like Ishq-e-Mamnoon belongs to the first category.

It is a pity that Pakistan, just like few of the other domains, differs from the rules that are followed globally. In fact, the producers sell the projects to the TV Channels for 6-8 lacs per episodes, having profit up to 2-3 lacs. This is one of the reasons that are dramas cannot make their place in the international market despite of a high quality storyline and talent available.

Such foreign aired shows with their urdu translation are becoming a serious threat to the opportunities within the country where the biggest danger is to the Directors and Actors, which is genuine too. How would the local projects attract viewership when there would be a competition from the market outside the country too?

While a survey was been conducted to know about the views of the famous man-in-power in the industry, it was seen that all the artists and big producers are not satisfied with such shows going on air.  Talat Hussain, A senior Actor talked about the issue in the following words:

“These dramas show a more liberal Muslim society which our viewers want to see and feel, but does that mean that these programmes should be allowed in Pakistan? Certainly not — until or unless a dubbed Pakistani drama is playing in Turkey,”

If you go back in history, you will find similar interference of the East India Company that resulted in the separation of the Sub-continent, It is still long way to foresee any resemblance with the issue, but the government should take ‘smart’ actions to avoid disastrous effects on the  economy that depends on our Entertainment Industry.

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