Turkish Soaps to Conquer the Drama Industry- Pakistan’s Integrity at Risk!

Although Pakistani Drama industry is attracting viewers where they are finding these dramas interesting enough to follow, it has recently been noticed that foreign dramas are somehow trying to make their entry in the country. Just like ‘Maria-Mummy Papa ki Jaan’, Ishq-e-Mamnoon, a Turkish Serial was aired and ended up conquering high ratings.  Where people are enjoying this change, it is turning out to be a real threat to the integrity and local industry of the nation.

ishq e mamnoon

For the readers who want to know more about the policy that is been used behind the idea, it is important to highlight the two modules that are followed worldwide. Countries that follow the first module allow the producers to have complete authority to air their dramas anywhere in the world, provided that the drama is first aired in the local country. On the contrary, countries like India fall in the second one where the channels own the rights and are the sole owners of the drama. A drama like Ishq-e-Mamnoon belongs to the first category.

It is a pity that Pakistan, just like few of the other domains, differs from the rules that are followed globally. In fact, the producers sell the projects to the TV Channels for 6-8 lacs per episodes, having profit up to 2-3 lacs. This is one of the reasons that are dramas cannot make their place in the international market despite of a high quality storyline and talent available.

Such foreign aired shows with their urdu translation are becoming a serious threat to the opportunities within the country where the biggest danger is to the Directors and Actors, which is genuine too. How would the local projects attract viewership when there would be a competition from the market outside the country too?

While a survey was been conducted to know about the views of the famous man-in-power in the industry, it was seen that all the artists and big producers are not satisfied with such shows going on air.  Talat Hussain, A senior Actor talked about the issue in the following words:

“These dramas show a more liberal Muslim society which our viewers want to see and feel, but does that mean that these programmes should be allowed in Pakistan? Certainly not — until or unless a dubbed Pakistani drama is playing in Turkey,”

If you go back in history, you will find similar interference of the East India Company that resulted in the separation of the Sub-continent, It is still long way to foresee any resemblance with the issue, but the government should take ‘smart’ actions to avoid disastrous effects on the  economy that depends on our Entertainment Industry.

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  • Was Ishq e Mamnooh aired at the local channel of Karachi only? Or was shown through out the country on some well reputed channel? Because if it is being aired only in one city of Pakistan then I think it would definitely not make a remarkable impact.

    Plus, in some interview I heard Mohib Mirza commenting on it as well & now a say from Talat Hussain too. Does it mean that our actors are so insecure or have no trust at themselves? C'mon, it's just a drama & people like entertainment. It does not mean that people will stop watching Pakistani dramas. So many Pakistani's watch English serials too & buy their DVD's as well but on the other hand are avid fans of Pakistani dramas too, so, I guess it shouldn't be considered as a threat? Isn't it.

  • Nahi yaar! Itna serious masla nahi hai. Even now we see Indian shows on our Pakistani channels but still I guess it doesn't make a bit of a difference on the viewer-ship of our Dramas. The whole world knows that the Pakistani dramas are known for their quality so these sort of shows won't make any difference to the originality or the fan-following of Pakistani Dramas. Our industry has recently overcome the Indian craze that prevailed in Pakistan & the viewers are loving what is being showed to them so I guess 1 drama won't be making a difference.

    If I tell you about myself, I'm addicted to Korean Dramas to the extent that I complete 2 16-20 episodes walay dramas a week but still it doesn't reduce the importance of Pakistani dramas. & about our viewers, they'll see what they'll be shown, everybody mostly hates the morning show but they see it, they hate GEO TV but they tune into it for the idle baseless gossips. For us it's just a matter of switching from one channel to the other for the sake of entertainment, some might find the Turkish drama interesting & others won't, so, I believe it can not be taken as a threat.

    & again I'd ask was it aired only in Karachi locally or was shown at some big channel through out Pakistan? Because I guess I heard only my friend residing in Karachi mentioning about Ishq e mamnooh but didn't hear about it from anybody else not even from my friends residing in Middle East who have access to channels like Hum, ARY, Geo etc because if it isn't being aired on such channels with international viewer ship then for sure it's nothing to be afraid ot.

      • See, I don't even know the name of the channel. LOL! That explains all. Plus as far as I know my sisters reside in Islamabad & they do not have Urdu 1 in the list of the channels their cable operator shows.

        • Zahra I don't know about Islamabad but I know for a fact that here in Lahore people were watching this show like MAD. Even my sisters & my friends who hardly ever watch plays were watching this show. We invited guests over for dinner one day and all wives & one husband wanted to watch the show!! And I asked them if it was the finale that day ( why else would someone make such a request in the middle of a dinner) and they said no! Other than that all the leading blogs about "Pakistani" dramas are talking about it, so I am veryyyy sure this play was followed by many. I did not watch it but everyone around me did. You don't live here so that is why, you probably don't know + the actor playing the lead especially had the girls going gaga over him & I have seen the lead actirs photos on many dramas pages. I NEVER watch Urdu1 but even I know the story! Now Geo is airing another Turkish play with the same lead actor because the last one was such a hit. I don't know whether or not it will be a threat to Pakistani dramas but yes it most certainly will be a strong competitor.

          • Ahaan! I know about the guy because when I was in Middle East his drama was being aired on MBC (Arabian channel). His name was Mohannad in that one, don't remember the name of the drama but I remember the soundtrack was amazing. I didn't follow it but my family did. & About girls going gaga over him lol, aik to Pakistani larkiyan bari faarigh hain kasam se, pehle Fawad Khan abb Mohannad. LOL!

            Well, even if it's being followed by people all around doesn't mean that the integrity of Pakistan is at stake. It's just another side of the entertainment which people have liked & yes, viewers do like variety so if the channels are providing them with variety then why not go for it? & nothing can over come Pakistani Drama Industry within PAKISTAN because the viewers no matter what are Pakistanis by the end of the day. I get bored by watching the same faces again & again at times too that's why I watch Korean Dramas, so same goes for the viewers through out Pakistan.

          • Zahra it is not very fair to tag Pakistani girls as farigh. Have you ever seen the way girls all over the world cry & scream when they see their favorite celebrities? I am not going to debate whether it is right or wrong bcz i try not to judge or label people but it is very common for girls & boys both all over the world to go gaga over celebrities.

          • Nope I am not labelling anyone on their particular act. Yes, those who go bonkers over celebrities for sure have some funny trait to themselves. I really can not understand why do girls forget to differentiate between reality & fiction. Plus, I am not commenting on the girls all over the world but am basing my opinion on what I have seen on this very website regarding Fawad Khan. To each their own & nor am I debating. It was my personal opinion.

  • well our channels should not allow foriegn content coz we have dramas which are worth watching ….and anyone who wants to watch indian or turkish dramas or watever it is they can use internet …but our channels should show only pakistani content ….or it can b they should also make humsafar or other drmas to b aired in turkey or india if they really want thier ones to b aired here

  • Ishq e mamnooh drama had been aired by urdu one channel, and it's get more popularity in all over Pakistan because Urdu 1 is not Karachi based channel it's viewership is from across all over the Pakistan on cable.The thing is that why the turkish drama has been more popular instead of Pakistani drama i think the mean reason is that in Ishq e mamnooh drama they have should a lot of glamour beautiful girls with lot of sex appeal which is the culture of Turkey so i would say that these kind of dramas should be banned by Govt of Pakistan bcz it is not good for over dramas and culture thanx .

  • U peOple…(nida,fatima,zahra) had talked alOt abOut it n i dO i want tO add sOme mOre…yes ishq e memnO is getting highest trp nOwadays (sOurce wikipedia) i live in peOple dO talk abOut it…listening tO them i fOllOwed few can anybOdy let me knOw wOtz special in it…?tO me thatz nOthing else than vulgarity…an extra martial relatiOn …wOt Our peOple are shOwing that they want tO see such stuff…?the Only thing i liked abOut it iz its directiOn…hOw beautifully cameraman has captured the beauty Of istanbul…n yes many actOrs,prOducers,directOrs even channels are wOrried such culture…n u knw due tO thiz play what z the channel ratings fOr OctOber.

    • 1.ary 2.urdu 1 3.geotv 4.humtv sO,hOw cOuld channels like humtv and geOtv can feel? That z y anOther turkish drama iz cOmming sOon On geOtv as fatima had mentiOned… On a POsitive nOte..we shall see imprOved quality Of pakistani drama due tO such cOmpetitiOn.PAKISTANI DRAMA has nO threat…becOz we have seen a time when indian drama were seen religiOusly in Our pakistani drama had passed that phase and will INSHALLAH pass thiz phase with the same stability. N yes thankz nida fOr prOviding such a platfOrm tO discuss :)

      • Thanks a lot Xadee for agreeing & yes that's completely my point that nothing can outbid Pakistani Dramas market within Pakistan, I wanted to give an example of Indian Dramas too but I didn't but it's good that you've talked about it. I am sure that not even a 100 dramas like these can become a threat to Pakistani dramas because they rock. :)

        • & about GEO TV. No wonder it's out there to demolish Pakistan & the image of Pakistan. That's why it doesn't surprise me if GEO TV is out there telecasting the Turkish Drama because GEO would do anything possible to promote anything which is against or does not belong to Pakistan. Hate that channel

          • Zahra y u hate geOtv?
            I really respect Our OpiniOn…bt i want tO knw the reasOn behind such feeling?
            BecOz all channels dO sOmething new tO increase their viewership..fOr example humtv n ary is alsO telecasting sOme indian reality shOws…which is indeed vulgarity.
            I juzt hate or lOve the prOgrams…if i see a gOod drama On ary,geO,humtv r even urdu1(like patt jhar k bad) i dO fOllOw it…these days i am lOving aik nayee cinderalla,TNS And zindagi gulzar hai..! whatz ur chOice these chOice? :)

          • What you've said is right that the channels do anything to increase the viewer-ship but GEO in order to increase it's viewership stoops to such a level which is despicable. All GEO does is demoralize Pakistanis by providing such news which give you a very bad impression about Pakistan. I am not talking about their dramas but about the channel as a whole, be it their news channel or the entertainment one. Plus I don't want to go into messy details but GEO is a channel which is funded by CIA to spread the non-sense in Pakistan. I know many would not agree to what I am saying nor I will be defending the FACT that I've mentioned but it is the reality. People may name it as a conspiracy theory or whatever but it is a truth. All GEO does is spread hatred & promote the negative image of Pakistan, they may show one or two dramas but over all its motive is sickening.

            I am following almost all the dramas of HUM TV, I do follow Ek Nayi Cinderella too & tried really hard to like or watch Tanhaiyaan Sequel but it didn't click to me because there's nothing new, it seems like a remake with a fresh cast but the plot & the story & the characters are completely SAME, so I'm not a big fan. Anyways, the rest of the dramas are really good.

          • Sahi sahi…sO u r taking it tOwards pOlitics n current affairs….yeah geO z cOntrOversial in that respect,i dO agree…
            Bt if we talk abOut dramaz they r made privately n sOld tO channels except MD prOductiOnz..i usually fOcus On the cast directOr n writer befOre picking up a drama.i dun see lOgO then:)
            bt i really appreciate ary becOz they r making effOrt tOwards their Own reality shOws unlike geO n humtv buying fOreign cOntent.

            Oo.sO u dun find TNS interesting..but glad tO knw u are fOllowing ANC n ZGH :)
            u knw a new drama iz cOmming up On geO.. mirat ul arOos(writer umera ahmed n directOr anjum shehzad)..i am really lOoking forward tO it. Dun knw u will like it r nOt :) :(
            anyways,Pleasant talking tO u :)

          • Yes, Thanks a lot for agreeing to what I've said about GEO. Yes, you're right may be that one should follow the dramas irrespective of the channels but IF I don't see Hum Tv's logo on the top right corner of my screen I fail to get attracted towards it hehehe.

            Yes, I'm following Ek Nayi CInderella which may be I guess the 2nd drama I'll be seeing of GEO after Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishaan. Yes, I read about Meerat ul Uroos & now that it has the name tag of Umera Ahmed I'm not going to miss it for sure. :) Hope to get to talk to you more Insha Allah. :)

          • iss baat pyyyyy i TOTALLY AGREEEEEEEEEE :) hate geo tv for ruining the image of Pakistan……i wish k yeh channel bnd ho kisi tarha…… . :@ :@ :@

      • Hie Xadee, I partially agree with this thought too, after all, we the Pakistanis can face any sort of challenges. However, as you mentioned about the reign when we used to be all glued to star plus, it is a fact that the local channels did suffer. :/

        • OffcOurse they did suffer nida.i tOtally agree but nOw we are all here tO suppOrt Our pakistani drama..we will nOt let it dOwn :)

          • Supporting??? Are Pakistani drama makers doing some social or noble cause that we should support them??? no doubt we should prefer our local dramas but after all it's entertainment industry and people will watch what entertains them whether it is Pakistani Turkish or Indian….

          • Isn't that enOugh that am a PAKISTANI and shOuld suppOrt pakistani drama…if i will nOt then WHO WILL??? :/

          • Please read my above comment again, i said we should prefer our local dramas but the point is drama is meant for entertainment, will u watch a boring show just because it is Pakistani?? In our busy lives we have very limited time for dramas so everyone prefers to just stick to the BEST..

          • G. I read it…and I juzt tOld u the reasOn y i am suppOrting it…
            Am nOt talking abOut a single shOw am taking it as a whOle…u r right sOme plays are indeed vulgar/cheap we even can't think tO tune them infOrnt Of majOrity Of plays are gud…seeing On the majOrity side i suppOrt them…and u said right we can't find time tO watch a bOring shOw Only becOz it z pakistani bt we can find sOmetime tO enjOy hits Of current seasOn.
            See,brOther itz my persOnal OpiniOn try tO respect it as i respect yOurs
            regards :)

          • I do respect ur opinion and i m myself a big fan of Pakistani dramas,, dont get much time so i m bit selective.. but i have been regularly following Humsafar, Maat, DurreShehwar, Bilqees Kaur.. presently i m following Tanhaiyan new, ZIndagi Gulzar Hai, Kahi Ankahi, Ik Tammana La Hasil, Mera Pehla Pyar and Daagh..

          • Am really glad tO knOw that u r alsO a big fan Of pakistani drama and u r watching sO many quality dramas right nOw… :)))
            On a lighter nOte…subha, jb sy Outhi hn mera mind isi thread pe fixed tha.
            sOrry agr ap kO meri kOi bat buri lagi.
            Anywayz,brOther khurram nice talking tO u :)

  • I do like Turkish dramas but at the same time m still watching Pakistani Dramas Like "Aik Naee Sandrala",Zindagi Gulzar he".Aks" and some other and i don think so thats Turkish dramas are threade for Pakistani TV andustory the only Attraction that Turkish dramas are shoing diffrent culture and values otherwise our Pakistani Actresses are more beautiful then Turkish but yeah they are more stylish then our Actresses and even our Pakistani Models and actores are more handsome and talented than Kivance Tatlitug like Faisal Qurashi ,Favad Afzal Khan,Ahsan Khan,Mikaal Zufiqar,Fahad Mustafa,new Model Muhammad ,Abdullah and many other so chill and m sure Turkish dramas lose intrest very soon like Indean Dramas its Human nature to know abuot Diffrent calture and Indean or Turkish calture in Pakistan is not Accuptable never ever we Love our Pakistan and its calture more than our Life Miss Nida Zaidi

  • I am sure ager Pakistani dramas ko turke k tv andustory me jaga mile jay tu wo wahan per apne dhoom macha dega jesy Indea me Pakistani Drama apna aap manva chuka he our wo abi b humary dramas ki copy bana rehy he like Kuch tu log khain gy (Dhoop kinaree) issi waja see indea me Pakistani channals ko ban kerdiya gaya he he ager Pakistan me Indean ko kerdiya gaya tu koee masla nahe me tu kahti hon k Pakistani channals per indean shows ko b ban kiya jay

  • bilkul sahi…hamari pakistani drama industry or aane wali generation ko bht nuqsaan pohnche ga…generation ko iss tarah se k wo ye behaya dramay dekhen ge phir wohi sab kuch seekhen ge…kuch paison ki khaatir hum apne plays ko foreign countries me promote krne k bajaye unke dramay yahan chala rahen hein…the government should take action against it or soon Pakistani Drama Industry will be demolished badly…Urdu 1 ko tou khaas tor per band ho jana chahiye…ab tou GEO bhi bht jald Turkish plays on air krne wale hain…

  • Nida seriously this drama is shit….. other dramas lyk tanhaiyan n zindgi gulzar hai r epic ……
    y this vulgar drama is getting so much trp….. all i listen around is bheter bheter bheter …… pakistani awam shuld get a lyf

  • well i never watched a single episode of ishq-e-mamnu because i dont like it and it not a threat to drama industry. eveything has its own time like starplus. who watch starplus now??. the only thing they have to do is to improve the quality and script of our own drama. these kind of soaps r for certain kind of people.

  • This is ridiculous , comparing a turkish Soap opera to the East India Company. It really was not that popular,not even a hit really . look at the TRPs

  • Actually a correction , different websites are giving different TRPs s so scratch that, I do not see it taking over Pakistani Culture . It is just a novelty

    • I agree with you Sadaf. I think Pakistani dramas are going very strong & people will not stop following them because of the Turkish soaps. Someone here said that it would be good if Turkish television could also promotes Pakistani dramas and i endorse that idea. At this point it is not that easy for any foreign play to win the Pakistani audience altogether, so we don’t need to feel threatened. Many people here watched the Turkish soap but I could never sit through even one episode. My friends insisted i should watch it, i gave it ashot but I would much rather watch one of our own plays any day of the week.

  • Well I m not defending Turkish Dramas but I'd like to answer the question raised by someone that what's s special about Ishq e Memnu…
    Acc. to me,, watching the lifestyle of modern Turks is a new experience for most of us so this was the reason for initial interest in Turk Dramas,, plus Ishq e Memnu has a very catchy script and lots of glamour, beautiful faces and stunning cinematography of Istanbul,, that's y it clicked instantly..
    Some people think its vulgar but I think vulgarity is a relative term.. a girl in hijab thinks the girl in dupatta is vulgar and the girl in dupatta thinks the girl not carrying dupatta is vulgar… It's their culture….Their are many Pakistani dramas which are much more vulgar like Mohabbat Bhar Mein Jaye (street language, sluts etc),, Kafir (gang rape, illegitimate child etc.)
    as far as extra marital affair is concerned its being shown in too many Pakistani dramas already e.g in Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai,, a man having affair with his own Wife's sister….
    But still I think that this is just a wave of Turkish Dramas and it will end soon just like Indian Dramas have lost their viewership in Pakistan because almost everY channel is now going to telecast Turk dramas and people will soon be fed up …
    Pakistani dramas are losing their charm I think,, Just take the example of Ashk, Despite belonging to same director and actor as humsafar the drama failed to impress.. The lack of fresh scripts will affect the dramas in long run,, After success of Maat, came Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai and Madiha Maliha,, in all these three dramas One sister is shown ruining the other, Our WRITERS dont HAVE Any FRESH IDEAS???? The only promising new serials according to me are Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay …

    • Couldn't agree more. These are exactly the points I had in mind too & as far as you've talked about vulgarity in our dramas, yes, we are not lacking behind anyone when it comes to the vulgarity in our dramas. People loved Star Plus dramas where vulgarity was at it's peak in a way that one wife was with someone else's husband & his wife was carrying a child of another man. Same is prevailing in few of our dramas now. Whereas a few are beautifully directed with amazing scripts but to forget that we don't show any vulgarity in our dramas which may ruin our image or the name of our society is unfair.

    • Thankz brOther khurram fOr answering me…EveryOne has equal right tO present his/her views…i really respect yOur OpiniOn :)

    • Enter text right here!The turkish adapted dramas are like fresh air. This competition will shake up the Directors, producers and also actors to learn realistic acting and superb direction.These dramas have sweeped the middel east and europe.very minute detail and acting seems real. We do not feel shame in watching naked indian movies .All the vices shown in the dramas are in fact abundantly available in our beloved country. . It is high time Govt should make policy to allow airing of pakistani dramas in foriegn countries freely so that the directors and producers of pakistni drama industry may know their worth in the international market.We can survive only under protective environment.

  • The main question is? Why Pakistani media is airing these dramas, don't we have ours which are best from every aspect?!
    My suggestion is ban them or simply, if viewers don't watch, they won't have a TRP rating which will automatically leads to the downfall of such turkish?english dramas

    • NO, nOt Only by appreciating pakistani prOduct…there z alOt we can dO…but thatz anOther discussiOn far away frOm the tOpic Of this thread.

  • What are our channels showing…the same stuff…dramas like "Na kaho tum mere nhi", and many more are promoting extra marital relations….

  • u r ryt… i hardy watch this Ishq e mamnooo for 5-6 mints…wonders what ppl like in ths vulgarity….. ths drama n our dramas have no caomparison…
    so ppl plz improve ur standard….
    iz qoum ka thi almiya raha hy k iz ne hmaisha apni cheez ko under estimate kia hy n ghair ko galay lgaya hy chahy wo kitni he third class kun na ho…plz guys learn to apprieciate our thngs too…. werna DHOBI ka ye kutta na Ghar ka rahay ga na GHAAAT ka…..

    • TOTALLY AGREE bazinga :)
      feeling gOod that sOmeOne z thinking same as i… U r right…jahan tak vulargity ki bat hai r extra marital affair ki bat hai.tOu hmary dramas me inhain hmasha cOndemn hi kiya jata hai…jasy yahan example di ja rai hai"yahan pyar nai hai" kaya injam hOa tha shumaila r saim ka? R "na kahO tm mery nai" me kn c asi vulgarity han isy ap ishq e memnO sy cOmpare kr rahy hain? kaya kabi kisi ny pakistani drama me lead pair ka extra matrial affair dekha hai r wOh b asa jasa yh drama shOw kr raha hai?agr kisi ny dekha hai tOu meri infOrmatiOn me zarOor izafa krain :)
      r jOu last bat ap ny ki…bazinga unfOrtunately asa hi hai n I dun knw whether they want tO see pakistani drama..tO stand where tOday pakistani film z currently standing ?
      Just 7 r 8 drama prOductiOn hOuses are wOrking in pakistani and still in develOping stage.
      unhiOn ny b sasty fOreign dramas agr dubb krny shuru kr diyae tOu phr hmary drama ka kaya future hai?think abOut it :(

  • now if anyone say k vulgur drama hy…thn ppl said thn wat hmary dramas/industry mai kya nhi ho raha…. i agree bt in our dramas its not so open n so common…very few dramas follow such cheap tactics n most of the sensible ppl criticise thm too….
    in short now u want to see such ishq e mamnoo type stuff..n thn u ll try to adopt that style….. n ll cross all the limts aftr sayng :"THN WAT"

  • It is just another form of star plus culture and it should not come back! For God sake! Support your own channels and serials.

    • Hira u r absolutely right, but i think Turkish dramas or Turkish culture are hundred times greater vulgar as compare to Indians program or drams and you u know it very well that we had already adopt the Indian culture in over daily life and if over media would not stop to telecast these kinds of dramas then in few months or days we will easily adopt Turkish culture in over life. I wan't to share one thing Urdu 1 is not Pakistani channel it's an Indian Star Plus channel and they had inject a huge investment to get 100 times more profit from over market and they wan't to finished over entertainment Industry like other industries for example films music textile and what not and what not so they will buy Turkish or french drama for round about 3 to 5 thousand dollars and doubed it and on other hand one episode of Pakistani drama cost is 1.5 million that's why if these dramas should be bane by Pemra.If it will not happen then soon over drama industry may be collapse.

  • if the drama is vulgar then who are the ones who are increasing its rate?? yes we the viewers…everybody is commenting but tell me how many among them are not watching the Turkish dramas??? we r calling it vulgar but on contrary to this we r watching as well…..the story line is the same as ours but only their culture is different…and differences, negativity attracts…its upto us how we take it,….

    • Atleast I am not watching them. Secondly, Yes you are right that it is we who are making the ratings go high, but the point here is that its the duty of government to take actions against this.

        • :) yay !!!

          if everything has to be on the shoulders of people, there is no point to have authorities who are doing nothing but eating the revenue of the country. They can ban the use of cell phone, they can stop the supply of CNG , but they cannot ban these dramas.. wow.. and then people say that it is not their job, but it should be WE who must do something!

          • So you think banning CNG and cell phone is a good thing? Banning is the right way to go? I'm glad you're not in politics. Please, there is a world outside conspiracy theories. Check it out sometime.

          • Oh and why should "we" do something about these dramas? I like them. I want to watch them. If you come to my house and tell me to stop watching them because it's affecting an industry that is producing low quality dramas, I'll throw you out the door. Don't tell me what to do. I'm a human and I can make my own decisions. The government banned YouTube and I still access it. Know why? Because only God can judge me, not you or the government of Pakistan. As long as I'm not harming you or taking your life, you have no business being all in my business.

  • Instead of advocating a ban on things, you should advocate promotion and marketing of our shows abroad. Banning is never the answer. The more you force people to do something or take away from them, the more rebellious and discontent they become. A basic lesson in human psychology should tell you that. Ban this, ban that, what's wrong with Pakistanis? Is BANNING a motto now?

  • its like saying pakistan should ban pepsi and coke in pakistan because RC cola and pakola couldnt do as well as the foreign brands…..its a chance to improve your standards…audience doesnt care what happens to your job…they want to be entertained…if you want to save your job then improve !

  • scripts and storylines are the same run-of-the-mill mediocre stuff if pakistanis are not upping their own productions how are they justified in blaming foreign content for whatever it is projecting???? its as hypocritical as the government's unsupportive broadcasting policies

  • has anyone over here ever thought that there are far more grave issues threatening Pakistan's integrity rather than foreign content???? when you have let foreigners intrude our physical territories then you shouldn't make such a hue and cry if they are intruding your airtime as well……its unreasonable

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