Hassan Nisar – Family Interview


Hassan Nisar is a well known intellectual, writer and columnist of our country. He is known for his firm stand on various issues and his analysis is also followed by many. He has many follower and a huge fan base. We knew Hassan Nisar more for his views but here is a different view of Hassan Nisar, living normal life with his family. He has shared many aspects of his life detailed family interview courtesy of magazine Gourmet Khawateen. The interview is done by Ms. Rukhsana Noor.


Do share your thoughts on this comprehensive family interview of Hassan Nisar

Rashid Nazir Ali

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  • Lawangeen

    Hassan Nisar is the one of my most favrt columnist…very informative interview.. thanks a lot ….such a great sharing.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      yes it is perhaps first family interview of hassan, we knew him for his analysis and columns, but from this interview one can knew how he is as a father a husband a son,

  • Asma kayani

    its realy nice
    feel nice after reading about him

  • umar


  • muhammad khalid

    Hassan Nisar is the one of my most favrt columnist…very informative interview.. thanks a lot ….such a great sharing.nice i like it.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      welcome khalid saab, i shared this post as this interview has the other side of hassan nisar which most of us never heard of.

  • Usmani Kamran

    Jaisey bhi is ki soch ho, jo bhi is ka amal ho…seedhi baat yeh hey ke aik acha Pakistani hey..humaara apna hey..kahin baaher ki chaap nahin hey..Mitti ki khushboo hey is shaks mien..hum log aesey hi they achey aur doston wale, Allah Rasool sey muhabbat bhi..aur khule dil ke bhi…Ab Najaane kahan sey logon ne itna Mazhabi honaa seekh liyaa hey ke Saans leyna mushkil ho gayee hey…

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      bilkul sahih kaha usmani saab, hamari society aisay hee khuulay dil walay logon saay bhari huwee thhe, pata nahin ab kyon itni tang nazri aur bardasht khatam ho gayee hai

  • Aisha Azizi


  • Usman

    Masha Allah very good understanding