Nominations for Hum TV Awards- viewers’ Choice

2012 has been way too lucky for Hum Network, making it the King of Drama Industry in the race of Channels.It was the same year when the legendary Humsafar, Maat, ShehreZaat, Mere Qatil Mere Dildar and many more dramas made Hum TV one of the most watched channels in not only Pakistan but across the world. Celebrating the success, HumTV recently announced the Hum Awards in order to pay a tribute to the characters and the artists who contributed their best in making it possible.

If you go back to the time when Pakistan was all occupied by the Indian Market, watching Star Plus as the only channel to watch dramas, Star Parivar Awards were much awaited as compared to the iifa or Lux awards. Things have changed, and so has the time, now Pakistani Audience loves its local dramas and is now looking fot the award ceremony.

There are 32 categories of the awards, among which 7 categories are left for viewers to decide the winner, Here are the nominations of the 7 categories where you can decide who was the best. Have a look!

Best Female Model


Mehreen Syed

Rubia Butt

Fauzia Aman

Amna Ilyas


Nadia Ali

Best Male Model


Iffi Zafar


Ather Amin

Abbas Jaffri

Best Solo Artist

Abbas Ali Khan


Farhan Saeed

Shehzad Roy

Hadiqa Kiyani

Best Actor Female

Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Saba Qamar For Maat

Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

Sania Saaed For Zard Mousam

Sanam Baloch For Roshan Sitara

Sawera Nadeem For Bari Apa

Best Actor Male

Ahsan Khan For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Adnan Siddiqui For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Noman Ejaz For Bari Apa

Mikaal Zulfiqar For Shehrzaat

Imran Aslam For Sanjha

Faisal Rehmaan For Zard Mausam

Best Onscreen Couple

Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan For Humsafar

Mikaal Zulfiqar & Mahira Khan For Shehrzaat

Ahsan Khan & Mehwish Hayat For Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Start voting for your favorite celebrity and make sure that the most deserving one wins,


Nida Zaidi

  • SanaS

    Mahira.khan, Ahsan Khan and for best couple Mahira and Fawad obviously

    • nida_zaidi

      Cant wait for the award ceremony 🙂

    • usa

      I absolutely agree with you. Sanam should be chosen for Durr-i-Shahwar rather than Roshan Sitara. Swaira did good job in Bari Aapa but it was Mahira Khan's acting which made Sher-i-Zaat hit. Ahsan Khan would have been a good choice for best actor.

  • FatimaAwan

    Thank you for the post Nida. I am all for Savera Nadeem for Bari Apa or Saba Qamar for Maat. Noman ijaz for Bari Apa or Adnan Siddiqui for MQMD, the best on screen couple of course has to be MK and FK… No competition there!!

    • nida_zaidi

      I am more than pleased to have your comment here Fatima 🙂 Yes, I too, would go with your selection here, included Mahira for Shehrezaat.

    • anynomous

      dont u think durr e shewar, sanam baloch shud be included she was amazing.

  • FatimaAwan

    I would just like to add the names of the dramas that have been nominated for the Best Drama category.
    (Viewer’s Choice)
    Mere Qatil Mere Dildar
    Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai
    Roshan Sitara ( why?? )
    Shehr e zaat
    Bari Apa
    Got the list from TV kahani so it should be authentic but I can’t believe they didn’t nominate DeS, Hamsafar or Bilquees Kaur. I hope Samina Peerzada will be nominated in some category too.

    • SOHA


      • ahmad saeed

        saba very good actores maat daramy me bht nyc acting ki thie us ny us k elava koi or nai best hna tha …..

        • ahmad saeed

          couple fawad and mahira ….best couple

  • Rania

    It should be mahira for best actress , ahsan for best actor and fk and mk for best copuple obvvzzz !! Humsafar should be nominated

  • Mahnoor

    How do you vote?
    Where is Humsafar or Bilqees Kaur? And seriously Roshan Sitara? Ewwww!!
    Voting for Ahsan Khan, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan <3.. 🙂


    sanam baloch for roshan sitara?? It should have been for durreshahewar! and sanam deserves an award as durreshahewar!!!!

  • Scarlet

    Humsafar is the biggest block serial in pak drama history and its not nominated. It might get different honours on the day of the awards.

  • Hasan Umar

    Where is Durre Shahwaar???

    • sana

      and maat e jaan?

  • saba

    kya mtlb Where is humsafar n Dure shahwar????
    kis ne ye list bns d mtlb had e ho gae h best couple me no minate ho skty hen to best actor actress kun nae?
    any wayz i ll vote for Sawera Nadeem as Bari aapa,fawad and Mahira as best couple,Ahsan Khan as best actor, hadiqa kiyani as solo artist
    waiting badly for award show,a good initiative by HUM TV NETWORK:-)

  • Scarlet

    Admin r u sure that these nominees are right because hum tv hasn't officially announced the nominees.

  • anne

    best actor fawad khan of humsafar
    best female actor mahira khan of humsafar
    best onscreen couple of humsafar
    bht xiadti hai humsafar jese achay dramay k sath keeping it out ov nominations

  • Chill

    Fish man… Adnan Siddique should be nominated for maat, Sanam Baloch for DeS rather than RS, FK for Humsafar and idk why have they omitted the couple Saba Qamar and Adnan Siddique from the category. Then there is surely some embroilment in the critique as they have not nominated Humsafar and DeS for Best Drama as they were both scambling at the same time and having unique Plot. This award show is absolutely a positive approach to acknowledge these talents at the right time and at the right place. and YES why is Samina Peerzada not included in the category of Best Actor(Female). I hope this lady is gonna be complimented with some special award 😉

  • hubaali

    were is fawad khan .we are waiting for best tv acter in hamsafer plz nominated to fawad

  • hubaali

    why is not fawad khan include in the list of best actor

  • Amna

    Where is humsafar where is fawad khan plz add them to

    • sana

      humsafar is totally ignored in all catagories yr it should b nominated ? and also maat e jaan is not nominated 4 any catagory what is this?

  • Amna

    They r they real actor and drama

  • raheela bhutto

    where is best writers category in serials as well as in single plays like kitni girhen baki hen and susral kay rang anokhy?

    • FatimaAwan

      Raheela they probably will be there in the critics choice awards.

  • raheela

    best writer ki bi nominations honi chahye theeeeen

    • ahmad saeed

      yes sara roll to writer ka he hota hai

  • hubaali

    were is blockbuster drama hamsafer and were is blockbuster hero fawad khan

  • star

    why is not nominat fawad khan is best actor

  • star

    we are waited to new list include the name of fawad khan in best actor

    • Fari

      Agree, and where we have to vote?

  • blue

    GOD!!! ye list jis ne bhi banai hai..GEHRI NEEND me banai hai..Where the hell is Fawad khan for best actor???

  • mubeennaz

    fawad and mahira khan

  • mubeennaz

    sehzad roy best solo

  • Khan

    Where is the "Best Director" category? I vote for Sarmad Khosat in Best Director category. What about supporting actors / actresses? I would vote for Samina Pirzaada for Best Supporting Actress in SZ.

  • azlan

    humsafar the best actor fawad afzal khan

  • uzma

    mahira and fawad khan

  • haadija

    mahira nd fawad

  • Nayyara

    fawad and mahira undoubtely..100% surely are the best on-screen one shared the chemistry which they did! <3

  • raheela bhutto

    best director and best writer totally ignored whyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Kashif Nawaz

    100% sure Mahira and Fawad are the best couple ever..!!!

  • gemi

    modelp: ayyan ali
    best solo artist: hadiqa kiyani
    best female actor: mehwish hayat
    best actor male: ahsan khan
    ahsan khan and mehwish hayat

    • ahmad saeed

      hadiqa …and falak both best solo

  • shameel

    female model ayyan.male model mohammad.solo artist farhan meekal.actress sawera nadem.onscreen couple fawad n mahira

  • afia

    oh gaaaaaad…………………kya ho gaya he hum t.v walon ko…. list bnane k bad check krna bhool gaye kyaaa…….. where the hell is fawad khan………….hum t.v.!!! really disappointing………bohat mayoos ki tm ne……………….

  • unsa

    ayyan……………abdullah………….farhan saeed………..mahira khan………………ahsan khan………….fawad n mahira khan ……………………………… far………..

  • afia

    hum valon!!!!……………tussi te hadd ton v vadd ho………………..fawaad khan kidhar he bhai…………….list dekhe baghair to bnai hi ti …pooche baghair to na bnate…………..not fair…………………

  • X Y Z

    Plz aap mujhy saman saeed ki (humtv award 2013 deatay howa) ki aik full size picture mail kar dain. Plz
    Mujhay un ka dress bahoot pasand aaya hy.