Pakistani Dramas that should come to an End!

If you conduct a survey on what actually made the Pakistani audience hate Star Plus, you would see that a major reason that turned into a drawback was the fact that their soaps are never ending. They keep going on and on, often revolving around either a particular character or a scenario. Its good that our audience is out of the Tulsi, Parwati craze by now. However, taking a deeper look in our own drama industry, we would see some soaps that are now loosing their charm and should now come to an end.

Geo TV can be considered as the first channel that brought revival in the media of Pakistan, both in terms of Drama and the news. No doubts about the quality it has provided, giving hit dramas like Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Uraan, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, Dil hai Chota sa, etc. However, it seems that after ruling the drama industry for some good years, Geo TV is adopting some neighboring traditions. Serials like ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’, ‘Kash Main Teri Beti na Hoti’ are becoming more like a nuisance for most of the viewers. The story makes no sense and even the viewers who followed the serials for quite long have now given up, Take my Mother as example, I though hated the warrior-battle introductory concept of the show, She used to watch ‘Kash main teri beti na hoti’, the drama made some sense in the beginning but now, it is seriously a waste of time to be watched. (My personal belief-no offense!). Same goes for ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’. Where Javeria Saud keeps on carrying the ‘most bechari’ role, Saud tries really hard to show that he knows acting, the drama seems just an attempt to keep on dragging the storyline. Though I do not follow it (time is precious), I did see its Review clip that was been shown in between the other serials. Now Javeria has finally died on screen and I have no doubts that she would re-appear on the screen soon.

Since the day I started to write on entertainment industry, I have learnt from the readers’ comments that people here actually hate the Indian Glamor and love Pakistani Dramas for the fact that they reflect reality. However, these long scripts also are far away from the reality.

Although Hum TV has given a boost to the dramas in Pakistan, I really do not understand the need of telecasting Indian Shows, like Utran. When we are fighting against the Turkish Dramas, then why aren’t we first stopping these third class Indian Dramas that are been aired on one of the best channels? How did these channels got the landing rights? And when they can get one, Why are we making these Turkish Dramas a fuss? Moreover, whats the sense of blocking Indian Channels when we are buying their dramas to be aired here? I wonder who to question and who would feel responsible enough to answer these questions!

Share Your Views about the dramas I mentioned above. Also, Don’t forget to include the ones that I might have forgotten.

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi

  • Bushra

    they should stop airing utran…… i mean who watches it right??????? the story is totally ridiculous……. pakistani dramas are wayyyyyyy better

    • Ibad

      Bushra you are absolutely right. Utran is watched by no-body known to my knowledge.

    • nida_zaidi

      Exactly Bushra!

  • Xadee

    Nida another nice attempt by u.
    Yes "yeh zindagi hai" should stop now…nida do know a new entry in YZH…sahir
    i also dun like "pak villa".."kash me teri beti na hoti" is also being prolonged…dun knw y they came up with the 2nd season.

    • Xadee

      And yes Uttran is nonsense…there z no need of it.

    • nida_zaidi

      reallyy???? Oh My.. !! I wonder why Geo isnt getting over with this Brother sister jodi!

      • Xadee

        Haha…i think both are leaving their respective shows.nadia khan will be back as morning show host. N sahir….i think he had left his show"dustak k bad" somedays back…bt it was shocking to see him as some heroic character in YZH πŸ˜‰

    • Nosheen

      Well Said…
      Ye zindge hai…wastes Sunday Night. A story less, bored irritating noise. Same is pakvilla, Infact this production house doest work on stories, it works just on same line Actors and actresses.

      • Xadee

        Nosheen why don't u try "talkiyaan" on xpress entertainment i saw its first episode last sunday…and i felt so gud before this sunday were so boring.geo,ary,humtv all show crap dramas on sunday.

  • zamzam

    i dont watch dramas which have more than 20 episodes

  • Yusra

    Hate to see utran being telecast on hum tv……on one side it is showing such good dramas and on the other hand…..

    • nida_zaidi


  • NOOR

    u r rite nida,, both of these dramas r quite boring now n i hv quite looking "kash…" since long ago n " ye zindigi ha" never attracted me enough to watch any of its episode……. Good article.:)

    • nida_zaidi

      Thank You Noor πŸ™‚

  • Aisha

    i don't get why Indian media has to be criticized so much; as an Indian, I agree that Indian dramas are very unrealistic and continue for a very long time, but when it comes to movies-Pakistanis love actors like Salman Khan and his movies but still criticize why commercials of Indian actresses are being aired on pakistani media. (Is it not better then to watch nothing Indian)

    Also, there are some classics of Indian dramas that are not continuous and boring like the saas-bahu dramas which Pakistanis should watch to get rid of the assumption that all Indian dramas are continuous.

    I watch Pakistani dramas and completely agree that they are much more interesting and realistic but when it comes to portraying women, so many Pakistani actresses will be shown in a drama wearing no duppatta and even in real life, Pakistani actresses seen at award shows will be wearing low-neck, sleeveless dresses-why don't you criticize that?

    • nida_zaidi

      Aisha, Good to have you back here.
      We are not criticizing Indian soaps at all. what make things different is the culture probably. If you go through the topic, you will see that we discussed the soaps that need to reach an end. We also discussed two pakistani Dramas buddy, Nothing personal or against India.

      And as far as you want as to criticize our actresses for vulgarity, you will find many examples on this forum only. We do criticize Veena Malik, we recently targetted Aisha Umer for wearing a controversial T-Shirt in 'Zindagi Gulzar hai'.

  • Mrs. Asif

    V Well said nida.these two soaps should cm to an end. On ARY another soap'meri behan mri dewrni' is also copying the concept of indian also makes no sense.

  • nida_zaidi

    Thank God that I never followed it then πŸ™‚

  • lalal

    i find the content of our dramas far better than even turkish soaps. but the thing is that the channels that are now struggling for ratings have started to air them. I think there should be some check on such telecasts.
    and audience plz pagaln ki tarh ak cheez k peechy mat parh jaya kro …. show the channels that you will not accept any more of this non sense from Turkey

  • ash

    hum indian dramas ko dislike kerty hain…..but……es k saat ee indian actors ko b bery fakher sy apny dramas main cast kerty hain…jesy jeo ka drama 'SAT PERDOON MAIN' or ab es ke dekha dekhi 'YH ZINDAGI HAI' mai indian actor…i dont know his name… yh geo walon ko 'JOOOOTY' perny chahein .our mazy kee baat yh hai k leading roles mai sy koe ak role must inko dya jata hai…jub k india humy joti k nook py b nai rukhta…..pta nai kub humari quom sumjhy gee

    • Xadee

      His name z ALY KHAN…usy q cast krty hai tou nai pata bt…us ka susral pakistani hai…his wife is from karachi.

  • Anam

    rahu rocket is crap

  • Syed

    kaash mein teri bet na hoti really is getting on my nerves

  • Sadaf H

    Nida , A vast improvement … Good points and good English

    • nida_zaidi

      πŸ˜› Thanks Sadaf ..
      finally !!! πŸ™‚

      • nasreen

        there is no comparision of pakistani dramas with indian cheap and boring dramas . though i agree with the comments u made on few dramas mentioned in ur article as same as indians but still they are v few in numbers in fact negligible. Therefore instead of looking at the negative side we need to look at the positive side . Among a long list of hit dramas it is justified to have one or two flop dramas. However, we really not need to follow the indian style rather should be proud of our talent and uniqueness.

      • Sadaf H


  • Sara

    can't tell you Nida how much I hate yeh zindagi hay, bubulay, nadaniyan, and turkish dramas (ishq e mamnuuh yakkkkkhhh).
    I am very happy to know that other Pakistani fellows (not all of them afsos) dislike such low quality productions as well.

  • abeer

    very true article dear,,,geo is one of the channels that has started good dramas but now a days i think none of one drama is good to see on geo i dont know why??as actors,writers n directors r the same…..example ashk fawaad n sarmaad khoosat their dramas r must to be seen but i dont know whts going on with geo and let see now about noor(yakhhhhh)………and yes hum tv is going superb now a days but utran,raju rocket n simi selects must be stop i thought sooooo……ary is also going perfect good dramas n shows…….

  • sadia

    plz add also bulbulay

    • husain nasir

      yes bulbalay ko bahut pehle khatam hona tha — ek hee theme har serial mey .. boring hy ab. kash mey tere beti na hotee ka kia hashar kia !

    • nida_zaidi

      why :D??? I love it btw, πŸ˜›

  • huma nadeem

    i totally agree with every word you said in this article…i am a true lover of pakistani dramas but i must say that some channels are copying indian style these days they are just running after money …
    now about YEH ZINDAGI HAI….when i started to watch this drama in beginning i became the biggest fan and never missed an episode ever,it really change the pattern of dramas on channels but soon after 20 episodes i realized that other channels have also copied the style of this drama and yeh zindagi is loosing its attraction as i stopped watching this drama.i also like to mention another drama QUDDUSI SAHAB KI BEWA ,a big hit of ARY digital but i think its getting bore i dont understand what is the moral lesson of this drama now it is just an entertaining drama ,if so ,it should be come on end now as people cant enjoy the same jokes again and again.

    • nida_zaidi

      Well said Huma πŸ™‚

  • ajiya angel

    asalam u alikum . .
    now a dayz ur supporting the pakistani production and pakistani drmaz but i tell u that the the serial and dramaz are hit or famous only when the fanzzzzzzzzzz can convey their feelingz about the dramaz 2 the actor ..this is happen only when if u talk 2 ur fanzzzzzz soo plzzzzzzzz talk 2 ur fanz or make n other id for them so they talk 2 u n convey their feelingzzz…..
    the indian film starzzzzz shahrukh khan and amitab bachan and salman khan etc n serial actor sanaya irani and nia sharma talk 2 their fanzzzzzzz thatz why their production house and their serialzzzzz are update 2 the current issues.. ..
    AND the indian actressssssssssss are feel proud 2 talking 2 their fanzzzzzzzz but i feel sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy its reality that the pakistani actorssssssssss feel shammmmmmmm and cant talk 2 their fanzzzz and even dont replyyyyyyyy … .. so thatz y they are less famous then indianss … .. …
    ITS REALITY.. .plzzzzz take action on this msg if u want that the pakistani industry famousssssssss. ..

    • nida_zaidi


  • Talha Zafar

    I do not understand as to why the media is showing so antagonism against Turkish serials. Most of the Pakistani dramas theme slots does not hold morally family oriented sentiments wherein relationships (like sister and her brother in law are shown in an affair) are wrongly depicted. If the Pakistani writers can portray the stories in the close to reality manner then we should not be endangered by the telecast of Indian or Turkish plays…

  • Mrs.Akmal

    correct bushra in sare baher k dramon ko band hona chahye hamare apne drama buhat achey hai aur geo k kuch drama waqai buhat bore kar diya hain

  • hfatima

    yes u r right
    and thank u
    u had taken my words

  • Mohammad

    Bulbulay is the only drama that no matter how long it goes, it always entertain.

    And secondly is it be utran or wotran , I donot like any indian serial or movie or people.

    thirdly, Mehmoodabad ki malkaein on ARY DIGITAL has been dragged alot.

  • Rabia

    Nowadays Sahir lodhi is coming on a drama on GEO, and man do I hate his fake eye gestures. And not just that, A TV is promoting him as if he is Brad Pit of our industry. I dont watch any program where I happen to see him!!!!

  • nida yusuf

    UFF YEH ZINDAGI HAI.impede broadcasting it.saud and javeria are really in the beginning,the show was great and gave boast to the drama industry.but now it has become ponderous and unbearable.Great actors are being spoilt by the script of the programme.KMTBNH is boring as the main protagonist is always seen crying for her baby.uttaran is Indian's and nobody watches it.i really request these producers to stop these programmes and prove themselves through an alluring and well written drama.