Ram Gopal Verma Will leave Bollywood to Assist Bilal Lashari? Rumor or Reality?

Pakistani movie Waar has broken all the records been set by all the previous movies which were applauded by the global audience. Apart from generating a rich revenue in first few days of its  grand release, the movie has developed a new feel of patriotism within every Pakistani who is now associating himself with a nation that has an ability to make a film something like-the great WAAR.

Bilal Lashari, the young and the prominent filmmaker has now turned into a real hero overnight with his three years effort that he has put in the movie. As per the latest news, it is Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma who has tweeted about the movie showing his appreciation. He said that he is astonished to see this level of action and crisp in a movie and feel like leaving the Bollywood industry and assist Bilal Lashari for his next movie.

Here is the tweet, Have a look!

Ram gopal verma bilal lashari

Ram gopal verma bilal lashari Ram gopal verma bilal lashari1 

At one end where the real talented Indian people are appreciating this Pakistani attempt to make the world realize about the potential they have,  there are some odd souls who can simply not take this success. It was just yesterday that we shared the news about Indian media attacking Bilal Lashari and Waar together.

No matter what different people have to say about the movie, Waar is a true hit by all means,

The nation is proud of the team of Waar,

More Power,

Nida Zaidi

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  • kamiiiiii

    bilal love you dear

  • ZaMan KhAn

    Respect # Bilal Lashari <3

  • Nawab Khan

    hats off !!!
    bilal bhai (y) :*

  • Sana

    Love, Love, Love Waar <3 Stunned by the direction, acting, stunts and the story….. Revival of Pakistan cinema has just begun xxx

  • Faisal Baig

    pakistani youth ko misuse kia jarah hai education na hone ki waje se aur rozghar na hone ki waja se is deshad kardi mai india ka hath tu hai per is mai hamare all huqmarano ka rule bhot bara hai sham on my leader

  • Faisal Baig

    humare mulk mai is tarah ki movies bana chahe jub hum dunia k sub se bhetreen darame bana sakte hai tu movie q nhi bhot telent hai pakistan indian movies to serif our serif fashi aur itam song ki waje se log dekte hai story to maam ki bhi nhi hoti

  • Noor

    Didn’t get the chance to see the movie as of yet , hope it is shown abroad also…just feel proud that Pakistan came up with just an amazing work, it just proves nothing is impossible in this country especially when u work with dedication and sincerity….hope we continue to produce more good works like this….

  • Hijab Imran

    awesom movie.. everything is just perfect..acting,dialouge delivry,story,direction and screen shots.. all are superb..

  • shamila

    Excellent movie, the exceptional turnover explains that it is ” hr Pakistani ke dil ki awaaz” zara num ho to ye mitti bari zerkhaiz hai saaqi. May Allah bless Pakistan.

    • Australian

      Very excited to know about this movie,Living in abroad, is it any idea, when it will be release in cinemas abroad???

  • rameen

    Bilal lashari ko pattany ki koshishin ho rahi hain … india film ban karny ki koshishon main hai ye bhi in main sy aik koshish hai.. hope Bilal lashari will not come his trap..

  • rameen

    Bilal lashari ko pattany ki koshishin ho rahi hain … india film ban karny ki koshishon main hai ye bhi in main sy aik koshish hai.. hope Bilal lashari will not come in his trap..

  • blue

    Hahaha good slap on indian media

  • Sana Khan

    Full buttering by the indian ppl…iss k peechay bhi koi purpose ho ga.Bilal lashari plzz do not come in india’s trap.And yes indian movies are full of vulgarity&glamour.NO authentic storyline,no authentic message.Full time fahashi

  • Ghazanfar Ali

    Pr0ud t0 be a Paki …. Thank u Shaan, Bilal lashari, Sham0on abbasi and the wh0le cast f0r making the wh0le nati0n pr0ud ….. 🙂