Neelum Muneer Latest Photoshoot

Young Pakistani actress Neelum Munir is trying really hard to give a power boost to her career which seems to have stuck somewhere. Just after giving some back2back amazing hits like Qaid-e-Tanhai, JalPari and Meri Behan Maya, Neelum’s acting career is found nowhere these days and the actress is found doing some shoots for magazines and brands. Though her role in a new drama’ Kyun Hai Tu’ seemed to be an interesting project, the channel’s ranking somehow affected the overall image of the story.

Here is a latest photoshoot Neelam recently had for a weekly magazine.

Have a look!

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Nida Zaidi

  • bittertruth

    tell her to keep her clothes off and she’ll gain something

    • FawazShakil


  • Jal Pari


  • Khurram

    wat she is trying to be??

  • sara

    ziyada tar lipstick to lips ke bahir lagai hui hai.

    • Jawad


  • Alishba

    She’s beautiful!
    Her skin is so clear what dose she do to it?!

    • sam

      google photo editing

  • Asn Salman

    had kar di ap neee

  • Rahat Tariq

    jal pari

    • mano pari

      beautiful……… colour combination is awesome……. love ths..

  • snow malik

    not luking cute..she luks mre cute in less makeup..

  • Ayyan Alam

    Drugy 🙂

  • razla

    too much base

  • Dan Masan

    bhootni lag rai hy

    • Mugal Asif


  • khan

    She is a pretty girl who need to know her inner beauty and express it. She doesn’t need to use her female sexuality to get ahead. I think she is in the wrong industry to begin with. I am a person who has been living abroad for quiet some times and watch Pakistani dramas occasionally to understand how far this culture has come. The more I see some the more I feel that the young talented performers are getting no where due to caught in the middle as to live the western way or follow the Eastern culture.

  • azim

    nice pretty pakistani beauty & talent need opportunity

  • YOmama

    NO WHERE close to be a model not all chicks are meant to be models … and she aint IT. she trying tho

  • Farzana

    trying to be veena malik (b i t c h).

  • Hani Syed

    She is gorgeous, please women don’t give negative remarks if u can’t be on her place..n plz keep Islam n Pakistan out of the PEACE !!!

    • farah sheikh

      Hani you always have one thing to say.
      SHe does not look good either, whatever she wears., or how ever she grooms.

      • Hani Syed

        She is good. I am male, I can c better, change your glasses , I mean those glasses, you know what I mean 😉

  • Tanhai

    Uf Ye Musmlim Girls ka bhi koi hal nahi hay Aaj kal ,,,,,Afsos

  • rabab nargis

    Aisa bhi kya carear k haya na rahe

  • Fardinon

    only last pic was a gd 1…………….

  • mano pari

    smoky make up kr k billi ki trha eyes lag ri bt good…………. :p

  • mano pari

    disgusting commenters mera khyal h k ap log jo -ve comments de re hain khud kisi b personality ya beautiful ni hon gay…. don’t say like ths… har 1 ne apny apny amaal e duniya se le kar janey…. stop criticizing..

  • falto123

    she is looking gorgeous .

  • TT


  • boom boom

    u r so cute sisterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ,,lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • esha

    ADMIN you are suppose to post only tv dramas not photo shots and vulgarity clips