Sanam Baloch and Farhat Abdullah Reception Pictures

Sanam Baloch and Farhat Abdullah Reception Pictures

One of the most fascinating weddings of the year has finally reached to the end of celebrations where Sanam Baloch and Farhat Abdullah were seen celebrating their reception with friends and family. Unlike any other showbiz associated wedding, this marriage is a result of a complete privately held affair where media got a really less exposure to cover the event. The news of the wedlock caught fire on social media where Sanam’s official fanpage got viral with the wishes.

Soon after the ceremony, the event pictures started releasing through unofficial sources and here are finally the photos of the reception ceremony which was recently held. The couple looked extremely amazing together where the groom wore white sherwani while the beautiful Sanam was found wearing a golden bridal dress.

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Farhat & Sanam ABdullah Talk with Samaa on their VALIMA Reception.It is great to see the newly married couple happy. No doubts, the two of them completely complement each other.


We wish them both a wonderful life with a lot of success in the future too

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