The Most Promising Newcomers

It has been quite a while since I made a list of talented newcomers in the television industry because honestly speaking many of the newcomers in the industry lately seemed to be more disappointing than promising. Things have change in the past few months though, there are a few new actors and actresses who have greatly impressed many with their acting skills and sometimes it is difficult to tell that they are newbies. Here is a list of newcomers who are very talented and are sure to go a long way.


1. Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is just plain adorable; seeing her on screen is always refreshing. I admit that there are times when her acting can leave a lot to be desired for but there are also times when she completely steals the show. Dil-e-Muztar is Sanam’s first television play but she has been associated with the world of showbiz for many years now. Sanam Jung does need to polish her acting skills more but for a newbie she is doing a great job. I am sure all she needs to do is to work with a few good directors and she will be one of the most sought after actresses around. You know what I really like about this girl – her confidence and of course her beautiful smile. Sanam Jung seems like a go-getter and I honestly believe that the right attitude can take anyone a long way. She is full of energy and vibrant, I especially noticed that when she hosted the Zindagi Gulzar Hai special show.

 sanam jung

2. Mira Sethi

Yes Natasha is very annoying! Probably one of the most annoying and negative characters that we have seen on screen in a long time but the fact that we hate her so much goes to prove that the actress Mira Sethi who is playing this character is doing a brilliant job. I have to say that there have been many times when I have sided with Natasha’s character and tried defending her outrageous behavior only because I love the actress. It is difficult to tell that Silvatein is Mira Sethi’s first play because she is performing so well. I hope that we will be seeing more of Mira Sethi very soon and I also hope the next time around she does something completely different.



3. Mukarram Kaleem

Mukarram Kaleem started his acting career from the play Aik Nayee Cinderella but for me he really stands out in the play Aunn Zara. Mukarram Kaleem plays the Leading character’s best friend Manzar. The two friends are very close to one another so Manzar’s character is an important one in the show. Acting comes very naturally to this young man, he has the confidence to face the camera and his body language and expressions are just perfect. Will we be seeing Mukarram Kaleem in comedy roles only in the future too? I hope not, I hope we see him in more diverse roles.

mukaram kaleem

4. Suniya Shamshad

Suniya is not a newcomer in the strict sense of the word but Rehaii proved to be the first break through for her. Suniya proved that if she works with a good director and a strong script, she has very good potential. She is unquestionably another actress who is likely to go a long way if given the opportunity.


5. Sundus Tariq

 I have Sundas Tariq act in Hamnasheen and in Maan Ke Moti, she has completely different roles in both the plays but she does complete justice to both of them. She deserves to get meatier roles in the future so that she can prove her talent further.


Would you like to add any other names to the list? Are there any other new actors who you think have a lot of potential? Feel free to add to the list.

Fatima Awan


  • Mariam Shafiq

    The Humnasheen actress name is Sundus Tariq πŸ™‚
    Bilal Qureshi is also a very promising actor.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you for letting me know Mariam:) Yes I agree, Bilal Qureshi is a very promising new actor too.

      • Iftikhar Memon

        Sundus Tariq played a lead role in the theatrical comedy play "Lovengers". She did an excellent job. She acted, sung and danced with extraordinary energy. After watching her on "Humnasheen", I kept on wondering where I had seen her act before and just recalled two days back. Fatima, your reviews are always great. I thoroughly agree with your list.

        • Fatima Awan

          Iftikhar Memon, thank you so much for liking what I write and for your input. I hope we will be hearing from you more often now.

  • Hammu

    So good to see Sanam on 1st.She definitely has won millions of hearts and yes,how charming she was looking during that transmission.I'm sure she is as nice in real life as she is in DeM.Was Rehaai not the first drama for Suniya? I don't remember her seeing i any other drama.

    • FatimaAwan

      Hammu Suniya had small roles in few other serials too and she also acted in a telefilm.

      • tehreem

        i think the actorss who performed leading role i cidrella n in aun zara ……. i dont know her name well is also just fabulous with her acting skills . i think she should be added to the list

        • abeera maryam

          her name is maya ali and no doubt she is outstanding ..

    • Sadia

      I think she's acted in Bas Yunhi and also she's the same person who appeared as Sofi in Thakan

  • Sadia

    Fatima you didnt mention Faras Shafi.. what do you think of his acting skills?

    • FatimaAwan

      Sadia, I didn't watch Manjali. I only saw a few scenes with Faras in them in the play "Karz" and I thought he was okay but Like I said I haven't really seen him act. He was nominated for the best new talent in the LSA too, so he must be good.

  • Mrs Asim

    this one is a good list, agree with u, specially about Sundas Tariq, looking at her acting skills I was sure that she must not be a new actress its only that I didnt watch any of her play, but now when u mentioned that she is new, I am really impressed, and yes I totally agree about Sanam Jung being so enrgetic and confident in ZGH show. though I agree that Mukarram Kaleem is performing great as a new comer but I dont know why I feel those scenes between two friends like as in Punjab in weddings 2 comedian comes and joke and they hit on hand a piece of something…I m knot sure what they r called, but I always feel specially Mukarram's dialogue dilevery just same πŸ˜‰ .

    • FatimaAwan

      lol OMG that can't be a compliment;) Maybe the character is like that. I didn't see ANC so I have no idea how he acted in it but I like him in AZ, his acting is very natural.

  • aqsa

    sanam iz best

  • Queen

    True! Sanam and Sanya both r most promising

  • rabia

    sanam jung an alishba <3

  • mery

    sanam jang <3

  • Aiman

    I m gonna add Fahad Mirza..he was too gud in Bari Aapa, Faris Shafi (Manjali), Umar Naru (DurreShahwar) , Faizan Khuwaja (meri ladli, Cindrella) Hamza Ali Abbasi (MDKJZM) , Osman Khalid Butt (Cindrella) and Sheheryar Munawar (MDKJZM , Kahi un kahi).,,halankeh he needs to improve alot but still i feel bohat jald agar isko ache projects miley yeh Fawad k baad ya Fawad se bara STAR bann sakta hai…..aur Hamza k liye bhi mjhe yahi lagta hai..yaani Pakistani Drama industry ka FUTURE bohat Bright hai…
    Aur Suniya ka First drama ya soap serial i think "Tere Pehlu Main" tha….aur tabb yeh bohat BAKWAS kaafi improve ker liya hai with time..

    • FatimaAwan

      Aiman you are right Fahad Mirza was the best among the youngsters in Bari Apa. Faris Shafi I can't comment on because I didn't watch Manjali. I didn't watch ANC but I did see quite a few episodes of Mein Gunagar Nahi and I didn't like him much. Totally agree with you about Hamza Ali Abbasi, he was in the list which I made when MDKJZM was on air. Shehryaar Munawar was much better in Kahi Unkahi but his acting in TNS was unbelievably disappointing. I wanted to put OKB in this list but I wasn't sure if he would pass for a newbie, he acts very well no doubt. Thanks a lot for adding to the list.

      • Aiman

        What abt Umar Naru, Maya Ali and Sohai? Faizan Khuwaja trust me bht acha hai….aur aapne ANC kion nai daikha? Aapne aik bht acha drama miss kardia hai phr…infact Maya ne ANC main ziada achi acting kari he AZ k mukable main….aur Shehryar maze ki baat hai but mjhe TNC main sub se ziada acha laga hai…halka halka Pashtu ya Pathani accent main jab urdu bolta tha bilkul apne character k hisab se..bilkul perfect lagta tha…meri nazar main to Shehryar subse acha TNC main tha….and OKB ka 1st ANC hai to newcomer to hua na..

        • Fatima Awan

          Aiman Umer Naru and Maya Ali were also in a list I made when DeS went on air:) I am glad you liked Shehryar's acting in TNS, it didn't work for me at all.

        • abeera maryam

          i agree shehryar munnawar was good in TNS

      • abeera maryam

        acoording to me shehryar munawwar did well in TNS as well ..

    • shujat

      the third one is a very talented actress.. have seen her in many roles.. she did a negative role in maya which aired on ary digital.. she have done some comedy roles too..

  • Mona

    Thanks for the list Fatima.
    I like your top three choices. Dont like the 4th one, that girl has the same expression in every scene & dont know who the 5th one is.
    I would only add Osman Khalid Butt to that list. Hes a complete package- looks+talent.

    • FatimaAwan

      Mona I agree with you about OKB, I just wasn't sure if he would pass for a newbie but you guys are right he definitely belongs in the list. Thank you so much for reading the post and for adding to the list.

  • Aiman

    Forgt to add Maya ali (Durreshehwar, cindrella) and Sohai Sil Aabro (saat pardoon main , tanhaai, Anjuman)….By the way yahan koi "Ghalti se mistake ho gai" dekh raha hai?? Jibran , Aiza and Osman and rest r just hilarious!!

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      yes Ghalti se mistake ho gai is a hilarious drama, both veteran and young actors are performing well, seasoned actors irfan khoosat, atiqa odho and qavi khan , while young actors, usman Khalid butt, jibran and ayeza are all performing well, plus script is quite spontaneous.

      this drama is perhaps best in the ramzan special plays telecasted on every other channel like :kis din mera vyah howay gaa" on geo and "qudusi sahib kee bewah" on ary

      • Aiman

        Yaye Irfan khosat, atiqa and qavi khan r just too gud! Aur phir humara WAHEED MURAD aur Batool aur Muhammad Iqbal ki to baat hi kuch aur hai…Jibran ka shumar industry k un actors main hota hai jo jitne ziada talented hain woh utne hi ziada underestimated hain… And ya its the best 'Ramzan Special Drama'…MOMINA DURAID knws her job very well…last year 'Mahi aaiga' tha… zabardast acting kari thi Mehreen,Aiza, Areej and rest of the cast ne…it waz like a breath of fresh air to see Mehreen doing something diff….I really feel Mehreen and Mekaal should do comedy roles more often…halankeh woh serious roles bhi bohat ache karte but comedy to inke 'baaye hath ka kamal hai'…lolx…they r blessed bcuz har kissi k bass ki baat nahi keh woh comedy roles effortless tarikeh se kar sakke…

  • taimur khan

    love the top three choice …yes Mukarram kaleem is superb talent …..his acting is so natural and he is so versatile in ANC he was playing a character of dumb guy and in Aunn zara he is playing the character of over smart boy.. very good acting …good choice Fatima agree with you

  • asma

    Well honestly speaking Sanum jhang is really an amazing actress.She is so decent and there is always a charm in each of her act . Also Mukarram kaleem is also amazingly talented from his first drama " aik nayee cinderella" to "aoun zara" his acting is so mature and he act in a very natural and different way ……………. hope to see these two amazing stars performing together.

  • Esha

    Sanam definitely deserves to be crowned first place πŸ™‚

  • HKB

    OKB is a definite as well as Maya Ali. It also seems that you missed a truly exceptional play Talkhiyan that aired on Express otherwise Mehak Khan, Mehr Saagar and Sabeena would have been on your list – rarely does one see such phenomenal performances by first time actors in their debut! Definitely worth watching if you have missed it πŸ™‚

    • abeera maryam

      OKB ??

  • Cinderrela

    Well! I think u forgot to add the name of Soniya Hussain, she is playing leading role in Mere Harjai and also worked in many other plays. She is a beautiful and talented actress. And I also want to say that Sanam Jung is the best. Keep it up Sanam (y).

  • yousafkhan

    really true all of them are good specially sanam jhang and suniya shamshad

  • anonymuous

    alishba in humnasheen real name is sundus tariq ………………

  • nimra

    U have forgot to write the name ainee jaffery she is bold confident nd lit of acting skills ..very gud actress (she has acted in drama meri behan maya on geo ) and
    yumna ( ulu braye frokht nahi as younger sis of nauman ijaz name asiya ) mawra nd urwa too obe more i dont know her real
    name (main haari piya younger sis of sonia hussain taniya ) very gud actress nd pretty too she also act in drama habib sahab ki betiyan

  • nimra

    U have forgot to write the name ainee jaffery she is bold confident nd lit of acting skills ..very gud actress (she has acted in drama meri behan maya on geo ) and I dont know her real name taniya played a role in main hari
    piya nd ahmed habib ki betiyan very cute pretty nd gud skills of acting

  • Frixie

    Sundas Tariq portrayed the character of Alishba in the serial Humnasheen.

  • farhana

    sanam jung's acting is outstanding super

  • nimra

    What about ainee jaffery guys ?she is bold confident nd lit of acting skills… R u agree ?

  • nimra

    Anum fayyaz ik achi cute new actress hei jis ne taaliya ka role "main haari piya ”mei kiya

  • Yusra

    Sanam is the bast i love u Sanam sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much :-* πŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3 <3 u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  • mano

    salam fatima, i like reading yr articles in my spare time, plz also consioder cousin marrages in one of yr articles, id like to read about it from yr perspective, EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT AGAINST IT, also write about eid dramas, i noticed 1 common thing among some of them was the paying rent like in ooper gori ka makan, batamiz dil and kya pyar ho gaya
    and happpy independence day to every1 here