Mira Sethi’s Interview Published in a Magazine

Mira Sethi who made her debut in the field of acting as Natasha in drama serial Silvetien is now enjoying a significant limelight for her acting skills. Being the daughter of a senior journalist Najam Sethi who happened to be the former (caretaker) chief minister of Punjab, Mira is too fond of writing and is a known editor and writer. Her acting in her debut drama is highly appreciated by the drama-lovers who love to hate her as Natasha these days. Mira has truly given her role all what it needed.

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Silvatein is an on-going drama serial on ARY which revolves around two sisters, Zaib and Natasha and the mixed feelings the two always had for one another. Natasha, who was always overshadowed by her elder sister, starts hating her and wants to get rid of her existence in her life but destiny plays even meeker and Zaib is married to Natasha’s brother-in-law. 


Mira has done a fabulous job and though she portrays a negative character on-screen, audience can still not neglect what a wonderful actress she is. It was only last week that her exclusive interview was published in a magazine where she shared all about herself and answered all what her fans always wanted to know.

Here are the clips of Interview taken. Have a look!

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  • I dont think shes deserve to be call a brilliant actress, but shes good, in her role, but need to be a GOOD HAIR CUT (SOME FEMININE LOOKS PLZZZ)

  • she should act more and give interviews a little less.. altough silwatein is a great drama but its not enough for people…

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