The Most Lovable On-Screen Couples

What makes an on-screen couple melt your heart and sizzle the screen? In my opinion the success of any on-screen couple is due to two reasons, firstly the chemistry between the pair and secondly the script. The script makes a big difference because even if the chemistry is mind blowing but the dialogues and the story does not click to the audience than the couple’s good chemistry may not prove to be any good. A classic example is that of Amna and Urooj from Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley, the viewers were drooling over the couple because their love was portrayed wonderfully but then when Amna fell in love with the villain, Urooj’s character was reduced to a caricature and things took a spiral turn. Some couples don’t have the perfect ending but their entire journey all through the play is so touching that the viewers love them till the end. Here is a list of couples from recent times who have blown away the audience, they are the on-screen couples who will be remembered forever.

Mansoor and Shehwar

Mansoor and Shehwar’s characters were played impeccably by Meekal Zulfiqar/ Mohammad Qavi and Sanam Baloch/Samina Peerzada. What was about this couple that set it apart from rest of the on-screen couples of recent times? I think that it was that their misunderstandings and problems were very real and the love that ensued later on was very inspiring. To me, Mansoor and Durr-e-Shehwar’s story was the most amazing love story of recent times. I can never forget the last scene of the final episode and the dialogues. Mansoor and Durr-e-Shehwar in young and old age both melted my heart, I will never forget them.


Asher and Khirad

These two need absolutely no introduction; Hamsafar was a hit only because Asher and Khirad bowled people over by their innocent love. Both the characters were shaped out faultlessly; also the chemistry between these two was unparalleled. It is also a fact that the good looks were a big factor that contributed to the success of this couple. Ever since Hamsafar has ended people have been dying to see this couple together again on-screen. The story of Hamsafar was not outstanding, I think that the only reason it was such a huge success was because of Sarmad Khoosat’s stupendous direction and the chemistry between the leading pair.


Bano and Hassan

Bano and Hassan never had their happy ending but it is also true that Dastaan was not a love story. Bano’s character essentially portrayed ever single person in the subcontinent which had fought hard to acquire a piece of land for the Muslims. Bano’s expectations from this land of pure reflected the hopes of many Muslims at that time. Even though Dastaan was the story of the freedom struggle in the subcontinent but Bano and Hassan were the central characters in the story. Their love was pure and the chemistry between Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch set the screen on fire. In the end when Bano and Hassan did not get married, many of the viewers were very disappointed. Many people thought that the ending was heartbreaking. Many of the Bano/Hassan fans have also shown their wish to see the same lead pair again too.


Aabi and Haniya

Ah! I can never forget Aabi and Haniya, their romance was a fairytale without a doubt which ended with a grave tragedy. Adeel Hussain and Sarwat Gillani looked very cute together. Aabi was the perfect fairytale hero; he showered Haniya with all the love and care in the world. Some people thought that their love was too cheesy but I thought it was very sweet.


Serena and Kishmish

I must confess that there wasn’t much that I liked about Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay. The only reason I kept on watching the play till the end was Serena’s character and later on the sugary love that blossomed between Kishmish and Serena. The scene in which Kishmish proposes Serena was out of this world and their romance was very cute. Out of all the plays that I have seen recently, Serena and Kishmish are the ones who stand out for me. Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari got married when the play was on air. The real life wedding pictures added to the love I felt for this on-screen couple.


This looks like a very pro Hum TV list but that wasn’t intentional at all. Which were the couples in the recent dramas which you found most lovable? Do share.

Ayesha Ahmed


  • Purple Gem

    I do think the chemistry b/w Silla and Adeel was very happening .It was portrayed beautifully. Though in the beginning they they didnot have close interaction but in the later episodes Imran abbas and Sanam Jhung were at their best.Especially the hospital wala and the locket wala scene 🙂

    • Ani

      Hassan and bano were fab!!! Want to see that pair again

  • Hammu

    haha well HUM TV is the only one with unique ideas so let it be this way 😉 i am so glad to see Haniya and Ibad in it.They were too good! I would like to include Farmaan (Noman Ejaz) and Neelum ( Ayesha Khan) from Bari Aapa.They were brilliant as well.Specially the character of Ayesha.No one would have seen that drama without falling in love with her.

  • Ishu

    very very true about all couples specially fawad and mahira they are my all time love and favorite actor actress but i accept it that the blockbuster hamasafar was hit beacsue of fk and mk warna koi special things nahi thi or han acting and dialougues bhi too good thy !!!

  • Queen

    For me the best couple is Asher and Khirad!

  • hoorya

    wat about salar and irsa (sami khan and saba qamar) in MEIN CHAND SI
    great chemistry i must say
    the end wasn't gud buh still……. i really loved tht couple

  • hamnah

    :O where are zaroon & kashaf? their chemistry was so natural. :O

  • khadija

    i love bano and hassan couple so much but u guys are blind u can see only ashar and hirad plz pakistanio kisi chez ke peeche na pur jaya karo

  • amna

    I like ashar n khirad n zaroon n kashaf's couple.. and plz if u can,convey our suggestion,we want sanam jung n fawad khan to work in a serial together.. those two will also make such a lovely couple…

  • Mahnoor

    How can you guys forget Shery (Shaheryar Munawwar) and Zoya (Aiza Khan) from Kahi Un Kahi. This couple was so cute and adorable. I also like Silla (Sanam Jung) and Adeel (Imran Abbas). Their couple is also very cute. This list is incomplete without them. My favorite couple from this list is Ashar and Khirad! <3

  • Shaz

    My personal favourite will always be Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan as Bano and Hasan (Dastaan) their intensity was out of this world! Chemistry that cannot be matched 🙂

    • Purple Gem

      Very very true.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      totally right, they seemed a heavenly made couple in drama dastaan

    • noooooo

      i watched dastaan for 10 times

  • aqsa

    fawad sb sy sath hi acha lgta ha ap fawad and sanam saeed ko bhool gay

  • Amna

    I agree with most of this list but i would really like to add zaroon/ kashaf and zeb/ rayaan…. I think zgh was a huge hit because of all the right elements but it wouldn't have been the same without sanam and fawad becasue they portrayed the charaters written by Umera so well and shared a great chemistry because of theri acting skills. I must add that i didn't like fawad khan much until zgh because i did like his plays but i thought he was getting undeserved appreciation in hmsafar although he had acted much better in akbari asghari,kuch pyar ka pagalpan and some scenes of dastaan but after zgh, i am officially a fawad khan fan. with zeb and rayaan, the story and romance are quite different but its equally cute and i love the way they care for each other.

    • hamnah

      I completely agree. Zaroon & kashaf were so adorable! In fact they are the first Pakistani couple which I loved due to the realistic portrayal of characters

  • raino

    only and only ashar,khirad…..

  • mahi

    Hasan and Bano are my most favorite on screen couples. They chemistry they share was unbeatable. They were just out of world. Then comes Asher n khirad.
    I want to add Adal and Aleen from Mastana Mahi. They were too good. Furthermore Adeel n Sila and Zaroon n kashaf. Kiran – Mujtaba and Kiran- Shamriz from Kpkp also shared fantastic chemistry.
    Abi and Haniya has no place in this list at all. They didn't have any chemistry and it was hell boring to see their scenes. They actually ruin a classic story with their boring acting and poor chemistry.

  • zarghuna

    Best couple was by far shawar and mansoor

  • Sana

    How can u forget ojala and Faisal ???

  • farah

    ashar n khirad are best

  • hak

    my fav would be Zaroon n Kashaf.

  • mona933

    where is adeela and sila ?? both have shown awsome chemistry in dile muztar especially the locket scene hospital one and that one in which sila says "kya m yehi p sojaon " :p . from the above list hassan bano couple is my all time favourite it can never be forgotten

  • jiya

    what about nanhi and Allah dino 😛

    • FatimaAwan

      lol jiya, they should be under the category of the most weird on screen couples lol. Really enjoyed your comment.

  • sam

    ashar khirad

  • syra's biggest fan


  • asim khan

    bano nd hasan asher nd khirad i think r the best coupls

  • mano

    ashar n khirad best couple

  • summi

    Why do you always fail to include Zaroon and Kashaf from Zindagi Gulzar Hai.there chemistry was the most natural and most beautiful

  • saba

    lovely couple hassan and bano!

    • Sara Khan

      yeah cute couple………

  • Guest

    The most beautiful couple in Pakistani Dramas IMO – Ashar and Khirad…

  • Zoey McGrath

    The most beautiful couple in Pakistani history IMO – Ashar and Khirad…

  • Raheel

    Hammad-Imaan from khuda aur mohabbat…

  • Urooj

    ashar and khirad was the best pair i have ever seen, they look made for each other on screen . love ashar and khirad

  • Sehar

    Beautiful Couple is Hassan & Bano…..unforgettable drama n cast 🙂

  • Sara Khan

    sanam or fawad ka couple bht cute hy…..

  • Sara Khan

    best couple….

  • mehreen samar

    i love this couple toooooooo much