Top Pakistani Dramas – Week 2

We are back with our analysis on the ‘Top Pakistani Dramas’ again this week. This season, there are a lot of good shows on air and each show is struggling to gain the top spot from its competitors every week. Here is the list of the top 15 shows of this week:

1. Aasmanon Pay LikhaTop pak dramas

2. Adhoori Aurat

3. Kankar

4. Mujhay Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai

5. Aunn Zara

6. Mere Humrahi

7. Aseer Zadi

8. Kadurat

9. Numm

10. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu

11. Mere Khuwaboon Ka Diya

12. Darmiyan

13. Taar e Ankaboot

14. Kabhi Kabhi

15. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se


  • Asmanoon Pay Likha managed to stay in the first position once again this week. This show has gained viewers in a very short time; it has just been mere two weeks since the show started and it is getting such a good response despite the tough competition.
  • Adhoori Aurat has turned out to be a hit show and that too when it is nearing towards its end. Unfortunately, it was unable to gain good numbers in the beginning, but in the last few weeks its high ratings has surprised everyone. Such stories always appeal to the masses and it has jumped from the 4th spot to the 2nd spot this week.
  • Kankar has remained in the 3rd spot once again this week. We have been seeing a lot of dramatic twist and turns in Kankar which is keeping the viewers hooked to the show. The ratings of its competitors in the same slot are also increasing by the week. Now let’s see if Kabhi Kabhi and Meri Zindagi Hai Tu can steal Kankar’s viewers in the future.
  • Last week Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai did not make it to the list of the Top 15, and many viewers were surprised at this because it is one of the best shows on air nowadays. Well, now it has not only reached the top 15 shows, but also gained the 4th position this week.
  • It is surprising to see Aunn Zara drop from the 2nd position to the 5th position. It is the first show of its kind and has many loyal viewers. However, the competition might be taking a toll on the show as it is facing competition from Mann Ke Moti, Justuju and Khoya Khoya Chand.
  • Mere Humrahi has dropped from the 5th to the 6th position this week, and the main reason is the slow pace of the show. Kadurat has also dropped from the 6th to the 8th position despite the controversial and shocking twist seen in the show this week.
  • Numm has been unable to gain the rating that was initially expected from it. Despite the outstanding direction and cast, it has been unable to impress the audiences. Aseer Zadi and Numm were very close in the ratings last week, but this week Aseer Zadi overtook Numm and reached the 7 position.
  • Darmiyan has fallen from the 8th spot to the 12th spot this week and the main reason can be the competition it is facing from Aasmanon Pay Likha and Kadurat.
  • It was surprising to see that Mann Ke Moti did not make it to the list of the top 15 as it got good ratings in the beginning. Last week, it was seen in the 15th position and this week it did not make it to the list at all. Mere Khawaboo Ka Diya has remained intact in its place while Taar e Ankaboot has experienced a steep fall in the ratings.
  • Kabhi Kabhi has also dropped from the 13th to the 14th position but I have a feeling that it will get higher ratings in the future as it has a good cast and a story that will appeal to the masses. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Say has also made it to the top 15 this week. I must admit that I am delighted to see Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa out of the Top 15 list.

What do you guys think about the ratings this week?

Mariam Shafiq

  • hani khan

    finally qudusi sahab ki bewah is out of the list… i wonder who actually watches it…i mean that the getups and evrythings by hina dilapzir are really nice but other than its a pretty crappy drama …

  • zoe

    asmano pe likha, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 such a cute drama :*

  • m z

    where is ek kasak reh gayi

  • M.R

    I was expecting to see YZH and QSKB on the top but surprisingly and thankfully, it’s not 😀

  • Purple Gem

    Thank god quddusi sahab ki bewah is out of our fav dramas.a very nice analysis by u marium :)…:)

  • Zahid Kamran

    aasmanon pay likha na phir likh dia apna naam aasmanon par. Looking forward to it. Inshallah it will keep on doing wonders <3

  • Sara Khan

    kankar is my fvt.

  • Amna Salam

    hmm.. The list seems satisfactory

  • fahad

    good list.kanker is a very good drama and it deserves to be in top 3.and please continue posting these ratings every week this list is very good aur shukar hai quddusi sahab ki bewa is list mein nahi hai.

  • Ibad Rao

    This is fake list . AUN ZARA IS number I and ULLU BARAY FAROKHT HANI is number 2.

  • Mona

    Aunn Zara is the best.

  • Nomi

    numm shud b on d Top,..i think

    • Badtameez

      hahaha joke of the century

      • blue

        not a joke
        numm is the best
        and yes aap kay naam ka barha asar hai aap pay

        • Badtameez

  • Umer

    Yeah & also yeh zindagi hai isn’t there, sigh of relief.

    • raju rocket

      u r right saaari bhol humari thhi is the best drama

  • isbah

    my favret dramas.

  • maria ishrat

    sarea bhool humarea thi b acha drama hay

  • ayesha

    Mjhy khuda pe yakeen hai is on top

  • Urooj Malik

    aun zara …is best ,,Is time ye darma sb sy acha hay ,,,!aur k siwa Asomanon pey likha
    bhi acha hay ………………….!:)P

  • sohaib

    “mere hamrahi” on 6th! no should have been below 10. it is such a crap!

    • maryam

      okay the drama maybe slow but it is not crap it should be in the place of aunn zara

      • sohaib

        sorry but i have to disagree. it is not about the drama being slow but rather the whole concept and theme of it. it is a mess. i consider it a high fantasy 🙂

        • maryam

          haha tbh i only watch it to pass time

          • sohaib

            quite well then 🙂

  • maryam

    the list is good but aunn zara should not be in the list

  • sweet

    I think Asmano pe likha ko no.1 pe nai hona chahye cozz aisa kabi nai hota k parents kisi larkay ko janay baghair kaisay apni beti ko uss k sath rukhsat kar sakty hain, its not a reality okkkkkk