10 Beautiful Dresses of Sarah Khan In Deewar e Shab

Sarah Khan is one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in the Pakistani drama industry. She has worked consistently hard to be where she is and it won’t be wrong to say that she has carved a niche for herself. Sarah Khan has a huge portfolio and because she has been in the drama industry for so long, she understands the demands of her characters. Sarah is one of those actresses who pay a lot of attention to the overall styling, hair and makeup of their characters, this is the reason, in every single drama, she not only sports a different look, she makes sure that her wardrobe is elaborate and very much according to the dynamics of her character.

Sarah Khan’s drama Deewar e Shab is on air right now. She is playing the role of Gaitiara, a very considerate and obedient daughter who wants to get educated and fails to give up on her dream even in the toughest of circumstances. Gaitiara’s character never came to the forefront but she always had a strong presence of her own. There is not even a single scene in the entire drama where the character of Gaitiara has not looked beautiful and perfect. The credit definitely goes to Sarah Khan for portraying it as such on screen. Gaiti Ara comes from a family of singers and performers, she belongs to such an environment which is always open to public, it is loud, vibrant and of the sort which does not allow the residents of that area the luxury of tranquility and peace. Gaitiara’s wardrobe has been designed in such a way which shows that she belongs to a musical family but is still very rooted and low-profile. She is well dressed but has always kept her styling toned down and not too elaborate. Sarah Khan has looked absolutely gorgeous throughout the drama because of her hairstyling, makeup and overall styling. She has worn the simplest of outfits but has dressed them up with the help of beautiful dupattas, which is a style statement in itself.

Let’s take a look at 10 best dresses of Sarah Khan from Deewar e Shab:

The White Dress:

This dress of Sarah Khan is a classic example of simplicity at its best. It is a simple white chiffon pishwas with golden laces at the neck, sleeves and waistline. However the article of clothing that amps up the entire outfit and makes it stunning is that beautiful tissue fabric dupatta with gotta detailing and pattern throughout. This is the reason in some of the scenes, Sarah Khan had literally wrapped the dupatta around herself to let it shine in all its glory. This outfit was effortless and gorgeous because it was simple but still was enough to draw the attention to it. Sarah Khan has throughout the drama worn heavy kajal and thick eyeliner on her eyes and this makeup look compliments the simplest of outfits that she has worn throughout Deewar e Shab.

Sarah Khan 1 2 Sarah Khan 2 2 Sarah Khan 3 1 Sarah Khan 4 1 Sarah Khan 5

The Mustard Colored Dress:

This was yet another beautiful dress that Sarah Khan wore. She has kept the styling more or less the same where she has worn solid colored dresses with some dainty laces and has let the dupattas do the talking. This outfit is yet another example. It is a beautiful plain mustard color flared pishwas with bell bottom trousers. The golden lace is used as a finishing around the neck, on her sleeves and around the waistline as well as chest. The red jamawar stripe has also been added on the sleeves and the main article of clothing taking this dress to another level is the gorgeous dupatta. This dupatta is pretty similar to the white one but it is in mustard color. It is very obvious that the designer chose all these gorgeous dupattas and then made the outfits complimenting them. This dupatta also has gotta detailing all around the 4 borders and the bold pattern catches the eye.

Sarah Khan 6 Sarah Khan 7 Sarah Khan 8 Sarah Khan 9 Sarah Khan 10

The Turquoise Blue Dress:

What makes the entire wardrobe choices of Sarah Khan interesting in Deewar e Shab is that she has played with all the colors and has probably worn every basic color there is. The fact is that there’s not even a single color that has not looked good on Sarah Khan because all these beautiful colors have complimented her gorgeous skin tone to perfection. The jet-black hair also stands out a lot more against these different colors and makes her look stunning. Sarah Khan has worn this beautiful shade of turquoise blue in some of the scenes. It is a simple A line shirt with loose trousers. The delicate silver laces around her neckline and sleeves add a dainty and girly touch to the dress and then comes the beautiful net dupatta. The dupatta has mukaish detailing on it splattered all around, this is why the designer has picked silver lace to go on her shirt. This definitely is Sarah Khan’s color.

Sarah Khan 11 Sarah Khan 12 Sarah Khan 13 Sarah Khan 14 Sarah Khan 15

The Classic Black Dress:

Sarah Khan’s wardrobe won’t be complete without a gorgeous black dress being a part of it. She wore this beautiful formal black dress in Gaitiara’s engagement scene. Due to it being a solid colored black dress, the detailing was hard to pick but in some of the moments when light reflected upon the sequins, the different textures and embellishment patterns stood out and showed how much detailing had gone into its designing. It was a beautiful chiffon black dress with self-printed fabric and then a lot of materials were used to add design over it. The sleeves of this dress look beautiful too. Sarah Khan looked absolutely stunning in this gorgeous dress.

Sarah Khan 16 Sarah Khan 17 Sarah Khan 18 Sarah Khan 19 Sarah Khan 20

The Pink Dress:

Sarah Khan wore a gorgeous shade of pink and it looked beautiful on her. Again, a solid color pink shirt with golden laces. It was a straight shirt that she paired with white churidar. The dupatta turned this simple dress into a semi-formal outfit. The pink sparkly dupatta itself is gorgeous with golden embellishments splattered all over it. The addition of gota tassels is another beautiful detail to it.

Sarah Khan 21 Sarah Khan 22 Sarah Khan 23 Sarah Khan 24 Sarah Khan 25

The Purple Dress:

This was another simple yet gorgeous outfit of Sarah Khan. All these different colors were not only refreshing to see but made her look beautiful as well. The purple dupatta is very much similar to the pink one. Sarah once again wore a solid colored purple suit with A-line shirt and loose trousers. The beautiful and simple design element was added with the help of lace around her neckline and sleeves and then she draped the dupatta in such a way which completed the look and draw attention to it. This is yet another color that looks perfect on her.

Sarah Khan 26 Sarah Khan 27 Sarah Khan 28 Sarah Khan 29 Sarah Khan 30

The Khaki Colored Dress:

This has to be the simplest of all the dresses that she has worn due to the shade of it, however, it shows how the most simple looking dresses can be carried effortlessly. This is the reason this happened to be one such outfit that Sarah Khan has worn repeatedly throughout the drama. It was worn during those scenes where she was not doing much and just at her utmost comfort. A Khaki colored pastel shaded shirt and trousers with net dupatta and golden gotta detailing around the neckline, sleeves and armhole. It is interesting how Sarah Khan has the ability to make the simplest of dresses look this good and elaborate.

Sarah Khan 31 Sarah Khan 32 Sarah Khan 33 Sarah Khan 34 Sarah Khan 35

The Tea Pink Formal Dress:

This was one of the heavy formal dresses that she wore in one of the scenes. Sarah Khan looked like an actress from the olden era with this sleek bun hairstyle and wrapping of flowers around her hair. This was a heavily embellished outfit that she wore. It was a layered dress with one plain satin shirt underneath and the main article of clothing was the upper shirt with all the heavy designing, patterns and motifs. She wore a flared palazzo with it and draped her dupatta tucked around her neck. The color of this dress suited Sarah Khan as well and she looked super pretty.

Sarah Khan 36 Sarah Khan 37 Sarah Khan 38 Sarah Khan 39 Sarah Khan 40

The Sky Blue Dress:

This is yet another solid colored dress that Sarah Khan wore in Deewar e Shab. What’s interesting about these designs is that anyone can get these dresses tailor made because the designs are simple made with such fabrics which are widely available across the country. Another interesting aspect is that the designer has used the laces to create different styles around the neckline and top portion of her shirts, it adds more variety to the design and stops the dresses from looking similar, despite the fact that the overall styling and theme is pretty much the same. She wore a flared pishwas in solid sky blue color and because the dupatta had silver detailing and lace around it, the designer used the silver laces on her shirt too – yet another example of simplest of outfit looking absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah Khan 41 Sarah Khan 42 Sarah Khan 43

The Bridal Dress:

Last but definitely not the least, the bridal wear of Gaiti Ara was beautiful too. It had bolder bigger patterns but it kind of suited the dynamics of Gaitiara’s life and surroundings. The hair and makeup definitely could have been better because the makeup artist decided to not go heavy handed on the eyes, whereas she had carried the dark eye look throughout the drama, this is the reason she looked a little bare in the minimal makeup look but the dress itself was beautiful. It was a gorgeous classic combination of maroon and off-white with metallic golden designs and embellishment all over the dress. She draped a dupatta on her head and carried the other one as a shawl on the shoulder. The off-white chiffon dupatta had a beautiful self-embroidery on it and it was finished with a beautiful border. The shawl had a beautiful spiral design. The velvet blouse had embellishments splattered all over and the lehenga complimented the off-white dupatta beautifully.

Sarah Khan 44 Sarah Khan 45 Sarah Khan 46 Sarah Khan 47 Sarah Khan 48

This completes the list of 10 best dresses worn by Sarah Khan in Deewar e Shab. Which one of these are your favorite? What do you think of Sarah Khan’s overall styling in the drama? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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