10 Beautiful Lehengas Worn By Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani traditional and ethnic clothes are very special and unique because of their designing, color themes, materials, textures and fabrics that are used in their making. There are a few silhouettes that are basically used in Pakistani traditional clothing, however every silhouette can be used in a variety of ways to create a new design. One such silhouette of traditional Pakistani wear is lehenga which is carried in numerous ways. A lehenga remains the most gorgeous part of a formal Pakistani wear, however it is often paired with short blouse, long shirts, sleeveless cholis, with or without dupatta. A beautiful Pakistani lehenga has a unique charm to it because no matter what occasion, or how it is carried, it is bound to look good.

Pakistani fashion designers launch collections of formal lehengas every season to promote this cultural ethnic dress as well as showcase their designing and beautiful creations. It has become a regular pattern that Pakistani celebrities are going to be seen in beautiful lehengas every now and then, at times when they are doing a professional photoshoot for the designers or in their personal lives when they are attending a wedding or any gathering. Celebrities and stylists always come up with their version of how they want to carry the lehenga but if it has been designed beautifully, it always looks spectacular.

Here’s the list of 10 beautiful lehengas worn by Pakistani celebrities:

Sajal Aly’s White & Golden Lehenga

The combination of white and golden in a traditional Pakistani attire can never go wrong. It is bound to work and look absolutely beautiful. This lehenga worn by Sajal Aly is a beautiful creation. It is a perfect formal wear for an event at any time of the day. This classic combination is so perfect that it can be worn on any kind of event either. Sajal Aly wore this beautiful lehenga on Iqra Aziz’s day wedding. Intricate design crafted with golden embellishment on a white fabric makes it beautiful. She wore a crop blouse with it which had short sleeves. The blouse and lehenga were of the same color scheme, however the dupatta had some pop of colors to it which made this elegant outfit a little more fun and youthful – perfectly appropriate for every young girl.

Sajal Aly 1 1 Sajal Aly 2 1 Sajal Aly 3 1

Saba Qamar Zaman’s Aqua Blue Lehenga

Although the lehenga of this dress itself is made out of solid colored crinkled fabric, the overall look of this ehtnic outfit is gorgeous. It seems to be a perfect wear for a walima bride or even for any female member of the family attending her sibling’s wedding. The entire focus is on the heavily embellished short shirt and dupatta, however the crinkled plain lehenga adds a new dimension of design and quirkiness to it. Saba Qamar carried this beautiful dress in a very casual manner, however if dressed formally, it is still going to look just as good.

Saba Qamar 1 Saba Qamar 2 Saba Qamar 3

Hira Mani’s Pink & Blue Lehenga

Although Hira Mani wore this lehenga for a photoshoot, it was enough to draw attention to it, which was what the designer Nickie Nina was intending to do. The color scheme of pink, purple and blue is not new, but the darker shade of pink and light blue dupatta makes it a little unique and different. This gorgeous lehenga has a lot happening to it, with silver and golden embellishment all over forming beautiful patterns. The stones and pearls splattered all across the dress. The lehenga and crop blouse has a bit of motifs made out of blue color which tie the dupatta and overall dress together. The dangling pearls at the bottom of blouse add another beautiful designing detail to this dress.

Hira Mani 1 4 Hira Mani 2 3 Hira Mani 3 3

Mahira Khan’s Classic Black & Gold Lehenga

Mahira Khan wore a creation SFK Bridals, a fashion label run by Sadaf Fawad Khan and she modelled for this gorgeous black lehenga. This combination of black and gold is also something that can never go out of fashion and will make any dress look elegant and beautiful. This ensemble is no different. A heavily mughal era inspired regal black lehenga is heavily embellished. The crop blouse with full sleeves has a lot of intricate design and detailing. The upper part of the lehenga from waist down is also heavily embellished but the panels and spacing in between breaks the monotony and allows the design on the blouse as well as the bottom of the lehenga to shine through in all its glory.

Mahira Khan 1 1 Mahira Khan 2 1 Mahira Khan 3 1

Iqra Aziz’s Classic Red Lehenga

Although this happens to be a bridal lehenga but then it would be crime to not add this beautiful creation of Nomi Ansari in a list where beautiful lehengas of Pakistani celebrities are being discussed. There’s nothing as beautiful and stunning as a classic bridal lehenga which is all red. Iqra Aziz not only stunned everyone with her beautiful choice but also with the fact that she opted for a purely classic and signature bridal fashion when it came to her wedding. This lehenga speaks for itself, a beautiful rich red lehenga embellished with similar toned sequins and materials which created a beautiful intricate design. It won’t be wrong to say that this lehenga took the limelight at the end of 2019 for all the right reasons.

Iqra Aziz 1 1 Iqra Aziz 2 1 Iqra Aziz 3

Minal Khan’s Pink Festive Lehenga

Minal Khan wore this creation of Erum Khan Couture on one of Aiman Khan‘s wedding functions. As the only sister of the bride, Minal had all the reasons to look as vibrant as she could, therefore this pink and orange lehenga with thick golden motifs and designs turned out to be a perfect choice. Every piece of this ensemble such as dupatta, blouse and lehenga had completely different designs and motifs, but when brought together, it looked like a perfect case of mix and match complimenting each other. This lehenga was loud and vibrant, just exactly what a sister of the bride or even groom would want to wear.

Minal Khan 1 1 Minal Khan 2 1 Minal Khan 3 1

Hareem Farooq’s Colorful Velvet Lehenga

This was a beautiful design of Mohsin Naveed Ranjha that Hareem Farooq wore at her friend’s wedding. It was made out of blue and maroon velvet used for her full sleeved blouse and lehenga. The design on the lehenga was bold and enough to meet the eye. The addition of yellow chiffon embellished dupatta made this entire dress mehendi appropriate. This is the kind of dress that the sister of the bride or groom can wear at her sibling’s wedding and still make a statement. This is the reason why Hareem mentioned that she wore this dress at her brother’s wedding, who actually is her best friend and co-producer. Addition of sneakers also shows how girls can wear this dress on mehndi function which is all about dancing and being on your feet. The color combination is unique and works in perfect harmony to make it look like a coherent dress.

Hareem Farooq 1 Hareem Farooq 2 Hareem Farooq 3

Arisha Razi Khan’s White & Gold Lehenga

Arisha Razi Khan was criticized a lot for turning herself into a bride at her sister Sara Razi Khan’s wedding but it definitely can not be taken away from the fact that the lehenga she chose for herself and wore was absolutely beautiful. It looked like a perfect lehenga that Arisha must’ve designed herself giving all the briefs to the designer and picking up the fabric herself. These kinds of self-printed and self-embossed fabrics are not only widely available all across Pakistan but always turn out to be the first and right choice for creating any formal dress for a wedding function. Arisha’s lehenga was made out of three different fabrics which were used to make her blouse, her dupatta and her lehenga. The thick laces were used around the dupatta, waistline of her blouse as well as sleeves. It was a perfect dress overall.

Arisha Razi Khan 1 Arisha Razi Khan 2 Arisha Razi Khan 3

Anumta Qureshi’s Unique Green Lehenga

This was a creation of Haris Shakeel which Anumta Qureshi chose to wear on her wedding. Anumta Qureshi was striving to look unique and her choices may have been different but she made such a perfect statement with this gorgeous green lehenga and bridal dress of hers. A rich royal solid green which was embellished heavily and beautifully with dull gold materials and detailings. The design on her lehenga was gorgeous and gave her a very regal look. The dupatta and shirt were comparatively simple because they didn’t want to take away the eye from the beautiful lehenga. However the sleeves of her shirt were beautifully designed too and the dupatta had a thin dual border with motifs splattered all over. Anumta Qureshi surely made a unique and perfect bride.

Anumta Qureshi 1 2 Anumta Qureshi 2 2 Anumta Qureshi 3 2

Kubra Khan’s Pastel Toned Lehenga

Kubra Khan’s sister got married recently and she wore a gorgeous creation of Shiza Hassan. A pastel toned peach aqua lehenga which was enough to make her look wedding ready to the T. The lehenga of this dress happens to be the most beautiful aspect because of the pattern that is. The sheen of this lehenga makes it look like a creation of the olden era and what adds more to that dimension is the gota frill detailing all around her dupatta. Kubra Khan looked absolutely gorgeous and she definitely picked a perfect lehenga for her sister’s wedding.

Kubra Khan 1 1 Kubra Khan 2 Kubra Khan 3

Maya Ali’s Vibrant Shendi Appropriate Lehenga

Recently Maya Ali’s brother Afnan got married and one look after another of Maya was enough to wow everyone. She was saving the best for the Shendi function because after going for solid colored dresses, she immediately amped up her look with this Faiza Saqlain creation. It was sparkly, it was blingy, it was shendi appropriate because of the pinks, greens and golds used to create this dress. The blouse was another sparkly article of this overall outfit. The lehenga however brought in the element of mehndi function and made it shendi appropriate with the addition of green motifs on it.

Maya Ali 1 5 Maya Ali 2 5 Maya Ali 4 5

This completes the list of 10 beautiful lehengas worn by Pakistani celebrities over the period of time. Which one of these are your favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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