10 Best Videos Posted By Pakistani Celebrities

Over the years, Pakistani celebrities have started to take their social media presence very seriously. Where the usage of social media has brought a lot of advantages to celebrities, they also take it as a way of staying connected to their fans. They get to interact and also happen to get feedback about their projects, which gives them an insight into what their fans think and expect from them. This is the reason, a lot more celebrities are getting comfortable with the idea of sharing candid moments with their fans, in the form of their real-life happenings, behind-the-scenes from their dramas or just having a heart-to-heart with the people who show their love and support to them.

It started off with the images, then it turned into elaborate photoshoots, then some short clips, and now, the celebrities continue to make videos and upload them on their social media handles for their fans to see. It is always interesting and heartening for the fans to connect with the celebrities on this level where they get to see them apart from their dramas and TV appearances as well.

Here are 10 interesting and fun videos that were recently posted by Pakistani celebrities:

Yasir Nawaz & His Brothers Wished Happy New Year Like Shah Brothers

Yasir and Danish Nawaz alongside their brother Faraz Nawaz decided to wish everyone Happy New Year in a very special manner by recreating the video of Ahmed Shah and his brothers. This video of Ahmed Shah and his brothers Abu Bakr and Umar surfaced when they decided to wish everyone New Year, although the video was super cute, what made it cuter was when Umar found himself in a bit of a fix where he knew that the video was being recorded but he decided to grab the packet of chips that fell on the ground. In the Nawaz brothers video, Danish Nawaz played the role of Umar and Faraz and Yasir acted like Ahmed and Abu Bakr. This was definitely one of the best and cutest New Year’s wishes Pakistanis got this year.

Zaid Ali T’s Video With His Wife Predicting Their Parenthood

Zaid Ali T and his wife Yumna Zaid are expecting their first child. They posted a few videos on their Youtube channel announcing the pregnancy by showing how Yumna tried to surprise Zaid by doing a Q&A session with him. Since then, the couple has kept the journey of pregnancy quite low profile and after initial few videos, they have not posted much content related to it. Zaid and Yumna have however shared a few pictures every now and then which shows how excited they are to start this new journey. Recently, Zaid Ali T shared a beautifully edited video where he is seen with Yumna with the backgrounds changing, showcasing what their life together is like. The video ends on a very special note where they have edited a child that Zaid and Yumna are holding, suggesting this is what their life if going to be like in the future. This short video was definitely special and very sweet.


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Imran Ashraf Thanking His Fans His Way

Imran Ashraf is one such celebrity who puts an extra effort into staying connected with his fans. He is seen replying to their comments regularly and just stays in touch with what the audience has to say about his performance in all of his dramas. Raqs e Bismil is currently on air in which Imran Ashraf plays the character of Moosa. He has garnered a lot of appreciation for his performance because of which the character of Moosa has become everyone’s favorite. Imran Ashraf often posts Moosa’s dialogues which are picked up by the audience after the episodes air. This time around when Moosa got Zohra’s confession finally, the internet went into frenzy with people reposting the dialogues the two characters exchanged. Imran Ashraf went to his Instagram and posted a video delivering the dialouge that was loved by his fans and in the end, he had a special surprise for them all because he thanked them in a unique ‘Bhola’ style. Definitely one of the most sweet and surprising videos coming from one of the biggest stars of Pakistan.


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Faryal Mehmood’s Dance on The Sets of Raqeeb Se

The actors put in a lot of hard work and work for long hours while shooting the drama. In the middle of the shoots, they get to have some breaks but Faryal Mehmood decided to make the most of that time off by dancing her heart out. Faryal Mehmood has mentioned that she is good at dancing but this time around, she decided to show it by posting a video where she was seen dancing on an instrumental. The flow and the overall body language along with the perfect choice of music made this video really interesting to watch. Faryal Mehmood is just as good of a dancer as she is as an actor.

Saboor Aly & Ali Ansari’s Baat Pakki Video

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari surprised everyone with the official announcement of their relationship when they had a ‘baat pakki’ ceremony. Before the news was shared by the couple, no one actually knew or speculated that Saboor and Aly were in a relationship. They both were recently seen together on Amir Liaqat’s show this Ramzan where Saboor Aly was widely appreciated for her quick and witty responses to Amir Liaqat. Everyone thought they both were invited together as two individual actors but no one knew that they chose to go together because they were a couple. However, only a few pictures were posted by the couple but they also didn’t deprive their fans of their special moments because they shared this beautifully shot video of the event. Saboor and Ali looked absolutely happy and totally in love with their family members showering the couple with their love and blessings.


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Osman Khalid Butt Laughing Like Uzma Beg

Drama serial Chupke Chupke became one of the biggest hits of this year because it immediately clicked with the audience and became one of the family favorites of everyone this Ramzan. The audience was not only getting to enjoy the drama as it aired but the elaborate cast of the drama also kept the hype alive by staying connected with their fans as they continued to share the behind-the-scenes footages as well as interactive videos of what went into making this drama. One such video was posted from the sets of Chupke Chupke where Osman Khalid Butt who played the character of Faazi was seen laughing like Uzma Beg who played the role of his grandmother in the drama. Not only him but everyone around was laughing out loud because of how he was mimicking Uzma Beg.

Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain’s Baby Shower Footage

Iqra Aziz took her fans by surprise when she shared the news of her pregnancy with everyone. The fact that she kept the secret for so long and then made it public added more to the surprise factor of this news. Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz held a godh bharai rasm at their place where they were showered with blessing and love by their close friends and family members. Iqra Aziz looked absolutely stunning as she had that pregnancy glow to her. The couple shared the highlights of the baby shower ceremony and it was absolutely sweet.

Danish Nawaz Speaking About HaShi of Chupke Chupke

Drama serial Chupke Chupke became quite popular because of the two lead couples of Meenu-Faazi and Haadi-Mishi. As much love as Meenu and Faazi garnered, the couple of Haadi and Mishi had its fan base of its own. The fans of the drama came up with official names of these couples such as Feenu and HaShi. Danish Nawaz decided to put one of the names on the map by saying it out loud in the video and having a wordplay on it. He spoke how he was standing between HaShi and was acting like a Hashiya (margin line). The entire cast was seen laughing out loud at his humor and wordplay on the special name given to the couple by their fans.


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Danish Taimoor & Ayeza Khan’s Eid Video

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan have a strong social media presence. Where Ayeza Khan continues to update her account with her beautiful photoshoots, Danish Taimoor has made it mostly about his game show. The couple was last seen together in the drama serial Meherposh and then a few TV appearances on different game and talk shows. It has been a while when their fans got to see them together in a video, therefore they decided to share a romantic video wishing their fans Eid Mubarak in the filmiest manner. It was a sweet video with both of them looking absolutely stunning.


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Kubra Khan Wishing Asad Siddique By Sharing A Secret

Kubra Khan decided to wish Asad Siddique a happy birthday in a unique style. She showed it to the world how Asad Siddique had a hard time ice skating behind her when she was trying to help and guide him to master it. Asad Siddique slipped and fell on the ground and Kubra Khan couldn’t contain her laughter. It was a fun video that she decided to share with their fans on the occasion of Asad’s birthday.


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These are some of the fun videos posted by Pakistani celebrities over the last few months. Which one of these did you enjoy watching the most? Share your opinion in the comment section below.


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