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10 idioms you can include in your vocabulary for everday usage

Idioms use a group of words which have a totally different meaning altogether which is not understood from the individual words. Here’s a list of fun idioms you can learn and include in your vocabulary for everyday usage:

Hold your horses

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This idiom means to wait or slow down. It was originally used as “hold your hosses” keeping up with the American slang “hoss’ for horses. If someone is talking really fast, you can use this idiom to tell them to talk slow.

Have the memory of an elephant

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This phrase or idiom means to have a good memory. This is because people believe elephants have excellent memory and can remember a lot of things even after time has passed by. Someone with great thinking ability and memory to remember exact people, situations and places can be said to have the memory of an elephant.

Have your head in the clouds

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This idiom describes someone who is usually dreaming and thinking impractically. If someone has not studied for an exam and they think they will get a good grade, then they have their head in the clouds.

Have one foot in the grave

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This idiom describes someone who is very old and close to death. This phrase can be used to describe a situation which has no way out except death. It can even be used to figuratively describe a bad experience which may have led to becoming poor or bankrupt.

To have a heart of gold

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This phrase is used to describe a person who is kind, generous and loving towards others. A person who has a heart of gold always supports other people who are unable to fend for themselves.

Be full of yourself

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This idiom describes a person who thinks they have all the knowledge in the world and are extremely important. People who are full of themselves look down upon others and are usually ungrateful for what God has bestowed them with.

Elephant in the room

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This phrase means to talk about a problem someone is usually avoiding. It can be usually used to describe someone who is going through emotional or financial struggles and you can ask them if they wish to discuss the elephant in the room.

Cry over spilled milk

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This phrase means to cry over a situation which cannot be undone or changed. This is because milk as a liquid cannot be put back in the container. If someone loses a job or fails an exam, then there is no use crying over spilled milk as they only need to retake the test or look for another job.

Drop a bombshell

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This phrase means to make an announcement someone may not be expecting. It is usually associated with bad news rather than good news. The news of a sudden breakup, the news of someone passing away, a termination from a job can be described as dropping a bombshell.

Be the spitting image of someone

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This phrase is used to describe the uncanny resemblance two people share. If a daughter has the same features as her mother, she is said to be the spitting image of the parent. Apart from physical features, it can also be used to describe a person’s personality to be similar to someone else.


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