10 Male Celebrities who are also Devoted Fathers!

Being a father is itself a big responsibility but things are even more difficult to manage when the father is associated with fields like Showbiz, sports or politics. We  have been sharing a great deal of content on the personal lives and success stories of our leading heros and here we are again presenting you a new side of their lives, that is, their association with their family and kids. Despite of their tough schedules and busy lives, the following men love to carry their kids along and spend their dedicated time with them. As been seen from the releases made often, the following 10 celebrities are complete family oriented and enjoy a life where family comes before work.

Lets have a look at them!


Fawad Khan with his son


Umar Gul with his daughter in plane


Shahid Afridi with his cute daughter


Nabeel with his Kids


Moamar Rana with daughter in a party

images (1)

Singer Fakhir his daughter on her birthday

images (2)

Cricketer Saeed Ajmal with Son

images (3)

Mr. Imran Khan with both Sons


Ahsan Khan with son

Mikaal Zulfiqar with daughter


Adnan Sami Khan with son

A father plays a real important role in an individual’s life and this post is dedicated to all the fathers who love their kids and give them a good time, both in terms of quality and quantity.


Nida Zaidi

  • aqsa

    fawad iz great father .

  • hoorya

    shoooo cuteee kids ♥

  • saba

    fawaaaaaad <3 <3

  • blue


  • sako

    i love fawad just bcoz of this… grat man who prefer his family first b4 any thing

  • tahira khan

    yes fawad khan is a great father he always said that my first priority is my family.

  • Madeha

    They are not Nabeel's kids!

  • hoorya

    father tou father hota he ywr πŸ™‚
    kia mtlb fawad great he πŸ™‚
    awr b actorz h jn k liye unki first priority unki fam he πŸ™‚
    FAWAD parh na ataq jaya laro logonw πŸ˜›

  • Hafsa

    luv fawad else than every other celebrity.:)

  • shujat

    all them aren't actors..

  • farah

    fawadddddddddd <3

  • Soul hacker

    Ye cheez mere azeez!!!

  • Shaz

    Erm, what's the big deal? Before being celebrities, they are human beings! I don't understand what makes them stand out! A lot of father dote on their children…including those that aren't from the industry.

  • Lawangeen

    MashaAllah ll babies are very cute..umar gul & afridi's daughers r the cutetest..adnan sami ka yaipappo son itna bara hogeya..

  • Hassan Shigri

    Whats the point of inserting Imran khan in this list. He is a worst father and a worst human being.

    • Nuzhat Abbass

      I agree with you Hassan sb.

  • bazgha mustafa


  • mehru

    What about Adnan Siddiqui.