Kankar Episode 09 – A Perfect Beginning

This latest installment like all the previous ones did not only focus on the lead pair but it covered all the different tracks in the story. With the exception of a couple of scenes that seemed like they were stretched unnecessarily, the rest of the scenes were very well shot. I must confess though that I would have liked it better if we got to see more of Sikandar and Kiran. Also, the fact that Kiran’s father wasn’t home when she came to visit and there wasn’t a single scene with the two of them in it was rather disappointing, maybe because I was expecting the father and daughter relationship to be given a  little more importance.

Kiran’s wedding has been like a fairytale come true till now. Sikandar has been an ideal husband and because of his strong personality Shaista does not have the courage to show how she feels about this marriage. Shaista focused her energies on winning her sister back; I must say that those two scenes were a lot longer than they should have been. Faiqa manages to find a good proposal for her daughter and Arzoo will be getting married soon although she is not very keen on getting married into the family that her mother has hand picked for her.



Everyone’s reactions to Kiran and Sikandar’s marriage were shown very well. Adnan obviously could not muster up the courage to show up at the wedding. The whole scenario would have appeared more real if we would have been shown that Adnan’s disappearance was noticed more than it actually was. When Kiran comes to visit her mother, she does not meet her father or Adnan; two very important people in her life. It was much more important to show these two scenes rather than the long scenes between Shaista and Faiqa and even the one with Faiqa and Arzoo seemed too long.


Rukhsar’s fiance Zubair finally made an appearance in today’s episode as well. I must say that he was much older than I was expecting him to be. It is ironic that Rukhsar cannot seem to understand Zubair’s situation since she is the one who forcefully put her brother in the exact same situation. Rukhsar’s conversation with Zubair was very well written. For once we actually heard a man’s perspective and how he must feel being in that situation. Zubair and Adnan’s positions are very similar and one can’t help but feel for them. Rukhsar has turned bitter due to the never ending wait but she also knows that she cannot break a five year old engagement and just move on with life.


The scene in the balcony was very confusing because it was badly shot and poorly edited. One minute Kiran was standing alone and the other minute Sikandar appeared out of nowhere. The “tuk nahi memories bana raha hun” dialogue was very interesting though.


The preview for the next episode showed that Kiran tries to mend ties with Arzoo but she does not reciprocate her feelings. Arzoo meets her fiancé and does not seem very interested in him. What I am looking forward to the most is Sikandar’s reaction to Kiran attending what appeared to be either her sister’s dholak or that of Arzoo. Will Sikandar and Kiran stay happily married? I guess we all have a fair idea that they will be some serious issues between the two. Right now everything is so perfect; one can’t imagine how that is going to happen.

Overall, tonight’s episode could have been more engaging if some of the scenes were shorter and there was a little more emphasis on Sikandar and Kiran. Please share your views about this latest installment.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I just read some of your reviews on Kanker today and I'm pleased I gave it a miss. But I must say I appreciate your steadfastness and dedication. Can you recommend anything worth watching on Friday evenings? Take care.

    • Thank you Anwar Suhail:) A lot of people are in love with the play "Mera Sultan". Are you watching it? You Take care too. You are a very sweet person, it is always great to hear from you.

  • I don't know why but all these dramas focus on issues of girls' marriages. Marriage is important but its that important that ones whole life revolve around it. They should show more career oriented and stronger girls. Girls are in college and if a guy especially from a rich family comes up with a proposal they consider themselves to be flying in air and leave their study everything behind, even other feels envy of them. I have seen girls around me who have only one dream in life "to get married", what nonsense.

    • Agreed lub, I know many such girls too. The fact that there are four or five girls in this play alone who are obsessed with the idea of marriage really does get annoying at times!

    • I am with you . Pakistan needs to show how education in important and how a low income girl/boy get the opportunity to get the education. More university and colleges need make more sensible person need to build more opportunity for growth to build . more export need to do show our product compete to the world . Make sensible society among poor people that there is no difference in shia and sunny faith. In the last years of his life,10/632 the prophet performed Hajjat-ul-wada. Prophet addressed he Muslims, reminding them that the human life was sacrosanct and that a person's possession were not be violated that God would call them to account one day for their action, that usury (riba) was an abomination and that covenants should be honoured women were to be treated with respect and given their rights,on his return journey , at a place of called Ghadir Khumm, the prophet halted and before the assembled of people and declared O whom I am the Master (Mawla)Ali is the Master . If Shia following the teaching of Ali or Sunny not following the teaching of Mowla Ali makes no difference. Both saying There is no God except God and Mohammed (PUH) is the prophet of God. Get life Muslim don't count money count living society which Qadia Azam gave us country to live all people with harmony and the show the world that every body is safe in our country. God bestow the intellect to our people Ameen

  • very well written review. theres not much i have to say about this episode however while watching this recent episode, more than the drama and story, i was thinking about something else. is marriage and match making all what we have in our lives? there is no other aspect to be discussed? nothing else is there to shed some light on? i know there are dramas that focus other issues as well but even in those dramas a heck of time is wasted on similar issues as match maikng etc. remember sheher-e-zaat. it was supposed to be something ALOT more than marriage focused drama but a big portion of it was allotted to the marriage thing. same with ZGH it was supposed to be a 'shikway se shukar ka safar' it was supposed to focus on so many other things in kashaf's life, her studies, her career…. but MAJOR portion of this drama focused on kashaf's married life only. even the comedy we have these days focuses on marriages. be it aun zara, yeh shadi nahi ho skti, kis din mera viyah, baraat seasons…… shadi shadi shadi. why cant they make dramas where MAIN FOCUS is given to sibling relations, friendships (just friendship, not friendship turning into love and then shadi) cousin relationships. i know there are many plays in which these things are being highlighted but why always these things get overshadowed by shadi issues. e.g mera naseeb started by portraying the cutest ever sisters but then again the shadi issues ruined everything. this is what i kept wondering throughout this episode.

    • Aish, agree with you completely. Our writers producers seem to be obsessed with idea of marriages and match making. And that ir really sad. Why can't they focus on so many other events and aspects of life. Even our so called
      "Popular writers" can't think out of the box.
      This is what I call complacency and intellectual stagnation.

      And if you try to give constructive feed back and critique, you are instantly labelled as unpatriotic.
      Seriously we are stuck in a rut.

      • totally agree, take a serious play it is based on marriage, go for sitcoms or comedy play issue of romance and marriage is dominating, in two weeks time special eid plays will be coming, again obsessed with marriage. Cant our producers and writers think of something different then marriage. there are so many issues in our society, issues of teenagers, students , college campus life, issues of employment class, just a thought they can make a very good sitcom on persons working in a corporate office showing the leg pulling, politics of offices.

        Hit English tv programs are even based on day and night of a jail and prisoners. They can film a good serial based upon some historical event, by depicting it correctly. But sometimes it feels minds of our producers are getting barren, where no new idea grows.

        • Totally agree with all of you, the focus on shadi shuda zindagi is getting repetitive for sure and like Rashid Nazir pointed out that even our comedy plays have the same theme. I mentioned it in one of my reviews too and also in one of the articles that I wrote. There was a time when we used to make plays which dealt with historical events or people in general like Tanhaiyaan, Aangan Tehra, there was one on Tipu Sultan and so many more. The phone conversation between Sikandar and Kiran reminded me of Kashaf and Zaroon for sure! The pattern is the same, first we will see the perfect beginning and then when the cracks appear and how they overcome the problems. I just hope that the problems between Sikandar and Kiran are not due to Adnan.
          Thank you so much for the comments.

  • As in previous weeks, the review was done precisely and accurately. Last
    I was so glad about the show picking up pace..but this week again the pace disappointed me..waqai some scenes do need improvements.
    Kiran and Sikander scenes were the best part..but should've been more
    Once again a great review :-)

    • Thank you so much Esha for liking the reviews, you have been so kind. Yes, totally agree with you, some crisp editing should have done the trick but then the slow pace and long scenes seem to be the norm now, sadly.

  • great review Fatima . I must say any initial sympathy I ever felt for Rukhsar's character has vanished ..she is a miserable cow who revels in her misery and wants everyone else to be just as miserable . sorry I am really unimpressed with Sekander …all my sympathies are with Adnan …poor guy .

    • Thank you Sadaf. I never liked Rukhsar, she is too bitter. she never has anything good to say about anyone. I like Sikandar till now, Adnan comes across as a loser to me.

  • a nice and comprehensive reviews as always, this episode was more on the problems and issues of secondary characters, then on main character which is a bit unusual. being viewer we are mostly interested in the life and routine of main characters.

    one good portrayel was zubair and uroosa, so far we pity uroosa but now other side of picture is shown, despite labelling a male dominated society, male part of mostly middle class also suffers and face unde pressures from their family, and have to make several compromises in their life. It is one topic umera has also written and the situtation and is consequences is well depited in drama Qaide Tanhai. It is a prevailing and constant issue of our society, middle class families despite not having resources make big families, and its male part of the children that have to suffer the act of their parents, one mostly elder brother has to sacrifice his life and family for the betterment of rest of the family and become a golden egg laying duck. the rest of family, uses mother and parents as a tool for emotional black mailing and exploits and over burdens the brother as much as possible and in the end when all are settled in their life, its that brother who feels he has been used by his siblings, but then its become too late and his life and his family life is mostly disturbed and ruined. Its a story, which prevails in almost every other middle class house. Though umera has written qaide tnahi a superhit drama on it there is need to highlight it more.

    • Nazir Sahab please please no more highlighting. We have had enough of this theme can't cope with more of this.
      Why can't we have something different.

    • Rashid Nazir thank you so much for following the reviews and adding your insightful comments to them every time. I really look forward to them. I totally agree with you, I wonder why we can't focus on the lead pair every now and then if not always. I remember we had the same issue with ZGH too. Honestly speaking, I never sympathized with Uroosa's character because she is too bitter and never has anything good to say about anyone. Not to mention that she comes across as very selfish as well.

  • Very well written reviw fatima..
    I think both sanam and fahad have been greAt Through the episode ..i feel sad for both adnan and rukhsar …,, but i loved da sikandar kirAn interraction but i hAVe heard that kiran will soon discover sikandar's another side nd i m anxiously waiting to knw that what iZ that ..(???!!! Fatima who do u like as a best actress from our drAma industry

    • Maham thanks a lot for liking the review and for commenting:) I think Sikandar will turn out to be an over possessive husband, well that is just a guess, i could be wrong. Maham I like many actresses like Sania saeed, Nadia Jamil, Savera Nadeem, Sanam Baloch, Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gillani to name a few:)

      • thank u so much Fatima for replying nd sharing ur views wid me!!!! i will keep commenting on ur every review of kankar and will look forward to ur replies!!! keep it up !!

          • yeah i am watching it but not followin it … i switched on the t.v and it's first episode was airing so i watched it and thats the same which happened with the second episode .. yeah i like it but i m following kankar religiously bcz it has sanam it has fahad it has rest ov the fab cast so i like it more… but now if u r reviewing it,then i will also follow kadurat and share my thoughts on it on ur reviews inshaALLAh… stay blessed!!

      • You miss balcony whole scene. On dramas online website its cut. Watch again on other websites. On you tube its full

  • Fahad Mustafa kay thobray per phir makeup ki moti moti lyers hain. Ager Fahad aik lambay balon wig bhi laga lay to Sanam Baloch ki bari behen lagay ga :)

    • dramasonline is working fine Hina. Are the videos not playing or is there some other problem?

  • I think Sikandar and Aarzoo going to get married. Kiran and Adnan will marry………..

  • Hi Fatima, could you be able to provide me with your email address?
    I like your work and want an opportunity to work together.

  • this drama is not at all well picturised and the dialogues are not well focused.as in the early episodes adnan called kiran meri behan and out of blue in the next episode he was taking interest in him I don't think so that if any guy is interested in some girl he can ever call her meri behan…and also it is a poorly directed drama so many flaws in the flow of the scenes.they shoud focus on all these things..

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