Shiraz Uppal caught in Raanjhanaa’s Success Party in Mumbai

Shiraz Uppal caught in Raanjhanaa’s Success Party in Mumbai

Pakistani singer Shiraz  Uppal has always made his country proud outside the border with his music and what gave him a true recognition in India was his song ‘Roya Re’ that he sang for the Bollywood movie ‘Dhoka’. Shiraz, however did claim last year that he is leaving music keeping in views the teachings of Islam but is now again with more power. He recently sang a song for bollywood blockbuster movie Raanjhanaa, the major one indeed and now that the film has made over Rs. 100 Crore, the shares of Shiraz have been significantly boosted.

The team celebrated the success throwing a party at JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai where Shiraz  Uppal was seen along with his wife contributing in the success and enjoying with other bollywood celebrities. Been dressed in white, Shiraz looked extremely excited about his mingling with famous bollywood celebrities including Anil Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Taushar  Kapoor, Dhanush, Aditi Roy Hydari, Jimmy Shergil, Ayushman Khurrana and many more.

Here are a few clicks of the party, Have a look!

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