Adhoori Aurat Episode 15 – Shocking News!

I must admit that I was never expecting this sudden twist in the show. They are finally moving towards the main theme of the show (it’s about time!). The show was never about an evil mother-in-law and an innocent daughter-in-law, though they stretched this track a bit too much. The main theme was about Zayaan and his obsession with perfection and compatibility and this is the reason why he never married Faiza because he did not see any compatibility between them. He saw compatibility and perfection in Maryam and this is the reason why he married her but now when situation does not seem ‘perfect’ as he expected and is not shaping up the way he had thought, he is having a difficult time accepting it and Maryam is the person who is facing his wrath.

When Faiza asked him whether he still thinks that he and Maryam has compatibility, he immediately said yes. He still thinks there is compatibility but will he think the same when Maryam would not be perfect anymore? Maryam is suffering from breast cancer and they all are in for a tough time ahead, especially Maryam. This week’s episode showed how everybody dealt with this news. Maryam’s family’s reaction was the worse and it annoyed me a lot. They were supposed to give support to Maryam and tell her that everything will get better but instead they were all crying and panicking. Tasneem even started upsetting Maryam because she was so disturbed. At a time like this she needs moral support, not tears! Zayaan’s reaction was normal; he was shown tensed and worried but he did not panic. Afshah and Nusrat were shocked but as expected their attitude towards Maryam did not change one bit. They were not ready to show an ounce of pity.


The main concern for Maryam right now is Ashya as it is getting difficult for her to take care of her. It was sad to see Maryam feeling so helpless because of her daughter; she was being so strong just for her sake. The only support she has in the whole house is of Aasiya who helps her look after Ashya and also takes care of her. Nusrat is now planning to send Maryam back at her parent’s house so that they deal with the whole headache of Maryam’s disease. Is there no limit to their heartlessness?

Zayaan’s double standards are very annoying! If Afshah goes out all the time, he has no problem but if Maryam goes to the doctor he creates such a fuss about it. He really needs to start using his brain and not listen to everything that his mother says. The shocking part was when he left Maryam on the road just because she complained that he does not have time for her and never took care of her after Ashya was born. The way he told Maryam to get off the car left me open mouthed! When he picked her up afterwards, Maryam was happy and told him that she knew he would never leave her because he cared for her but Zayaan cleared her misconception and told her that he only did it because he has some reputation to maintain in the city. The look of hurt on her face at his words was a sore sight. This is just the beginning because I feel that Zayaan’s attitude will get even worse as time passes.


He did regret his behavior and confessed it when he was talking to Faiza but he never bothered to go and apologize to Maryam. It is impossible for an egoistic character like Zayaans’ to apologize to anyone.

I am looking forward to know what next is in store for everyone. Will Maryam’s case get better or would she need to get herself operated? Will Zayaan’s attitude change towards her after that?

What do you guys think? Share your views!

 Mariam Shafiq



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  • LOL. I'm sorry, but the main theme is SO DEFINITELY the evil mother-in-law/innocent, weak bahu one which we all devour because we're sadists at heart!

    • Haha! Well, yes the evil mother in law is part of the story and they've stretched this track alot but i still think the main story is about Zayaan's obsession with perfection and an ideal life partner which he saw in Maryam but after marraige he is starting to realise that Maryam is not PERFECT. And plus she is sick now which makes her IMPERFECT now. How Zayaan will change when he realises that Maryam is not perfect anymore is the main story :))
      And yes you are right about people liking these kind of stories (innocent daughter in law/evil mother in law types).
      The TRPs are surely going to rise! :)

  • i feel so sad for Maryam and the worst part about the show is Ziyaan changing his behaviour towards Maryam after marriage!!! I was just shocked!! at first he was dying to get married to MAryam but afterwards there was nothing with him for Maryam and i am anxiously waiting to see the climax of this couple!!!

  • I feel like slapping Zayaan, and giving HIM cancer! Atleast get off Maryams' back. I hate these kind of men, rude and stubborn, nothing but EGO EGO EGO. And that mother in law? I feel like pushing her off a cliff. The title of the show is absolutely right! Adhuri Aurat. I hope in the end, Zayaan, the evil mom, Afsha, Faiza, all die. and Maryam lives happily with Ashya.

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