Aunn Zara Episode 06 – Going Strong!

Ohkay so it goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Aunn Zara too. For me the best thing about the whole drama is the growth in the story every time. Ever since it has started we have moved on so much & have for sure fallen in love with all the characters because we have been exposed to each one of them appropriately, plus one thing that I’ve noticed is the mood of every episode. Seems like they have decided a certain standard & the mood for each one of them on which, in particular they work.

This time the main focus was on Aunn Zara & how they are working on their relationship. Manzar has extended his help perfectly this time & the good thing is that Aunn has understood the intricacy of the situation. He has started to understand the importance Zara carries in his life & he is longing for a companionship too. All his life Aunn has seen so many female figures & he’s loaded with the motherly affections & attentions. Hence, he doesn’t want Zara to boss him over especially even if she is showing some love towards him. It was sweet when he admitted that he has started to like Zara a lot but he hates it obviously when she tries to act like some lady. He has accepted her like a girl she is with her tom-boyish traits & her carelessness & hence, he needs her to be like that in front of him. He might nag at how she treats him badly but eventually has fallen for all of that.

Zara on the other hand has started to feel butterflies at the thought of being with him as his wife but it still too egoistic & naive at the same time where she doesn’t want to repeat anything she does or says for him. She wants him to understand her subliminal feelings as well, which Aunn is at the moment incapable of because he has not had been in contact with any girl that way before. I absolutely adored the ‘mailay kapre’ thing because no matter who the girl is, any wife would smile to herself while doing anything small related to her husband. That’s the beauty of this relationship & they portrayed it perfectly & realistically.

I am sure no one could’ve been happier as I was when I heard Jamshed’s friend uttering the I word (Ishq). I like so many others sussed it way before that Jamshed & Nighat have the ability to be together (being the complete opposites like Aunn Zara) & therefore, Jamshed revealed being worried about Zara because of Nighat. I think the best option for him & for the well-being of his daughter would be to take Nighat to his home by marrying her, so then Zara would be in peace. Haha! I must say Adnan Jaffar has acted so so sooo well as Jamshed, he seems so uncomfortable at the sight of Nighat but still is hesitant in letting his feelings surface. What a decent man he is.

Manzar’s ‘garaj nahi, baras ja’ & Aunn’s ‘Ammi mai barasna chahta hoon’ was way too funny. I’m glad that the guy who seemed handicapped intelligently is giving out amazing pointers to his poor friend in need. Therefore, Aunn actually found himself putting up what he wants in front of his family with ease. Whereas, Zara who puts everyone ahead of Aunn can not understand the privacy Aunn wanted for them both. She tagged along everyone with her because she is far more considerate towards her in-laws than Aunn actually is. I liked how she grasped Aunn’s inconsideration towards his family & tried to cover his bad mood. I like Zara’s character for this because where she has a child-like innocence still she is capable of tackling situations with ease & maturity at the same time too.┬áIt clearly showed that she couldn’t relate to Aunn being sad at the attention his family members extend towards him because she has longed for that all her life. That’s why she is walking an extra mile for her in-laws because she wants the love & care too.

There were few really funny moments especially the one where Zara tagged her Daada with Aunn’s Daadi. Nighat’s self-assumed cafe date at the signal. ‘Chai ya Paani’ debate & the car scene where Husna can rely on a girl as a driver but is too scared of seeing her son take a driver’s seat. I loved the episode for sure & I am enjoying how Aunn & Zara are taking steps in order to get close to each other. Zara’s still oblivious but has her feelings growing deep inside. Can’t wait to see their good patch together.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Nice review to an enjoyable episode.
    I'm thoroughly enjoying AunnZara, each character and almost every line.
    Story is meandering in pleasant, refreshing enjoyable manner.
    Congratulations to entire AunnZara team and A Plus.

  • Wonderful review to a yet another wonderful episode. I think this was the best episode yet.
    I loved so many scenes in this eposode. Aunn getting ready to meet Jamsheed sahib, all of Aunn & Mnnzar's scenes, the car ride to dinner was my absolute favourite, the 'garaj & baras' dialogues & ofcourse the pillow fight at the end.
    I've to say that the strength of the serial is in the strong script, flawless direction & brilliant performances.

    • Agree it is the best episode until now. Brilliant script. Good direction and brilliant performances. Both Aunn and Zara look so cute. We need more light hearted family dramas like this one.

    • Thank you so much Mona. I agree that all these factors are making it such a great drama. I can't wait to see more!

  • Wonderful review to a wonderful episode. Bus Mazza aa gaya. Enjoyed Garaj Barus dialogue, pillow fight and car ride.
    Hope it continues w ith same momentum and feel.

  • Just started watching this drama. Everything from story to direction to cast & acting is perfect. Waiting for next epis already.