10 Most Gorgeous Photo Shoots of Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is constantly keeping herself busy, she loves doing photo shoots and is equally passionate about her acting career. Ayeza Khan has the perfect features which makes her a favorite model for the make-up artists. Ayeza Khan’s photo shoots this year have been dynamic and stunning. In some photo shoots she sported grand bridal looks and in others she was seen in a casual look. Ayeza Khan makes sure that she gets her photo shoots done exclusively when she is shooting a new project. She gets almost all her looks for the drama photographed which is a real treat for her fans.

Here are the 10 best photo shoots of Ayeza Khan.

Cosmetic Clinic Photo Shoot

This most recent photo shoot of Ayeza Khan for a new cosmetic clinic has been loved by her fans. Ayeza Khan always looks utterly gorgeous whenever she gets a bridal makeover. This bridal makeover is relatively different where the make-up artist has used comparatively new make-up techniques and ideas. This photo shoot is a mix of traditional and contemporary. The different colors used by the make-up artist on Ayeza Khan’s beautiful face make her look more stunning than ever.

ayeza ayeza1
ayeza4 ayeza5

Thora Sa Haq Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan’s dramas this year have been the most popular. Thora Sa Haq is another one of her most popular plays. Ayeza Khan changed her look completely for her character Sehar. Sehar is a docile young woman who is a victim of circumstances. Ayeza Khan got her hair dyed to a darker shade and in all her photo shoots from the sets and off the sets of the drama she is seen wearing minimal make-up. Some of these looks are for those big events like weddings etc which Sehar was shown being part of in the drama. Other looks from the photo shoots are the casual looks of the character. One thing is for sure that Ayeza Khan looks beautiful in all these pictures from the photo shoots of drama serial Thora Sa Haq. Ayeza Khan’s effort to make sure that her wardrobe and styling always matches the character she is playing is another reason why people love her performances and dramas. The accessories Ayeza Khan is seen wearing in these photo shoots are just as pretty as Ayeza Khan’s make-up.

thora sa haq thora sa haq1 thora sa haq2 thora sa haq3 thora sa haq5 thora sa haq6 thora sa haq7 thora sa haq9 thora sa haq10 thora sa haq11 thora sa haq12 thora sa haq14

Festive Collection Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan is a favorite among leading designers. That is because she carries everything with the utmost style and grace. Ayeza Khan is often seen representing the best designers on the ramp and she has also been the brand ambassador of the top craftsmen in the business. In this festive collection photo shoot Ayeza Khan is seen adorning different kinds of outfits from the more heavy ones to the slightly less embroidered. This collection also has variety of colors and all these colors look stunning on Ayeza Khan.

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Yaariyan Photo Shoot

Yaariyan was another blockbuster drama serial this year in which Ayeza Khan played a negative character. This was a project which Ayeza Khan was really excited about. She started sharing pictures from the sets of the drama right from the time the shooting for the play started. For Yaariyan Ayeza Khan decided to go for wavy hair and a casual look. Zubi’s character was immature and reckless therefore Ayeza Khan made sure that she looked younger in this role. Just like always, Ayeza Khan made sure that she accessorized her look with appropriate jewelry. She posted many photo shoots from this project in which she made sure that her fans got to see clearly what she was wearing and how her make-up looked.

Yaarian yaarian1 yaarian2 yaarian3 yaarian4 yaarian5 yaarian6 yaarian7 yaarian8 yaarian9 yaarian10 yaarian11 yaarian12 yaarian13 yaarian14yaariyan

Wedding Attire Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan did this wonderful, stunning, royal and colorful photo shoot for one of the best designers in Pakistan. Ayeza Khan’s look in all these picture is fit for a queen. This was one of Ayeza Khan’s most gorgeous photo shoots with the most vibrant colors and the make-up looks were just as grand.

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Mehndi Look Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan looks beyond gorgeous in this mehndi look photo shoot. The entire look given to her by the make-up artist and stylist along with the stunning outfit make Ayeza Khan look the best she has ever looked. Ayeza Khan’s vibrant smile adds to the beauty of these pictures.

ayeza 2 ayeza1 2 ayeza2 2 ayeza3 2 ayeza4 2 ayeza5 2 ayeza6 2

Fun and Quirky Photo Shoot

It isn’t very often that Ayeza Khan experiments with looks which are not simple. It was great to see one of the leading make-up artists in the industry making Ayeza Khan step out of her comfort zone. There was a specific idea behind all these fun looks. The studious look represented a girl who was smart but creative and fun at the same time. This has to be one of the most creative and dynamic photo shoots of Ayeza Khan. Not all of Ayeza Khan’s fans liked this photo shoot because they like watching her in the traditional looks but we think it is great for an artist to experiment every now and then.

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Ayeza Khan’s Favorite Photo Shoot

This photo shoot is Ayeza Khan’s favorite therefore this list would have been incomplete without it. It shows in the pictures just how much fun Ayeza Khan had while shooting for this one.

ayeza khan 12 ayeza 3 ayezakhan ayezakhan1 ayezakhan2 ayezakhan3 ayezakhan7 ayezakhan9

Beautiful Bridal Photo Shoot

Ayeza Khan has to be one of those very few actresses and models who pull off any bridal look with utmost elegance and perfection. This is another one of those beautiful bridal photo shoots of Ayeza Khan which had her fans swooning.

ayeza 4 ayeza1 3 ayeza2 3 ayeza3 3

Mere Pass Tum Ho Photo Shoot

Mere Pass Tum Ho is yet another most popular drama this year starring Ayeza Khan in the lead role. Ayeza Khan’s character Mehwish has come under a lot of scrutiny by the viewers. Mehwish also went through so many different phases that in each phase Ayeza Khan had to go with a different look. Some of these looks were simple and others were modern. The viewers loved how Ayeza Khan’s looks changed as the situations changed for her character. Mere Pass Tum Ho’s photo shoot has all those pictures which were taken at different times.

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All of these photo shoots are amazing. Which one is your favorite?


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