10 Reasons Why Pakistani Dramas are Better than Indian Dramas

Pakistani television channels air Indian dramas nowadays and there are many Indian drama channels which are watched in many houses in Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistani dramas are also seen in India. Both these countries invest time, energy and a lot of money in making these dramas but the outcome on both sides of the border is not the same. It can be safely stated that Pakistani dramas are way ahead of the game because of number of reasons.

The major reason why Pakistani dramas are better than Indian dramas is that Pakistani dramas are short and to the point. The script in Pakistani dramas is coherent and gripping. Secondly, while most of Indian dramas deal with saas bahu issues, Pakistani writers try to experiment. There are a lot of dramas which are issue-based. Another very important reason is that Pakistani dramas are realistic because of which people can relate to the characters and the happenings. Pakistani writers and directors do not go overboard.

There is a very good reason why Pakistani dramas are liked by people all around the globe.


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