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10 Ways To Deal With Anger

Uncontrolled levels on anger is not only unhealthy for your body but also take on your relationships with your loved ones. Knowing how and when to control anger is extremely important to stay active and not cause problems in your everyday life. Here is a list of 10 ways to deal with anger:

Breathe in and breathe out

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Breathe in and out to let go of the feelings of anger. It is as simple as just that.

Counting helps curb anger

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Count till 10 and let go of the feelings of anger bottled up inside of you. Counting can give a chance to your body to cool down while think more clearly as to why you were angry in the first place.

Write it down in a journal

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Write it all down in a journal as to why you were angry, what caused it and all that you feel. Anger can be caused due to distress, lack of sleep, or other various factors. Relieving the feelings of anger through such means is known as catharsis. This means is extremely helpful instead of taking your anger out by breaking objects or shouting or causing physical harm to a person.

Think about peace

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Think about peace like the calm sea, or bright colors or a scenic mountaineous area. Close your eyes and visualize all the good beautiful things life has to offer to you. Listen to calming music while doing so and your anger will diminish to a great extent.

Try to confront the person you’re angry at

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If you’re angry at someone, confronting the person you’re angry at calmly and politely can help you a lot to achieve peace and tranquility. Do not be angry at them otherwise they would not respond to you. By being polite you would might also take them by surprise and allow them space to sit and have a conversation with you and solve any problems arisen between you both.


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When we are anger, our body releases hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Exercising can help control adrenaline and cortisol levels effectively. Being physically fit can bring about optimum amount of happiness levels such as endorphins.

Eat good food

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Eating good food which contains healthy nutrients can not only make you fit and healthy but also bring you joy and curb levels of anger.

Distract yourself

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Do things you love such as reading a book, watching a movie, going to meet friends, cooking, baking or anything else which would distract you and diminish anger and bring you joy.

Take your time

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Last but not the least, take your time to control your anger and be easy on yourself.