Dua Mangi’s Abduction Has More To Tell Us Than What It Shows

It’s been four days since Dua Mangi was kidnapped from an affluent neighborhood of Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, but there is still no trace of her.

Her friend Haris Soomro, with whom she was walking down the street when she was abducted by four or five armed men, was shot and injured by one of the assailants when he tried to resist.

Dua Mangi's Abduction Has More To Tell Us Than What It Shows

This case has taken the masses by storm and people are standing united for Dua Mangi and praying for her safe return.

How Did The News Come Into Notice? 

It all began with her sister, Laila Mangi, posting Dua’s picture on Facebook with the news that she had been abducted. Laila asked her followers to keep an eye out and inform the family if they saw her anywhere. One of her cousins made a similar request on Twitter.

Dua Mangi's Abduction Has More To Tell Us Than What It Shows

The Public Response

This caused a bit of a stir on social media and attracted mixed comments from the people. Being born a female in Pakistan seems to be a curse. No matter what you wear, how young or old you are and terrifyingly, even if you’re dead. You are considered a free commodity. This way of thinking is disgusting.

Women are human beings, they get to wear whatever they want just as a man would, they can be whoever they want and be with whoever they want. Their consent matters.

People had kinds of responses for Dua Mangi – from ‘why is she wearing such non-islamic clothes’  to ‘this was well deserved’

Protest For Her Safe Return

People from different walks of life, including students, civil society and political activists, demanding safe recovery of the abducted Dua Mangi, staged a friendly protest at Teen Talwar in Clifton locality on Tuesday evening as the police failed to recover the abducted girl despite the passage of 72 hours.

Gang Involvement 

Moreover, there were people who have their fingers crossed for the safe return of Dua Mangi and expect the cops to put the culprit behind the bars. The police has stated that a criminal gang had intercepted the 20-year-old girl.

Twitter Response For Dua Mangi 

Have a look.

People are stating some bitter truth of our society 

Is it even a safe city for women to walk with zero concerns? 

People also began to discuss how unsafe women are in Karachi

Right now, all we think of is what her family must be going through 

More tweets flooded in for Mangi’s safe return

The family has since told police of their suspicions that she might have been kidnapped by a fellow student from her days in the US.

For now, where Dua remains a mystery, but the debate about what happened to her is revealing.



Kinza Piracha

  • Even if she was walking down the street naked, that does not give anyone the right to abduct her. Some people need their heads seeing to, blaming the victim.

    If your house gets burgled, or car gets stolen is it your fault for not doing enough to protect them? Those who victim blame need to be tarred and feathered.

  • Whatever happened to her is horrible. Should be condemned. May she come back to her family soon but I have just one thought. What do these atheists do in these kinda situations. I mean they don’t believe in Allah, so they have no one to pray to according to their beliefs.

  • Our heads should hang down in shame.Although I do not condone outright blatantly shameful behaviour,I do uphold the right of our country’s female population to live in freedom and to be able to move around safely.There are countless women working in our country.We are educated and have the right to choose our mode of dress,provided that it isn’t entirely shameful.It is sad that here people jump to conclusions rather fast.

  • It’s a sad news. Pakistanis who live in UK, US or any other country if they have any issues between them they try to take revenge in Pakistan as its easier for them to escape from there. I live abroad and I know many families wait for their opponent to go Pakistan and then they can punish them because its not easy for them to do this in abroad.

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