2 more Pakistani Actresses Test Positive For Coronavirus

As the tally for COVID-19 patients in Pakistan soar, a number of celebrities too get affected by the virus. In Pakistan, joining the list of celebrities having contracted coronavirus, actresses Sakina Samo and Rubina Ashraf become the latest addition.

Rubina Ashraf Family 13 Rubina Ashraf Family 12

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According to sources, both the actresses have gone into self isolation for 14 days in their respective homes. Family members of both Rubina Ashraf and Sakina Samo will now be tested for coronavirus.

Rubina Ashraf Family 9

Rubina Ashraf Family 11

Both the actors had been experiencing some symptoms of coronavirus, after which they decided to get tested. The reports of the tests recently came out positive.

Alongside Rubina Ashraf and Sakina Samo, Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz, Abrar ul Haq, Alizeh Shah, Noaman Sami and Maria Memom have tested positive for coronavirus amongst renowned Pakistani celebrities.

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