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5 Celebrities Who Love Taking Selfies

The interesting thing about selfies is that the word selfie did not even exist in the dictionary few years ago! There was no concept of people taking their own pictures because smart phones and webcams etc with which one can easily their own picture were introduced only few years ago. There was also a time when the results of selfies were not so fantastic that people could have put them on the social media pages. Usually we saw people posting pictures from functions which were taken by professional photographers because everyone wants only their best pictures on the social media pages.

When you are a celebrity you have to be even more conscious of your public image in every way. Many of our celebrities love to take selfies. It is their way of capturing the moment and keeping their fans posted about what they are doing and how they look. These celebrities who love taking and sharing selfies are doing their fans a big favor by keeping them updated. Fans get to know which dramas they are working in and who they are spending their time with. We also know about the moods of people by looking at their selfies. Some of these celebrities only take selfies when they are looking their best but some just do it to capture the moment and to share how they are feeling at that time. A selfie says a lot about these celebrities. We love all these lovely people and are so happy that they share these selfies with us.

Here are 5 celebrities who love taking and posting selfies on Social Media pages:

Agha Ali

If you take a look at some of Agha Ali’s recent selfies you will know which color he likes wearing the most and what is his focus of attention nowadays!! These selfies are from 5 different days and after looking at them it is an easy guess that he loves the color black and his focus of attention is his body nowadays!! That is because he wants to start a career in films. Agha Ali posts selfies on facebook and instagram on regular basis.

1 2 3 4 5

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar usually takes selfies when she is with her co-stars on the sets of her dramas or any other shoot. If you take a look at her selfies you can tell who she has been working with. Saba always has a big smile on her face which shows that she loves doing what she does! Here are 5 selfies which will show what kind of pictures Saba Qamar likes to take of herself with others.

1 2 3 4 5

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat’s selfies are always about her own self, which is fantastic. They always show her moods. She also shares details of what was going on in her mind when she took the selfie and she usually feels like a queen when she is taking a selfie. The confidence this woman has in herself is always drooling out from her selfies. Here are 5 selfies that will show to you that Mehwish usually takes selfie in very little or no make-up.

1 3 5 2 4

Ahmed Butt

Ahmed Butt was the king of selfies this year. He always took the best selfies in all the events he attended with everyone looking great in the frame. Ahmed Butt calls these selfies his trademark selfies and rightly so too because no one takes group selfies like Ahmed Butt. All of these excellent moments have been captured perfectly in these 5 selfies and these are just 5 out of 100s of selfies he took this year!!


Ayeza Khan

If Ahmed Butt was the king of selfies this year then Ayeza Khan was the queen of selfies. She posted one or more selfie almost every day. Unlike Ahmed Butt Ayeza Khan most often posted selfies of herself. She looked very pretty in all these selfies. Here are 5 selfies which Ayeza Posted in the past few days, there are many many more which she posted this year.

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