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20 + Instagram Posts That Show Mathira Is A Very Sensitive Person

Everyone knows Mathira as the controversy queen who is always getting attention for all the wrong reasons but sometimes taking a look at a celebrity’s social media account can reveal more about him or her than any interviews they give or anything they do. Some stars use their instagram account only to post their pictures and these accounts are not so active but for some stars these accounts are like daily diaries where they post pictures and express their feelings at the same time too. Mathira is one such celebrity who appears to be very rough and tough on the outside but some of her instagram posts show that just like any other person Mathira wants love and is hurt when people around her let her down. She works hard to keep her relationships intact because if they fall apart then Mathira’s world falls apart too.

In her instagram posts Mathira uses hash tags like “#nooneknowsher” “#bestrong” “#coldwithin” which depict Mathira’s frame of mind very clearly. Mathira is someone who tries very hard to stay strong but there are times when she feels broken and hurt. Even in such times she tries to have a big heart and not hurt people she loves even if they hurt her. Mathira’s posts also show that there are many times when she feels that even people who love her do not understand her. Mathira also feels “used” by people she loves sometimes, in one of her posts she says, “she is a girl not a tissue”!

Here are a few instagram posts that will show a side of Mathira which many of us don’t know about. What do you see in these posts?

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