5 Must to Have Ingredients for a Hit Drama

What makes a drama hit? There are a hundred factors that play an important role in determining the success of the drama and here are some of the suggested factors that can play a major role in making any TV drama serial super hit, as per my observation.

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05. Well Written Script:

The main essence that any drama has is its script but the main question is if everyone settles with it.  Dramas are basically an imitation of what’s actually happening in our daily life so if the script s really powerful and well written and is able to reflect the actual happenings of the surroundings without having to have a bad impact on the story line then it will have much more possibilities to  flourish in the audience and possible niche.

04.  Well Executed Direction:

It is the duty of the director to have an entire overlook of the drama and make sure that the quality of the script remains constant and actors are able to perform according to the character they are playing in the production which requires multitasking and inspiration. A well-executed direction means that the director has got an artistic vision and he is very much able to execute the required magic in the spectacle.

03. Timings of the Drama:

The timings at which these drama serials should be aired are of crucial importance as well. It has been surveyed that most of the people enjoy primetime shows on TV as compared to those being put on show late night.

02. The OST:

Without a soundtrack the drama has no soul whatsoever because it shows the inner asset and the perceptions of any drama serial before it has been released.  Having a good soundtrack will help directors slide the whole landing of any drama. It has happened with a number of TV drama serials that the title song has given a comprehensive well-appointed look to the entire text and recital and because music is forever, a soundtrack may have an undying impact on the audience.

01. The cast:

When it comes to casting the crew, having the most wanted people in your group is an ultimate requirement. A good actor must know how to deliver the dialogue, how to interpret emotions and bring the liquor of reality in his/her performance. Audience today is clever enough to know if the cast of any dram serial is well chosen or not and they know if any actor is being a dummy or a genuine one thus attracting their attention towards their work.

So these were 5 of the most important elements that I think, play a vital role in making a drama hit.

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Nida Zaidi


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