A Case Filed Against Meray Pass Tum Ho

Meray Pass Tum Ho, one of the most-watched drama, started in August 2019 and ended up in the month of January 2020. Some appreciated the drama series while others criticized it. According to them, women were portrayed as greedy, selfish and non-professional in the drama. 


The drama was about a married couple whose marriage comes to an end because of the woman’s affair with a rich and powerful man. Pakistan’s television industry always shows women forgiving their husbands for cheating on them, but can Pakistani men forgive their unfaithful wife? 


Women took their social media accounts to raise their voice for women’s equality and justice. Meray Pass Tum Ho somehow negatively affected society. Therefore, Humayun Saeed, producer of the drama, has to appear in court on Thursday to clarify things. 



Although the drama had a huge fan following, unfortunately, the show had hurt women’s emotions and feelings. The court has the right to correct things that negatively affect a citizen. 



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  • People turn blind eyes on wrong things happening in real life but get angry over what is an act. People will look the other way if a wife gets physically abused, a wife has to abort her baby bcoz its a girl baby. They justify themselves and say its their personal life

    • Arey kon ha yeh aurtein … Jin ko bura laga… Aurat maaf krdety h…thek ha … Par mard ko 4 shadiyan jaiz Hein …. Or maaaf b Kiya tha Danish ny .. jab mehwish akeley chaley Gaye thi office trip k bhane … Har bar maaf karde or talàak k bad konse maaafii hoty ha or nikaaah k bagir rahii ha auraat shwar k sath Han agr mehwish ko shawar b talak de deta phir koii maafii o gunjaish bn b jaty… Zana Kiya ha mehwish ny…jaiaz taarika nh apanaya ha…..

  • I really don’t understand the thinking of Pakistani people. Instead supporting the TV industry trying to sabotage the credibility of Pakistani Dramas. I think it’s some sick people jealous of the success that the drama achieved. On the other hand the drama showed respect and dignity for women in different roles.
    Just can’t get my head around wasting the court’s time????????

  • the film is a reality of what is happening behind closed doors in pakistan . i have seen this happen in my life time, not exactly but very similar. pakistani people are fading away from their identity and trying to become like western Europeans. people should never forgetwho they are or where they came. Djaals intangible presence is blatanton pakistani tv

  • One of the best TV serial I watched so far was Galti.
    So sad to know that the director/producers have go to court. This happens when you are successful in your lives. Some people have the tendency to create problems because they are very jealous of your success!!

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