A Girl Criticized Yasir Hussain For Wearing Shorts With Hairy Legs And People Taught Her Lesson

Another day, another celebrity got body shamed.

A Girl Criticized Yasir Hussain For Wearing Shorts With Hairy Legs And People Taught Her LessonEvery day we see people criticizing celebrities for no reason at all. It’s the duty of desi people to shame others. Recently, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz posted their pictures hanging out in the USA together. Yasir Hussain was wearing shorts paired with a white shirt.

A girl named, Mehak took to Twitter and criticized Yasir for wearing shorts on such hairy legs.

She said men should not wear shorts in public if they have amazon forest on their legs.

Many people came forward to save Yasir and schooled Mehak for her problematic opinion.

It’s high time that we must embrace our natural bodies and stand up against such body shamers. Kudos to people who stood up for Yasir regardless of his gender!


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  • There are some ethics, manners and respect of wearing while roaming in public….. Especialy in cross cultural countries….! Because u r the ambassador and representative of your country…! Wearing is not bad but way of wearing is wrong and unethical…!

  • It is what he planted now time to cut it off. He uesd to pass judgmental and humiliated comments to others too that is also same as body shaming as well as both shouldn’t promote their own thematic culture and beliefs they must abide with Islamic values too.

  • Farq saaf Zahir hey. Hairy ugly legs vs beautiful clean white legs in surroundings.
    Next time unzip, show and say ” mera dick meri marzi”
    Who comes to see him ?people come to see cute Iqra. Jo Daive ki qaid main hey.

  • Maana k ajkal ki generation kaafi aagy ja chuki hy likn insaan ko apna religion aur belief nahi bhoolna chaheye.Nikkah ker k ye sub kerty tou alag si respect hoti for IQRA YASIR!👎👎.

  • I don’t feel sorry for him one bit he is so rude and demeans so many people it’s high time he got a taste of his own medicine. He is a cheap actor and an even cheaper human being and he should honestly reassess his personality because no one likes a d***head!

    Ps. Sorry for swearing but it had to be said

  • Its ok about legs but why he covered his head like “palaydar” ” Palaydar is a person who off load trucks of fruits or other products” Agar Houston ja ke yehi fashion dikhana thaa tu behtar thaa yahan borian utha leta

  • You need to get out more and discover that human body has hair and it is perfectly natural. Shocking right.

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