A Group of Artists Urged to Ban Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly

All India Cine workers association banned Pakistani Artists post pulwama attack. Likewise PEMRA has banned all kind of Indian content. Which was highly appreciated by the Pakistani actors and producers.
A Group of Artists Urged to Ban Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly

Recently, A very well known and famous Pakistani director Haseeb Hassan has made a web series along with Indian producers named Dhoop Ki Deewar. The cast includes Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali. There are two groups in actors fraternity in this regard.

Chaudhary Ijaz who holds a significant position in Pakistan Film producers Association has said that strict action needs to be taken against such actors who still are working for Indian industry as per report of 92 news.
A Group of Artists Urged to Ban Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly

Aslam Sheikh, Muskan , Aliya Jamshed, Ainee Sheikh, Neha Laaj, Saira Ghaffar, Dia Rehman has said that these actors should be banned. Sana Fakhar has said that artists can work in India.
A Group of Artists Urged to Ban Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly

We also think that now a days our actors should not work for Indian industry. They are loud and clear in this regard. We should also be very clear about it .


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  • Pakistan first
    Money is secondary.

    Please! Play the flashbacks of past behavior of India till now.
    Don’t disgrace your country & yourself too as well.

  • Seriously, fail to understand why our artists are so much obsessed about indian media. They are still very well known from east to west without Indian limelight. What more do they need?
    Their reply would be that art knows no boundaries. True but there are times when you need to draw a line and this is the time.

  • Yes they should be banned if its true.Sajal,Ahad,Haseeb
    Think about our soldiers!our Martyrs!😢.Shame on you!

  • They should be banned??!!! The hell??!! Is this/it that much of a big deal??!!….they’re just actors doing their job.

  • #Ahad and Sajal,,, Pakistan gave you so much love, respct,fame & money,,if u say art has no boundry then Art must stand up for innocent Kasmiris,,, plz atleast stop wrkng for our enemy….
    Live wth Grace…

    • I am from Kashmir…. “ innocent “ is overrated. We need to study centuries old history of Kashmir to know who is a Kashmiri.

  • I dont see what this is about… the production of this project also involves the ispr! It is just a cross border story that’s it.. agar koi aisa issue hota ispr wouldve never been involved

  • Those who are urging for ban these artists are idiots.. The Pakistani producer n Indian producer combined production.. don’t relate with only india its a joint feature n a web series..hassan haseeb directed many Pakistani serials..its a big name in Pakistan showbiz industry ..so avoid jealousy..its not good for health..if ahad n sajal worked they worked with Pakistani producer..so why banned .. nonsense people huh

  • Pakistan artists should look into opportunities that are good for Pakistan, and web projects , Pakistani productions houses and artists and producers ,writers should develop to build strong Pakistan narrative ! Why Pakistan not creating web series ?

  • This is called being narrow minded, an artist is appreciated from all the countries of the world and politics should not be inserted in this decision making, HOWEVER did you note this hate is not spewed by any INDIAN DIRECTOR OR ACTORS so India has not objected or banned it’s PAKISTANI’S that have these issues, and as far as the KASHMIR ISSUE, Pakistan was at one time part of INDIA the separation took place but India is not claiming it answer thus Kashmir is and always will be part of India the partition did not include Kashmir as part of Pakistan, so what is the fight about. It’s clear as day

  • I am usually not in favor of bans but in this case when India is the one who has fervently initiated the whole banning shenanigan then why should Pakistan be expected to rub their backs in an effort to earn their favor? I am disappointed at the Pakistanis commenting here. I believe you conveniently make it a point to forget that India kicked out your artists. Where was the outrage from these quarters and where were the voices calling the state of India immature and childish? Nowhere to be found. These voices only come out in the open when Pakistan demonstrates its desire to not be walked over.

    It’s about self respect. Would you go to a person’s home whose kicked you out before and threatened you? A self respecting person would not unless apologized to. Unfortunately Pakistanis cease to understand that having self respect for your own identity does not equate to being ‘extreme.’ The only xenophobic party here is the one that invites artists from another country, harasses them and kicks then out in an effort to humiliate them while only showing their own lack of hospitality and dignity in the process.

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