Aabro – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was full of misses but had a few hits, but if I speak about the overall story, I most certainly don’t agree with the writer’s perspective at all & I believe we don’t need such dramas that only focus on holding the girl responsible for everything while turning everyone else into a victim.

So, Ali & Aabro shifted to a room, which looked more like a store room but they both didn’t complain at all. Ali got in contact with Aabro’s mother & she tried to help her daughter the best way possible. I like how Sakina hasn’t estranged Aabro completely. Sakina is a true depiction of what mothers are like because no matter what their children do, they will support them & love them unconditionally. Sakina herself has lived a tough life, that is why she can understand Aabro’s condition better. I like how she always encourages Aabro to stay strong & be patient because Sakina knows there’s no other option left for Aabro & I find that very realistic.

Aabro has pretty much understood it completely that all the things she once looked down upon are the things she’s depending upon in times of need & everything that she didn’t want in her life has become unavoidable for her now but somehow, the way she is managing herself & the way she is accepting it all makes me feel for her. Aabro is satisfied that at least she has a place to stay & more than that, what I like about Aabro is that she is also trying to help Ali & herself too. I am glad she spoke about giving tuition to the school-going kids to which Ali agreed. Honestly speaking, I was happy to see the peace & harmony between Ali & Aabro. Aabro needs that much of love & attention from Ali & I am glad that Ali can now see what his wife is going through all because she loves him. Ali can see how Aabro is being mistreated by his family & just because Aabro has stopped complaining about them, Ali can see it even more clearly how his wife is suffering.

As the episodes are passing by, my detest for Ali’s family is growing more & more. As far as I could see, Aabro only gave a 20 Rupees note to the maid to fetch her some milk for her to which Zubaida responded monstrously saying that Aabro was a spend thrift who was being extravagant in her choice of milk, like seriously!?!?! All the instructions that Zubaida & her meesni beti Samra gave to the maid only showcased how petty & shallow these ladies are. Samra suggested that maid also shouldn’t do Ali & Aabro’s laundry, which made me feel that she was about to leave this home, so it would’ve been better if she had stopped worrying about such petty things already. I am ready to understand everything else, but what I can’t bring myself to comprehend is the reason why Ali’s family doesn’t believe in feeding Aabro properly? They’re a middle class family so I don’t think a bottle of milk deserved such a grand reaction & fuss over it. Do they really want Aabro to die from malnutrition or what because other than that, there’s no justification for this sort of pathetic behavior. They can hate Aabro as much as they want but to defy her of basic human right of having a meal is downright ridiculous & is totally unforgivable.

I most certainly don’t understand what Shahida wants. They way she reacted to the news of Aabro’s pregnancy was pathetic. All this while, she was hoping for Ali & Aabro’s divorce which is disgusting. Does Shahida really think that she can build a happy paradise for her daughter by wishing ill upon someone else’s daughter? Both Zubaida & Shahida continued to blame Aabro but I felt like smacking Zubaida & telling her that Ali is equally responsible too. I don’t understand why the news of Ali & Aabro’s child was so disturbing for Fauzia that it made her face forlorn? Shahida is making a fuss about everything so I don’t think there’s a rocket science involved that if she knew Ali & Aabro will haunt her & her daughter all their lives, why did she choose Ali’s brother Abid for Fauzia? They could’ve easily said no & moved on in their lives? I so am not looking forward to the mother daughter conversations they both will have after Fauzia will get married to Abid. I have a feeling that Fauzia is one of those people who don’t know the art of happiness & have never experienced what it is like to be happy. She has found a good husband (which was probably the HASIL of her life), she has an MIL who can’t stop raving about her, she has a support of everyone around her, to phir shakal pe 12 kyun bajay hain bhai? Kiss baat ka gham laga hua hai is afsurda larki ko? I just can’t tolerate Shahida, Zubaida & Fauzia & I am not thrilled to see what this trio will do in the future. Also, the way the title photo of the drama shows how Fauzia has her eyes glued at Ali, I am sure she is going to dwell in the misery of the fact that Ali rejected her & it won’t allow her to be happy with what Abid is doing for her.

I really like how Abid is trying his best to develop a healthy relation among all his family members. The way he invited Ali & Aabro to his wedding & helped Ali in participating was really sweet. I liked how Aabro reacted to it too where she didn’t make a fuss about Abid looking down upon them but rather appreciated his niceness. Also, the conversation Ali & Aabro had about buying medicines or clothes was really touching, they both are going through a very tough time but they both are sticking together which is good. Honestly speaking the way Ali’s sister didn’t allow Aabro to come forward for the rasm was really amusing. She looked like one of those annoying drivers who drive slowly but don’t let anyone else overtake them. I really hope Zubaida stops being such a typical saas & Ali’s sisters stop being such weirdos too.

Overall, the only thing that I liked in this episode was Ali’s growing concern for Aabro & Abid’s attempt at making them feel a part of the family too but other than that, this entire episode was bothersome. I really hope that Ali’s mother learns to blame her son for wronging her & not always covering his shortcomings using his wife as a scapegoat. It is really funny that at one hand she doesn’t feed Aabro & on the other, she expects Ali to hand over his entire salary to her so that she can spend his money to cover the wedding expenses. The preview suggested that Ali will break down & they both will have a baby girl. I am hoping to see them accepting Aabro & her daughter & put everything behind! I must say, Maheen Fayyaz looked nice in this episode because she was wearing a lot less makeup & I think that should be her go-to look. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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