Aahista Aahista – Episode 05!

You know what’s the best thing about watching a drama online? Yes, you can forward it as much as you want to. An episode that was meant to be technically 38 minutes long had nothing but 20 minutes of crying & useless close ups.

While watching this drama I was reminded of the character of Aunn from Aunn Zara, who was ankhon ka tara & ladla of the family to the point where the ladies of house were fixated to him just because he was the only son, only grandson, only nephew but then his character had so much to offer, so many shades to it that everything related to him fell into its place perfectly but then here we are watching how every single lady starting from Bee Jaan, to Shireen Apa, to Sofia, to Haya & to some extent Safeer bhai (a gentleman of course) are fixated to Zawaar…yes, Zawaar? What is his character by the way I mean what has he offered so far except a tired face & a bunch of lies? Why in the world is everyone so obsessed with him?

As usual Zawaar at first felt bad for leaving Haya behind but then he blamed her for not informing him so he was like ‘jaow mai nai bolta tum shay, mai katti hoon’. Finally, after a good night’s sleep his conscience woke up too & he was seen explaining things to Haya but just one dialogue gave me a reason to despise him more & that was ‘wapis jana hai to chali jao but soch lo Bee Jaan ka kya hoga’. Why in the world does he expect everyone else to pay the price on his behalf that too just because they’re in some way related to him? IF he was a man enough – IF; he would’ve handled things properly without getting into such a mess where no one else had to fend for his mistakes. Now just because Haya is supposed to take care of HIS Honey Bee, she can’t open her mouth.

Surprise Surprise, this actually came as a surprise to me that Sofia has a job too. Finally, she isn’t as unproductive as she seems but still she is someone who celebrates 1st meeting anniversary, 1st phone call anniversary, 1st letter anniversary, 1st smile anniversary, 1st fight aniversary etc etc etc etc 1st etc etc etc. Yes, she is actually quite very faarigh even after she has a job. Sofia claims to have fallen in love with him in the very first meeting but I couldn’t really get that because she also claimed to be very practical, so I am wondering how did she fall for such a guy who was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open? As far as I know yawning is contagious so wasn’t Sofia yawning by being in a company of such a sleepy fellow? While watching all their scenes together I was wondering which wife especially someone like Sofia who is in an awe of her Zoey speaks so painfully formally to her husband? & they say it’s LOVE, what a joke.

Not only Sofia is clingy but she is so thick headed that just when Zawaar announced the name of the uninvited guest Haya, she couldn’t connect the dots & figure it out that Haya was no one else but Zawaar’s cousin? She has been married to Zawaar for ages & she has always spoken to him about his family so how’s it possible that she never once saw a family picture of Zawaar, just to know how his family’s like? Very easily, tiredly & sleepily Zawaar spun one lie after the other in front of Sofia, why? Because like I said the guy has a chicken’s spine. He thinks, he actually thinks he can fool his wife who is so suffocating to be around? Will have to find out how the chicken’s cut into pieces by the two butchers I mean two wives. But yes, nothing, absolutely nothing about any of the characters is interesting.

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