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Aamir Liaquat’s Insulting Behaviour Towards His Guest

Did you ever think that an “Islamic Scholar” hosting a Ramazan special show would invite a singer to his set and ask him to sing for rest of the audience including more Islamic scholars? Apart from that as you can see in the video Aamir Liaquat humiliated his guest to the limit. The way he is getting physical with him and mocking him with his words is definitely not part of any Islamic teaching. Would anyone believe that this host is an Islamic scholar and not some comedian who is there to make people laugh? What happened to the Islamic tradition of giving respect to others, no matter who they are? And is singing and mocking allowed in Islam? Even ordinary people like me who are not Islamic intellectuals know that none of what we see in the video is in line with our basic Islamic teachings. This is very sad indeed.

Geo has totally lost it when it comes to coming first in the race of TRPs, they are doing everything in their power to grab the attention of the audience from inviting “controversial” people to having wild animals on their stage. This is highly ridiculous. The show looks more like Neelam Ghur than a Ramazan show. There is no decency in the manner in which the show is being hosted. We should all stop and think where we are going as a society. Why do we put up with all this in the name of religion? It is about time that we raised our voices against the way our religion is being wrongly portrayed. Do you think Aamir Liaquat’s behavior is decent? Do you think he should have insulted his guest like this? What was the purpose behind calling a singer to a Ramazan show?