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Mathira’s Vulgarity At Its Peak

This particular video which is part of the live Morning Show is by far the sickest thing that any of us has watched on television this Ramazan. First of all there was no reason at all to invite a person like Mathira to a Ramazan special Morning Show and if she was invited the host could have made sure that no controversial topics were discussed in the show in order to show respect to this month. Not only this, a Morning Show is a family show or a show which usually women watch. No one wants to see Mathira discussing her condom advertisement and all the other cheap stuff on the show.

As if Mathira’s vulgar acts and the vulgar topic of discussion were not repulsive enough, Maani added in a very crude way, “Aap ne Mathira ko bula ke lakhon caroron Muslamanon ke eman ka test liya hai”. Not only this, he also said “Roza nahi rakhta kyunke rozay ka taaluq eman se hai aur mera eman buhat mazboot hai”. So, basically these people were seen openly making fun of Ramazan in a Ramazan show. Not only this, we see Mathira giving women tips on how to seduce their husbands on a family channel and a family show and most importantly on a Ramazan special show in which the women have their heads covered but they show just how dirty minded they are. Wearing a duppata on your head does not mean that you have respect for the Holy month; one must show it by their actions. Maani’s vulgarity was at its peak in the show, I wonder how his wife or any of the family members can bear to see him on screen like this when a decent viewer finds it hard to digest all that they discussed.

It is a shame that our channels promote such disgusting things during the month of Ramazan. It is our duty to condemn such acts so that the people who are running these channels know that such cheap tactics will not get them TRPs but will drive their viewers away. Shame on the Morning Shows organizers who allowed all this to happen, not only this but they clearly facilitated it. For God’s sake stop making fun of religion, if you people cannot do anything to promote good during this Holy month then do not promote vulgarity too. Shame on you Ary, shame on you Nida Yasir, shame on you Maani, shame on you Mathira and most of all shame on all the people who sat there and laughed at those filthy jokes.


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