Mathira’s Vulgarity At Its Peak

This particular video which is part of the live Morning Show is by far the sickest thing that any of us has watched on television this Ramazan. First of all there was no reason at all to invite a person like Mathira to a Ramazan special Morning Show and if she was invited the host could have made sure that no controversial topics were discussed in the show in order to show respect to this month. Not only this, a Morning Show is a family show or a show which usually women watch. No one wants to see Mathira discussing her condom advertisement and all the other cheap stuff on the show.

As if Mathira’s vulgar acts and the vulgar topic of discussion were not repulsive enough, Maani added in a very crude way, “Aap ne Mathira ko bula ke lakhon caroron Muslamanon ke eman ka test liya hai”. Not only this, he also said “Roza nahi rakhta kyunke rozay ka taaluq eman se hai aur mera eman buhat mazboot hai”. So, basically these people were seen openly making fun of Ramazan in a Ramazan show. Not only this, we see Mathira giving women tips on how to seduce their husbands on a family channel and a family show and most importantly on a Ramazan special show in which the women have their heads covered but they show just how dirty minded they are. Wearing a duppata on your head does not mean that you have respect for the Holy month; one must show it by their actions. Maani’s vulgarity was at its peak in the show, I wonder how his wife or any of the family members can bear to see him on screen like this when a decent viewer finds it hard to digest all that they discussed.

It is a shame that our channels promote such disgusting things during the month of Ramazan. It is our duty to condemn such acts so that the people who are running these channels know that such cheap tactics will not get them TRPs but will drive their viewers away. Shame on the Morning Shows organizers who allowed all this to happen, not only this but they clearly facilitated it. For God’s sake stop making fun of religion, if you people cannot do anything to promote good during this Holy month then do not promote vulgarity too. Shame on you Ary, shame on you Nida Yasir, shame on you Maani, shame on you Mathira and most of all shame on all the people who sat there and laughed at those filthy jokes.


  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    they should have avoided playing qawaali "milta hai kaya namaz mein sajday mein jaa kay dekh" in the background, what was presented on stage was totally irrelevant, production team of ARY should notice this thing.

    • MFS

      If production team was that intelligent then they would have strongly opposed this person on the screen. This is all business. They are selling Islam by shows these ugly creatures on TV.

  • rahat

    this all was just rubbish and all peoples earned jahanum and must be cleared in their minds that they have made sin and fun of religion.they should make tobba and asthaggfar from allah.

  • zeeshan

    nida baji me aapki bhot izzat karta tha par ab nahi q k aapne is beghairat besharam ko bulaakar hamen bhot takleef phunchai hai

  • nida

    disgusting my God

  • zeeshan

    taaliayn bajane wali sub matira jesi hain besharam jo uski hosla afzai kar rahi thi laanat hai sub besharamon oar

  • Fari

    According to Islam woman is the most respectable creature but today they have started making fun of theirselves.this girl doesn't has any self respect remaining.this show should b banned.i can't believe they r Muslims.shame on you nida ya sir because it was your program

  • hamnah

    well Mathira's definitely the 2nd veena malik, in fact she's more than her but what I find disturbing is why have you shared the video? It isn't necessary. Trust me I didn't watch the morning show but while seeing the video link here, I resisted my temptation to watch it. A report is enough, that video isn't required, brother!

  • Anonymous

    dafuq u talking bout bitch? is ko kon se gaon se utha k laye ho.. btw is ko laya kon hai? i mean even her accent is not legit. u need to keep it real bitch like everyone else does.

  • Love Pakistan

    ye har ik uth k hamare mulk ka nam bdnam krta hy kya Islam hme yesikhata hy ese kamini orton ko jooty marne chayyen in ki ko limit henh hoti begairt mera bs chale to ise qtl kr dun

  • fatimajamil

    what are they bloody trying to prove ?

  • aysha

    is begairat nida ko bahir nikalen jo sab kewane wali hai..or jan bojh k bar bar mathira ko apne show mein bhulati hai,,yehi inki asl shaklen mein se ak aurat b shrif nai,,,

  • HIna

    She seems like she's on drugs. What's with the constant shaking of the legs. She doesn't have a ounce of class. And during Ramadan she's encouraging women to dress skanky so that men pay attention to them and help them? Khuda ka khof nahi hain in logon main. Nida Yasir should also be ashamed of herself. These people have no morals of their own, they just change with whoever is with them. When Nida was interviewing Junaid Jamshed she became all religious all of a sudden and now with Mathira she's being vulgar. I dont understand why people cant see how fake these people are!! Like whats up with the idiotic audience clapping and cheering them on?!

    • uji


      • Derma

        Yes thank you. Well said.

    • sandra

      I am second to you hina

  • farheen

    Nida you should shame on this to call these type of call girls , leave everything nida n bettrr u stay at home n do astaghfar ,rubbish simply ridiculous !

  • Najiamohsin

    What this ramzan special hai Nida ramzan main kaya topic shuru kiya hai vey sheam of it

  • kiran.

    viewership brhany k leay Pakistani TV channels (specially ARY and Geo's Morning Shows) aaj kal hr limit par kr chuky hain…Lanat Hai ensb py our So-Called PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) py bhi….

    • Ali abrar

      ap thek kah rahi ha logo kay dil sa Allah ka dar khtam ho gaya ha

      • faiman

        Pemra par complaint to lodge karen janab. storm pemra with complaints, they would have to do something about it. For once try doing something concrete against this vulgarity and offensive content on family chanels on prime time.

  • ahmar

    wow love mitera

    • zeeshan

      love 2 such a bold lady. ummaha

  • Liz

    Mathira should permanently banned from media.

  • aaman g

    lanat tum py nida tum aise nhe lgte the , kuch to ramzan ka khyal krte__________

    • MaHii

      ReaLLy ..:/

  • sadiqian

    Mathira is an attention seeker.
    But what happened to Mani and Nida?? I didn't expect such an indecency from them..

  • ahmed

    Kuttay k bacho tum logo ne to hud he karde kisi neach ki nasal say taluq hai tumhara aesa lagta hai k ramzan me tum log he chahty ho k log rozay nahi rakhy dill say itne galiyan nikal rahin hain ary channel k lye 200 rupay me tali bajany walay bande bulatay ho or oukat he nahi hai tum logo ki kuch karne ki

  • badtameez

    matheeeeeeeeeeera aisa ek add is nida yasir ko bi dai do ..bechaari aapki interview kar karkai apko aor famous kar rahi hai sath mai add ko bi …….nida shame on u ..u bitch

  • Asif

    Nida tujhe sharam nahin aye aisa programme karte hua Lanat tujh per or yeh Kute ka bachha bharwa apni biwi ki kamai khane wala keh raha ha roza nahin rakhta Emaan mazboot ha abey kutte ke pilley Allah ko kia munh dikhaye ga roza nahin rakhta na rakh aisi baat kehne ki kia zaroorat ha .
    Sub sale Begairat ho gayen han Ramzan ka programme kar rahen han or guest kese bala rahe han .Mathira jaisi ko tu phansi pe latkana chaye ese channel per kyun bulato hu begairtun.Nida tujh per Lanat.

    • Humble Man

      gooooooooooooood guy u don excellent words. man cary on,cary on cursing them bcz thy deserve it that u al said.i agre with u man.Best ov Luck.

      • yamnahuzaifa

        thankkkkkkks thandak pargai ese word bol k

  • hak

    she is a disgrace to pakistani showiz


    Shame on all these audience who are clapping and enjoying this disgusting topic in the month of ramzan .. our media is just making fun of ramzan to promote their channels.,. what kind of message these channels are giving to the new generation … Allah sub ko apne hifzzo amaan me rakhen and hidaat dy.

    • Abbas

      Shame on the whole team (whoever was present on that show that morning) be it nida or mani who both turned very low I had never envisioned such a low crude program ever to be aired in the month of ramzan all the participants the producers the guests (with their clownish acrobatic performances) and the sitting audiience all should be ashamed of their very existance ironically none from the audiences protested or walked out disgusting creatures. All of them could be termed as bazari type. As for mathira I dont consider mathira anyone to talk about she is non entity.. Sadly it is ARY who are fooling people and making money their other religious channel they are mare HIPPOCRATES

  • Maria

    Lanat hai in logon per, not just the host n guests but the ppl running the channel…..

  • Maria

    I fail to understand wats really cooking in these people's minds…. Like the idiot liaqat calling taher on his show on geo tv
    n here on ary nida doing this crap,,,,, it's a filthy trap these channel owners r setting to ruin the vision of our youngsters

  • maliha


  • Hira

    This is why I refuse to watch morning shows, or any high budget Ramadan show for that matter. You don't like it STOP WATCHING… This is what is called having double standards, you don't like it, yet to continue to watch and report it. Stop watching these morning shows and they will get the message.

  • uzma

    sick people, we can blame them. but we really should be blaming the main staff behind the cameras. no wonder I am not missing any shit.

  • Nadia

    Sub sey bara harammy mani hay

    • Azaz

      You are right

  • Zona

    Morning shows should be banned as they are the biggest source off vulgarity. It was really shameful to see Nida's loud laughter on every meaningless talk. I condemn not only this show but Morning shows on every channel.

  • jia

    kiya bakwas ha?kiya yeh nida sir per dupata kr k ramzan ka ihtaram kr rahe hain tou is —– ko kyon bolaya|?

  • yamna

    lanaaaaaaat tmpe maani

  • what the hell they are doing they are making fun of ramazan,have some respect… THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

  • Zaheer Qureshi

    hell yar … kia mazaq hai yar … hum musalman hi aise ho gye hain … hum khud hi apnay mazhab ka mazq urnay lgay hue hain .. aise logo ka qatal wajib hona chayeh … yeh kafir hain .. ek orat ko ghair mehram k samnay janay ki ijzat ne hai .. or yeh ramadan show kar rhi hai ghair mardon k sath … or abuse word use kar rhi hai .. har morning show banned hona chyeh .. nida , shaista , saher lodhi , sab bakwas hai .. paise kamanay k lye yeh aise daramay kartay hain …

  • fatima shah

    ek taraf ramzan transmision haar channel ne shoro ki hui hai or behudgi b utni hi barh gayi hai…ye log kis muh se islam ki batien krte hai phr..kuch pata hota nai hai nai bethe hote hai batien krne…or morning shows ko to band kar dena chahye…

  • MaHi

    sHe iX jxT mAd gIrL..:/

  • Sharamsar pakistani

    yasir yaar tu hi apnee bewee to samjha….kal koi aur kaam kar baithee to tu kissay munh dikhayay ga

  • sabah

    ye kia hgaya hai nida pasha bht cheap hgae hai n shame on u mani

  • Amid

    They are all motherfucker

  • SaadAli waqar

    Thank you to write this artical.Such to yeh hai k we are all shameless.If we become strong then no one can dare to do this on TV show.It is very shameful for every TV viewer.Shame on every person related this and most important shame on MATHIRA.she should be banned till death.

  • ash malik

    mathira is a sooooo cheap grl……. and mani iss alsoooo nida yasir wese to bht inocent banti hai but she is fake bagerti ki b had hoti hai

    • Rukhsar

      i agree nida bohot fake banti hai…

    • hafsa

      agree with u

  • Sabeen

    lakh di lanat on all of u……u all r disgusting n cheap may God help u all n teach u the right path….

  • saima

    i apeal to every one that plz dont watch these shows even dont open your tv in this holy month its a waste of time ,when we dont watch them they dont get ratings

  • Aneela

    Khuda ki taraf se innko hadayat mila but aise logo ko nai Milti meri taraf se inn pay lakh laanaaat ……..baygairat loag maani se bara baygairat nai Dekha mein nay

    • shum

      mathira is bitch she wants to be naked in front of every male.she deserves to punshid by each male in pakistan what is she listen her voice her acsent oh mad and insane personlity

    • aadi

      agree wth u.,

  • Mysm

    People ssimply call perma at the following numbers and lodge your complain to chairman federal pemra Ms Kishwar Naheed or for Karachi Ms Seema Kirmani. login to the complain form and your complaints will be dealt with. waisa bhi its the kaam actually of the department of cencership.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      totally rite, alongwith raising voices on social media, one should take some time out and also register a condemnation and complaint at official pemra committee.

  • sarah

    main sub ke comments par agree krti hun….
    mera demagh ghom gia ye sub dekh k kia krty hain ye log..
    lanat ho in double acting par
    meri traf se ek bht bara bujaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    lakh di lanatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt eeeeeeeeeeee mathira and mani
    jitni lanat do kam hai…….

  • Tab

    kuch bhi nahi becha , siway apni izzat k. laanat ho in tamam logon pe.

  • Anonymous

    hum turkish dramas ko zaleel kr kr k nahe thkty. wo log bhe sirf dramas mein he itna open hn gy magar aaj tak kissi b muslim country ne iss trha Ramzan Shareef ka mazaaq nahe uraya ho ga jiss trha Pakistanis iss dafa ura rahay hein…look at amir liaqat's how…. uss mein Islam ka khullay aam mazaq uraya jaata hai…Islamic questions k answers k liye kehta hai k TUKKA LAGAO MUSLAMANNO…..or jo so called musalmaan bethy hty hein jinhein deen ka zra knowledge nahe sirf "firdous ki lawn or q mobile " jaisi 2 taki cheezu k liye TUKKAY laga k apna emaan baichty hein…. ALLAH ka azaab naazil ho in sb py… or un tamaam audience py jo taaliyaan bjatay hein aisi zaleel batu or harkatu py…..or nida yasir ne tou mathhira ko bula k hadd kr di.. yeh log sb ak he hein…. nida yasir agar apne show ki limits define krti mathhira or maani ko tou kbhi bhe un donu ki itni oqaat nahe the k bkwaas krty phirty…nida ko sharam aani chahiye…. or us se b kahen ziada in shows k producers ko. ALLAH ka zara sa bhe khof nahe raha inhein…..

  • Faiman

    Galiyan dene ki baje
    lodge compliant and demand a public apology from nida yasir and mani and complete ban on Mathira.

  • sabeeha

    ppl use to eat one and other with bitter words …after leaving meera now this new item mathiraaa….isko to kisi court ne order bheja to stop vugarity…..ppl ar still watchn and enjoyn.

  • baby

    lant hai tum pay

  • baby

    inko sharam naihi ati kia ye sab karty hoy jab ap log muslim ho k ye sab karo gay toh non muslim toh hum pay batin banay gay aap logo ko sharam ani chahye ap logo kafir toh ni ho gay muslim k naam pay ap jese log dag ho jin me shram naam ki chez nahi hai roza rkh k ye sab karty ho tum 3no pay lanat hai agr ye sab karna hota to mat aya karo tv pay apne 7 7 dosro ko b kharab karth ho agr aap logo me thori sharam ho to monday k perogaram me sare pakistan se sorry karo par humein yakeen hai k aap logo aisa nahi karo gay kio k aap islam ko nahi chora toh hum kia chez hain aap pay allah ki b lanat hai or puri dunia ki b lanat hai

  • duke

    i like mathira because she is entertaining after hectic routine i need some refreshing, so i think she is, if some one have problem with her then why don't he watch madni channel or Qtv, seriously there are so many channels pick up any channel according to ur taste

  • mehrin

    shram anii chahiay us bygharat matira ko bulana tha kiya nida shame on u and on ur all ur team kam sy kam name hi change kero name sy b itnu mubarik MAH ki byhurmatii ker rahy ho

  • Dua


  • Fozi nadeem

    Lakh lanat aisay channels pe Jo Ramzan ka ihtram ni kr sktay. Or in logon pe Jo aisi beghartian Krte hain. Lanat lanat lanat

  • DrVirgo

    Ye Ramadan show ha? WTF!! I dont watch tv but if this is what they telecast in morning shows then its pathetic.
    One cant expect any morality from Nida Yasir and Mani, let alone Mathira, as they're media people, but Im wondering what kind of women were sitting as guests in the show? Having their dupattas on their heads, middle aged/ old females, mothers and still clapping and laughing on every bullshit? No wonder Pakistan is what it is now. A sinking ship. With people like these talking and laughing like whores/ pimps, which nation has risen to greatness?

  • DrVirgo

    And those who love Mathira, should raise their daughters to be exactly like her so that they can have her in their own homes. 🙂

  • sobia

    ye bejharty ki entha he fara hussain ky mornining prog ki elwa sary prog lacher pun ka shikar he khuda ki ezab sy bach kom ky samny hero pesh karo na ky behiae

  • kanwal

    Mathira to hai hi haram ki is liye is ko sharm ka ezaat ka kiya pata is ki maa bhi yeh hi hai or ab nida yasir ne bhi is ko apne Program me bola kr yeh bataya hai k wo khud bhi ghandy or beghart khandan se hai Mathira or nida balky jo jo apne Program me is ko bolata hai sb ka aik hi tara ka yani Mathira wala hi kam hai

  • mahi

    ary kay morning program per banned lag jana chahyai. i cant expect all dis from maani and even nida yasir.its all rubbish. how could they do? whom allowed dis all to do?

  • nayyar

    ندا یاسر کو آٓٓن ایئر معافی مانگنی چاہیے

  • mehw

    qasoor matira ka ni… na mani ka
    qasoor in logo ka hay jo clapping kar ray hein
    jesay log wesay hi guest

  • Mano

    Seems as if she is drunk, and srsly so vulgar she is

    • pbz

      mujhy bhi aysa hi laga

    • Ibraheem

      Mathira ne is se ziyada kuprey zindagi me nahi pehne….. Mani bhai tussi great ho 🙂

  • urduandurdu

    جتنے لوگوں نے یہاں کمنٹس کیے ہیں کم از کم وہ سب تو ضرور پیمرا کو کمپلین رجسٹر کروائیں ،یہ بہت آسا ن ہے،پلیز ضرور کریں۔

  • khan

    i did expect cheapness from mathira butnot nida yasir or even mani,but after this no respect for them,lets see what their competitor does to make their ratings higher.

  • Malik

    they dun have fear of Allah and Day of Judgment……. Shame on all of them

  • Nida

    ya to ap ye cheap shows RAMZAN k nam per na karein , n agr kerny aur paisay kmany ka itna he shouq hey to KAM AZ KAM tareqay k guests ko bulain .

  • afarzana

    nihayat wahyat . nida yasir sy ye umeed nai thi, maani to hy hi cheap

  • Sweet Angel

    Mathira and Nida both are acting like a call girl,,,,,,,,Shame on this show also on producer of this show.go to hell

  • sabeena

    sary private channel py hony waaly morning show CHAVAL hy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PTV k morning show ko dekh lya kary un sy kuch sekh lya kary

  • umair makhdoom

    shame on all the people sitting there involve in such a ridiculous talk… nida also acting like a call girl… all othr people sitting there r also shameless… no one is taking care that its the holy month of ramdan at least it should nt be happen that time…

  • nazia

    shame on nida that her team invited her especialy in this month …. they are not muslims at all….and wut they were actually expectig from that vulger character to do

    • Danish

      why shame on nida, she is not different, both are the same thing. but appreciate mathira, she shows what she actually he. These nida type of gilrs are more worst then mathira. HAT K DANT WALI KAHANI

  • danish khan

    istera ki begharate larkion ko nai bola na chai hai and it is a matter of shame for ARY channel and all these people making fun of ramadan month and they do not show any respect for this month and shame on nida and her family

  • ajqadir98

    This is all money game and here everything is for SALE

  • MFS

    Why don't they re-telecast this episode on QTV and let Haji Abdul Razzak watch it. After all QTV is also one of the Ary baby. Shame on Ary. On one side they try to convey their religious message to the nation through QTV and on other side they don't miss a single chance to make money by telecasting shows which are controversial and totally against our religious and social values. Media is successfully damaging our values with great speed & extent.

  • saahira

    apny chanal ki rating barhany k chakkr mein apni aakhirat barbaad karty hain ye se bara bewaqoof or koi hai?kam az kam ramzaan ka he ehtiram kr lia hota ARY ne.aisi guist ko q bulwaya is maah mumbarak mein?mery paas aisy words he nhe jo inko malmat karun.sakht nafrat ho rahi hai nida se,maani to kabi b mjhy acha laga he nhe tha na iski wife.

  • zeeshan

    everybody like mitra thats y iss video ki rating zyada hai. chukay bi lay letay hai aur tuba tuba bi kartay hai. agar nai pasand tu na dikho na ku us ki rating bara rahay ho. jo chez market mai bikti hai usi ki demand hoti hai.

    • mahak

      isay koi b musalman shok se nai daikh sakta……….
      agar thori si sharam ho to…………………………kisi mai
      is ko daikhnay ka maqsad in be sharmoon ki beizti karna hai………………aur protest show karna hai………….
      warna is ko kon like karta hoga……………..koi bewakooof hi hoga

  • madani

    Ye sare hi be huda batin ker rahy hy.ramzan ka bhi ahtaram nai hy

  • Afshan

    Nida and ARY administratin shame on u….you people are presenting dirty, filthy and garbage on TV……u do not have any vision which is in favour of our country…..ur vision is just to get money,distract youth,u are presenting all rubbish on TV….Morning shows should be banned because they do not have any constructive topic ya to ye shadia krany bath jty ey ya phr Mathira , Meera jsi stipidts ko TV p la k btha dty ey q k ic ma TV ankor ko kuch mehnat nai krni prti wo apni stupid harkito c i audience r ankors ko masroof rkhti ey……………

    • Mahak


  • fawad

    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame
    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame
    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame

  • azeem

    Grow up people, itni hi buri lagti hai to na dekho na usko -_-, dekhte bhi ho phir kehto ho buri bhi hai

  • hamid ali

    wao what a fazool bakwas

  • nida


  • zennia

    lukh lanat hy inn sub py cn't expect tht all this happening in ramazan morning show making fun of ramazan n religion…nida is not a gud anchor lack of gud stuff n knowledge not prepared herself b4 show its seems k bacho ko nashta dy k or muu py makeup thop k ajati hy 😛 thts y she invite such a garbage in her shw :@@@@@@@@

    • mahak

      I agreeee………….
      Islam aur ramzan ka mazak bana rahay thay ye 3no is show mai

  • eshal


  • saher

    asy logh islam k nam py bad numa dagh hain

  • usman

    bekaar hy yaaar,,comment k liheq hi nae hy…aewwaeen loog pagal huay pary hyn…itny sakhat comment khamkha

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  • London

    Down with ARY!!! Don't tell me this channel is also sold to the Jews!

    • Farhaj

      Mere bhai media cheez hi nai reh gayi dekhne wali ramzan mein. khas tor pe wo channel jin ko sirf ramzan me Islam yad ata hai

  • Farhaj

    I may be a bit harsh but no one on the mainstream media is SHAREEF not only this mathira but every other woman appearing currently on the mainstream media.

  • saud

    If you are so concerned about piousness then dont watch the show. And whats the harm in women discussing how to seduce their husbands? They are, married after all. We wouldnt want them to exercise their right and go running off now would we? Stop trying to enforce your moral policies and beliefs on others you close minded conservative fucks.

  • sam

    ARY has a Islamic channel also that shows only Islamic material and then they are showing this on commercial channel. height of Hypocrisy. Typical mentality that they will be forgiven even for brain washing the young generation because of their so called Islamic channel.

  • Ghinva Raza

    i totally agree with u fact i also happen to view a glimpse of the said this even the same media? even nida yasir holds a very good rappot…n i dont even want to start on the level of lows of can they allow n promote extremely controversial n vulgar talks in mathira even a muslim pakistani?? spoilt rotten egg..

  • Usman

    Sorry guys, In which world you people are living? This is the reality of life and the true picture Now Pakistan is the worst place …Terrorism, No law and order, Full street crime, Rapes, Kidnapping, Political western Interest , No security, Poor overseas services, Price hike etc….. This is a open and important topic. As Pakistan population is increasing day by day. No control on this. Be open minded and dont mix this with Islam.

    • Hmd

      Come on bro she looks like she is drunk. And she is carrying her ….. In her palm.:p