Aangan Episode 21 Review – True Depiction of Reality!

Ohkay so, it was yet another realistic episode of Aangan. Faiza Iftikhar should definitely take a bow for giving us such a beautiful drama laden with thought-provoking messages. This definitely has to be one of Faiza’s finest works & I am sure it is going to stay with each one of us for a long long time.

Even though Hajra has a complete right to make the best decision for Sadaan, I find her a little irrational that she has just made up her mind against his marriage with Afrah without any solid reasons. Yes, Hajra found it a little offensive that Afrah came to attend the family get together which was arranged to celebrate Sadaan’s graduation but other than that, just because she knows that they both love each other, Hajra has said no. I don’t know why but I have a feeling Sadaan will take a huge step which Hajra might regret later!

This episode focused on the new member that Laila couldn’t wait to welcome in her life. Laila’s excitement was so beautifully portrayed. Laila knows what it is like living without a child & that is why she was doing everything & walking an extra mile to make sure that she was fully prepared for the baby. Laila obviously has big shoes to fill & I can totally see how she will be judged & scrutinized every step of the way but I loved seeing how possessive Laila already was for the baby even before he was born!

Anila obviously came to do what she is good at but I loved the way Zaitoon silenced her. Whatever Zaitoon said left Anila speechless because even she knew that her mother had a point. Having a baby does not guarantee that a husband won’t get married again, so it was so wise of Zaitoon to show Anila the other side of the picture that just because she has had children doesn’t mean it was prohibited for her husband to get married again. Allauddin stirred the pot but I was actually taken aback with the way he addressed this scenario in front of Zahid, because he was so manipulative. Allauddin depicted a typical mentality where he felt that giving away a daughter would mean getting rid of your burden but giving a son away would be equivalent to losing an asset. Zahid may be stern or rigid, but I find him gullible as well that is why after having a conversation with Allauddin, he started having second thoughts & decided to find out the gender to act accordingly!

Well, I don’t know what secret Asim & Zahid are carrying in their hearts but it did look like they both are equally responsible for something, like they both are guilty but it is Zahid who is doing the heavy lifting on behalf of Asim, at least this is what I deduced from their conversation. Laila saw the cheque but because she trusts Asim so much & also because he knows how to tackle Laila, she immediately forgot about everything without even thinking that things might not be as simple as they seem!

Rubina gave birth to a baby boy & it was so sweet to see how Laila was taking care of everything, from shopping to even making sure that the baby was delivered at the best hospital. I must say what I loved the most about this episode was how the writer, in the middle of Laila’s excitement, didn’t forget to focus on how hard things were for Rubina emotionally. I loved how it was shown that even though it was Rubina who took this decision of giving away the child, still as a motther she was depressed because she knew it was not going to be easy giving away her own child & then seeing him growing up in front of her eyes while still not being able to shower him with her motherly love. This is a reality, when such a thing happens, everyone talks about how big-hearted the mother is & suddenly the focus is shifted on how the life of the one receiving the child is going to be perfect but in the middle of all this, everyone forgets what truly a mother is going through & how hard it is for her. I wish Zahid wasn’t so hard on Rubina. I was pleasantly surprised that he was being courteous enough to tell Abba Jee about Rubina’s mental state but then despite knowing everything, he threatened Rubina with his second marriage & dissed her again!?!

Oh my, who would’ve thought that Zoya will become Anila Junior? I laughed a lot when I saw Hajra’s reaction when Zoya banged the phone on her face. Since Zoya comes from a huge family where she has experienced family politics, she has obviously taken it with her too but then I also felt that it was her own complex of being older to Aqdas that she misunderstood Faseeha. Let’s see if Aqdas will be able to change Zoya & broaden her vision or not!

I loved all those funny moments like Abba Jee’s statements about Bilqees, Zaitoon’s annoyance at her mention. Abba Jee’s way of snubbing Zahid saying ‘kuch dair mai Maut ke Fariste mandranay lagainge’ & ‘maut ka manzar khol ke beth jata hai’. Also, Zahid’s disapproval of Aqdas’s choice of Thailand as a honeymoon destination. This is what the best part about this drama is, that even though such grave issues are being addressed, the humor quotient & overall essence is never lost in the middle of it. I loved this episode & I felt so relieved seeing Rubina in the precap, I am glad nothing happened to her & I am keen to see if Zahid will ever become courteous towards her or not? Loved everyone’s acting & oh yes, can’t wait to find out Asim Zahid secret too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan!

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