Aap Ke Liye Episode 14 15 16 Review – Finally Things Moved Forward!

Ohkay so, the last three episodes of Aap Ke Liye were actually enjoyable because things have been moving forward at this stage of the drama. I think what further developed my interest in the show is the fact that Aap Ke Liye is airing twice a week, which means more content to watch & less episodes to go. I think this was the best decision that the channel made because it seems even they got a little bored with the pace & wanted to finish this drama off quickly.

Washma had no idea what she was about to do when she decided to expose Nishat infront of everyone saying that Nishat only went to Omar’s place to reject him. Areesha also believed Washma because she knew that Nishat was never in Omar’s favor & she was capable of doing what Washma was saying. The only person who chose not to believe Washma was Shaheer because till date he is unable to see the real face of his sister & can not conceive of the fact that Nishat can not actually wish well for her siblings. Obviously, Washma wanted to help her husband & his younger sister that is why she made a rash decision of saying the truth out loud without even thinking things through because if she had, she would’ve approached everything with a little plan & manipulation. Obviously, Nishat got informed that Washma was telling on her, therefore she changed her plan & to score some brownie points in front of Shaheer & Areesha she accepted Omar’s proposal.

Washma left only to get a chance of reflecting on things & her marital life in general but I am sure she will thank Maryam later because if it wasn’t for the drama that she created, Washma had never gone back. Maryam knew that Washma will do the exact same thing that she will be told not to, that is why she took a chance & hurt Washma’s ego, only to push her to go back to Shaheer’s home & fight the battle with Nishat properly. Yes, Maryam knew that in the course of her argument she will hurt Waheed too but she knew when she will explain everything to him & come clean about her intentions, her husband will understand her too.

Washma went back stronger & better & she made sure to let Nishat know that she won’t give up. By swooping in between Areesha’s proposal scenario, Washma gave a clear message to Nishat that she is read to fight & will make everything happen that Nishat doesn’t want to see happening. Washma treated Omar’s family with respect & literally saved Areesha’s relationship because she knows that Areesha loves Omar, he himself is a very decent guy & belongs to a good family. Nishat thought that just by agreeing to the proposal she saved herself from getting exposed but planned on maligning Omar’s mother’s heart against Areesha so much that she will end up refusing to go ahead with the marriage herself but it was Washma who outbid Nishat by making sure that things don’t go against Areesha. If Nishat knows the art of manipulation, so does Washma, that is why just to settle everything she apologized to Nishat in front of Shaheer so that he knows that Washma wants to start afresh, because after that she will do everything that even Nishat wouldn’t have thought about.

It is not only Nishat who is after Shaheer’s wealth, Imdaad Hussain too is involved in this agenda that is why he tells Nishat to help him send Shaheer away so that he can go ahead with a business deal that he finds lucrative. I liked the fact that Washma decided to join the office, even though at first she wanted to relax & enjoy being a wife of a business tycoon, she learned the fact that she needs to be independent to shape up her own life & have her own identity.

Overall, these three episodes were definitely worth a watch, however I will say that even though Samina Peerzada is convincing as Nishat & her acting is good too but most of the times she goes overboard which most certainly wasn’t required. I think if she had subtly played the character of Evil Nishat, it would’ve left an impact because now her portrayal seems borderline fake to me. Shaheer & Washma’s scenes are done really really well, I like how the writer has developed their feelings for each other over the period of time. Even though it was hard for Washma to leave, this short-lived separation taught both Shaheer & Washma that they have gotten used to the idea of being around each other, that is why not only Washma was missing Shaheer, Shaheer was feeling lost without her too. Also, I am glad that in such a typical sazishi story, the writer has given us some very candid & natural moments that the couples enjoy with each other like watching a movie, listening to music, dining out & making each other smile.

I am definitely looking forward to what Washma has in store for us. Ever since the channel has decided to air this drama twice a week, it makes me feel how much of a difference a fast pace makes. Imagine covering all these happenings in 3 weeks wouldn’t have grabbed our interest as much as it did in a week or so. My complain with the director & the cameraman still remains, I hate the movements & the white cast-like boarder in all the frames. Also, I know the director tried some new angles like capturing Washma’s face from the wood carving of a chair, but sorry, in stead of looking good, it makes it look like the director was a spy & he was spying upon people & trying to capture their personal conversations. Arij Fatima has acted effortlessly in this drama & she makes Washma fun to watch. Faysal Qureshi has done his part really really well too but Faysal, please keep a light hand on the makeup. It is not fun seeing a makeup clad ken in a 1080p HD quality video as every speck of makeup screams out loud & seems very unflattering. Also, even though Arij’s acting compensates a lot, her unblended black edges of her eye-makeup still seem distracting to me, I wish someone had handed her a blending brush probably Sigma e40 so that she had blended those harsh black lines & edges. Also I think Arij or her makeup artist should have kept her look natural at least in the scenes where she just got out from bed, it seems a little too fake to wake up with a black smokey eye look. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these 3 episodes of App Ke Liye.

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