Ab Kar Meri Rafugari – Episode 6

So, this episode showed us Jazib’s path to recovery and Tabaan’s mein beqasoor hoon falling on deaf ears. Tabaan’s fate has been sealed and she is to be married off as soon as possible.

Although Mujahid had till now been shown to be a stern man, he nonetheless (until this episode) came across as a loving father. In the scene where Shakeel makes a huge fuss over Tabaan standing outside the gate, I like how she stood her ground. Mujahid does not have much to say which I found a bit strange and ‘resolves’ the matter by announcing that Tabaan will not step outside the gate. Matter resolved (sigh). I was taken aback when later Tabaan slapped Shakeel. I really did not see that coming and even more so, when Mujahid slaps Tabaan. A few readers commented last week, that there are quite a few scenes of physical abuse in the novel and that made me watch this episode with quite a wary mind.

Meanwhile, whilst dominoes of thappars is being played at Tabaan’s household, Jazib begins physiotherapy and begins to walk again, albeit with the help of a stick. He seems to be contrite and sorry when he kept apologizing to his parents in the last episode but we realize that was only temporary (if that).

Chachi’s plea to Shakeel to not cause a fasaad made me laugh. So rich coming from her when she is the ultimate fasaad hunter! Mujahid has come up with the perfect solution to the whole fiasco – Tabaan ki shaadi. Waisay I love (sarcasm) how that is the solution in all the dramas nowadays. Larka peechay parha hai, shaadi karwa do jaldi se, kissi se bhi. Larki ko koi pasand hai, shaadi karwa do kissi se bhi minus the pasand. Larki nay cheenk maari – shaadi karwa do. Okay, maybe not.

Like always, Tabaan is not told anything but her seemingly new love of hanging around in the kitchen seems to be keeping her well informed – when she overhears the ‘Aunty’ speaking to her mother and Taayi about what Shakeel told her and then now of Mujahid’s plan to get her married. I was surprised at Tabaan’s (non) reaction to the decision of her fate. I expected a bit more from her since we are shown she is a confident girl who is not afraid to speak her mind but I suppose the slap from her father has shocked and subdued her.

Jazib so did not seem to be the romantic intense hero and rather an old majnu (and not a very brainy one but then I guess majnu was not the most rational person alive) when he walks off in the direction of Tabaan’s house in his pyjamas and with his stick. When Tabaan’s mother says to Taayi that she did not see the vehshat in Mujahid’s eyes and that woh kisi bhi rah chaltay kay haath thamma dain gay I was like haan haan tau Jazib abhi he guzra hai bahar, ussi kay haath thamma dain!

I do not understand the reason for Shakeel’s interest in Tabaan. He was beside himself with anger when she slapped him so I wonder is it revenge that makes him insist his mother speak for his rishta. But if so, he would have just said that to her. His line about how bahu aap ki marzi ki ho ya meri, hashr tau uss ka hona he hai was funny. While Taayi and Myeda have such a lovely bond with Mujahid’s family, Chachi and her good for nothing son are just as awful. I have to say, Sakina Summo and Ali Safina played their parts really well as the trouble making, despicable duo today.

I wish Tabaan’s mother had more of a backbone and could stand up for her daughter for nobody seems to tell Chachi off for yelling all the time, so her mother could at least defend her. Yes, she and Taayi are meant to be mild natured but it is depressing how they just take the back seat as Mujahid runs the show. I find Tabaan’s interest in wanting to know what Jazib looks like easy to relate to and with Jazib not looking like he is going to back off, I suppose the two will meet and things will begin to go downhill. Well, further downhill!

I watched the OST yesterday and it seems like quite a bit of violence and rona dhona is to follow. When Usna Shah was gearing up for tears in the scene she slaps Shakeel, I thought no,no, please no…a weeping (read gasping) Usna has been done to death and I can not take any more. Although we were saved from it today –Allah say kuch aur he maang laiti – I am not sure what is to follow.

There is nothing about the play or the storyline that seems to be new. But then, most of the dramas on air or at least the ones I am watching do not seem to be showing anything new and what really sets one apart from the other are the cast, direction and production values and I can not really complain about either of these in Ab Kar Meri Rafugari. I guess it all boils down to now how interesting the story remains.

Are many of you following this play? What did you think of today’s episode? Please share your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

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