Abdul Razzaq and Tamanna – Another couple ?

 From social and electronic media, I have came across this news and want to share it with my readers that Abdul Razzaq and Tamanna Bhatia Indian Model and Actress, are in serious relationship. I want to add up here that our cricketer , Razzaq, is already married and leading a very nice life with two kids. On the other side, Razzaq and Tamanna were also caught in Dubai,in Feb 2013, while launching a jewelry shop together.


All I know previously was that Tamanna and Viraat Kohli are in relationship. And now suddenly this news shocked me.Further, Why Razzaq wants to get married again to Tamanna if he is having a perfect family and  living a prosperous life.Is this common man psychology that man should have more than one wives or is he trying to follow the footsteps of our Former cricketer Imran Khan and and  Shoaib Malick? Oh yeah, who can forget Waseem Akram who recently got married to an Australian lady. It seems that it has now become a trend to bring one foreigner wife.. :P

I am confused about Tamanna that what is she trying to do with her life? Is she not feeling secure with Viraat Kohli ? I mean, he is such a famous cricketer,who earned such a huge fan following in such a small time. Comapred to Razzaq, Kohli is a bachelor, more young and has a long way to go. Razzaq is getting older plus  he is already married  than what is making her attracted towards Razzaq? Is that the same attraction that attracted Sania towards Shoaib ? :P

No matter what, I am strictly against this relationship. I hope that this would be just a rumor and I would be proved  wrong or their relationship has ended.

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Rabia Basharat


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • What is this? This looks like an article written by a 12 year old. Who puts smileys in an article. Bad grammar and bad writing. What is wrong with reviewit?

    • Dear Mehwish.. It was just to keep the discussion light as our youth put every issue on fire.. U can take it positively..

  • tamanna is just trying to ruin another women & 2 kids life…i guess it’s some other kinda attraction looks like kohli is very kanjooos,and our masoom surath abdul razzak is very generousso he will buy all the gold neckelaces for tamanna begum ;-)

    • well lawangeen, many of our cricketers in past has been associated with indian ladies, like imran khan with zeenat aman, zaheer abbas divorced her pakistani wife to marry indian lady rita luthra (now samina), mohsin khan married indian actress reena roy(a shortlived marriage), shoaib mailk with sania mirza, while shoaib akhtar with diya mirza, waseem akram with sushmita sen, shahid afridi with sonali bendre and shoaib malik with aisha sidiqi.

      its strage why our cricketers are so much associated with indian ladies, its seldom that cricketer from any other country comes in limelight with such issue.

      • I must say Rashid, U have great knowledge of all cricketers.And yes, this has become an unsolved mystery that why all Pakistani actors prefer Indian Ladies ?

        • rabia, cricketers in our countries have huge fan following so any such news related to them became a talk of the town and it is also being remembered, current team dont have many charismatic personalities but team of 70’s – 90’s have some great charismatic personalities like majid khan, zaheer abbas, imran khan, sarfaraz nawaz, waseem, waqar, saeed anwar, miandad and yes afridi too. But while our cricketers were named with indian ladies, very few were named with western ladies, the only exception stand tall is imran khan, who was also named with many (its difficult to count how many) western ladies especially in 80’s. But perhaps it is an aspect of their career and field.

  • yaar aamna saamna hogaya hoga DUBAI main dono ka aur salam dua hogai hogi ISSKo scandal q bnaarahe ho dumb media

  • common guys this pic was captured four months ago and its was opening ceremony of new jewllery shop in dubai so they both were invited for inaugraton.

  • Hmmm!

    Don’t believe what you hear & believe half of what you see – Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

    I think that just posing for a picture together doesn’t prove anything. Indian Media completely & Pakistani media to some extent like to fire up the nominal things so I guess we should not, just for the sake of readership post whatever inappropriate we come across while browsing the internet. :)

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