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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 03.

Sadly not much of a progress this week as well. Even though I am still interested in the drama but really want the story to move forward. Fortunately, there weren’t such repetitions in the dialogues this time but a fact again was established that Narmeen’s a negative person & everyone else is good.

Areeba’s probing was moved to another level where she thinks it’s her duty to poke & provoke Arham. All this while, I thought to myself that why isn’t anyone paying a heed to her growing interest in Arham but thank God, his mother spoke about it to her husband. She understood the interest Areeba is showing in him which for sure is a notch higher than the others. His family is laid back in his matter but Areeba seems too keen. Narmeen has gotten hold of Areeba’s feelings therefore she is openly taunting her about the situation.

It was kind of odd that given the history Narmeen has shared with Arham, she was a bit too eager to make his room for him without even been scared of being judged. Obviously, anyone would judge her for her level of utmost interest that she is showing towards him. If she wants to take responsibility like she mentioned in front of Shahiq, then she could’ve started off with any other thing in the house, but why Arham’s room to begin with?

I hope it’s not the case in this drama where they keep on procrastinating the main issue & reveal it by the end of the last episode? I hope they finally start revealing what actually happened & what changed his life. Arham’s sudden outbursts are getting really annoying & Areeba’s saint-mode-on tactics aren’t appeasing to see either. She just looks like someone curious who doesn’t know how to mind her own world.

During this episode, there was a little discussion done on Arham & his religious side, where it was revealed that Shakeel actually supported him in his choices of life whereas mother didn’t approve of such devotion which he had. But it’s sad that the support has flipped for Arham, where his father is against him but mother still believes that what she saw wasn’t a complete reality.

I think the viewers are done with making guesses & actually want to know what happened. Even though the cast is so strong & the plot is amazing too but we want to know which thunderbolt hit the happy family as I am sort of tired using my brains in trying to put the pieces of puzzles together.

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