Mere Humrahi Episode 3 – Ahmed Becomes ‘The Savior’

This week’s episode was relatively better than the last one. There were a few developments in the show this week though at a snail’s pace. The episode revolved around the two family’s reactions to the drastic steps taken by both Haaniyah and Ahad. I said this in my first review of this show that I find this show very filmy and I saw the filminess yet again in this episode. The reactions of all the family members to the news of Haaniyah’s attempt at suicide and then Ahad’s disappearance were full of the spiciness that we see in movies. I am not saying I disliked the scenes, I was really hooked to the scenes because the suspense and emotional quotient was increasing after each scene. I  still strongly believe that the episode should have been a bit fast paced.

I was disappointed yet again when I saw Samina’s scenes forcefully added in between the very intense and emotional scenes between the two families. I am completely unable to fathom why Samina is getting so much screen space at such a crucial point of the show. We already got enough of her dose last week, they could have waited for an episode or two for the next dose. One minute I am completely into the emotionally intense scene and the next minute, I get to see the completely spoilt Samina and the scenes between Samina’s brother Zaheer and his wife Afshah. These scenes were a huge turn off and if anyone of you has not seen the episode yet, I seriously recommend you to skip these scenes.

photo(29)I truly loved Munawar Saeed’s acting in this episode. He truly acted like a loving father would in such a situation and my heart truly went out to him. Even Ahsan’s (Khalid Malik) acting was pretty good in this episode. Even though I found the dialogues really filmy, I still thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of dialogues between the two families.

photo(24)The highlight of the episode for me was Fahad Mustafa’s performance. Ahmed was the most controlled and calm character in such a critical situation and kept peace between the two families. He logically attempted to find Ahad’s whereabouts instead of panicking like the rest. And in the end, he also came up with a solution to save the izzat of both families.

photo(27)I was not expecting Ahmed to get emotional all of a sudden and say ‘Main Karunga Haaniyah Se Shaadi’. I thought he would be pressurized by his parents to get married to Haaniyah. Here the case was different, he could not stand his parent’s humiliation and proposed the first solution that came to his mind. Fahad’s teary expression and dialogue delivery were just spot on and I could even blink during the whole scene. He is the main reason why I wanted to review this show in the first place.

I really liked the contrast they showed in Ahmed’s character. They showed in the previous episodes that Ahmed hated the mere mention of marriage and now he offered to marry Haaniyah himself. This shows that he understood the gravity of the situation and he tried to make amends for his brother’s grave mistake by asking for Haaniyah’s hand. He has always been the most responsible one in the family and even his parents were proud of his decision.

photo(25)Soniya Hussain’s acting was also up to the mark in this episode and I liked all her emotional scenes with her mother. We can judge from her current state that she really loved Ahad. At one point, she was regretting her decision to marry Ahad even when her father opposed it but then when her mother announced that the marriage is still on, she took a 360 turn and said that she knew Ahad wouldn’t leave her because he loves her a lot. I think her conflicting views were due to the emotional trauma she has been through otherwise any girl would not forgive a guy like Ahad so easily.


The final verdict is that this show really needs to pick up some speed and they need to stop dragging the show. This show has potential and they really need to show it. And yes, they also need better editors. The editing was completely pathetic as there was no flow in the scenes.

We will see Haaniyah and Ahmed’s wedding in the next episode. I am still wondering how Haaniyah’s father would convince her for the marriage.

I would love to hear your views about this week’s episode, so do not forget to comment!

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Mariam Shafiq


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  • totally right, this show is getting more towards filmi style, leave main characters acting and dialogues of supporting actors, munnawar saeed and khalid malik were pure over emotional filmi style, but perhaps this style is hit and has public appeal, as the current top rating drama “Man Ke Moti” on geo is full of this over acted emotional acting, with yusra rizvi always come with a worried and nervous face, (in punjab we say it ” rondi boothhi روندی بوتھی” ) but still it is leading the ratings.

    but still this show despite these flaws, this drama has potential to be a hit, its not the best drama, but not the worst also, and can be viewed and waited for whole week.

    one more thing, after doing lot of experiments with foreign content, GEO TV has started telecasting pakistani dramas again in prime time, infact its AB productions made pakistani dramas to be precise, but is mostly focusing on ARY and HUM, do also focus on GEO TV dramas apart from NUMM, like “saari bhool hamari thi”, “Mere Khuwabon Ka Diya” and off course the top rated Man Ke Moti.

    • Thankyou for commenting Mr. Rashid. They are always welcomed here :)
      Yes, filmy shows with over the top acting always get the highest rating because our masses prefer to watch such shows and Geo caters mostly to maases.
      Rindhi Boothi. LOL! Yusra Rizvi is doing a good job in the show.

      I have a feeling this show will get better. I am looking forward to Ahmed and Haaniyah’s scenes together. I want to see if their chemistry clicks.

      From now on, GEO will only show A & B production shows since it has bought it. I am going to write an article on this pretty soon.

      Oh, the reviewer choses the show here and its upto the reviewer if they want to review an ARY, Geo or a Hum Tv show. I try my best to take one from each channel. Currently, i am doing 2 frm ARY and 1 from Geo.

      • yes mariam, this filmi style is a superhit evergreen formula which will never fade, i also have no complains for such style in shows, unless it is overdosed like star plus dramas

        yusra is a fine actress, in kaash aisa ho, she has performed well, but her acting in man ke moti was also fine, till faisal qureshi was there, since then she always has same annoying expressions and appearance

        • Oh god! Geo shows enough of the star plus content in their shows like ‘Yeh Zindagi Hai’ and ‘Milke Bhi…’… I hope we do not get to see any more of that crap!

          I actually know a lot about the story of this show, thanks to a friend. And we will get to see a but more filminess in the future but not the star plus type.

          Yes, she was good in KAH. But of course, Saba Qamar was the best. I already like Saba Qamar but I became a fan of Mohib after KAH, which explains why I was interested in reviewing Yeh Shaadi Nahi Hosakti

  • when on screens the name of drama arises “Mere humrahi” … the title screen seems more starplus type… haniya wearing red and its raining… Pure starplus touch… Story is also ok but very slow… 2nd episode was veryyyy slow… the whole episode revolved just around the suicide…. 3rd episode was better as u said… atleast the story moved on….

    • Thanks for commenting Silver eyes!
      LOL! I agree! Even the title song sounds really filmy but trust me, this filminess is what the masses prefer. And i personally don’t mind watching it. Sometimes a little filminess in the shows is a good change.

      I hope the show becomes more fast paced! I think the story will get better once Haaniyah and Ahmed get married. So let’s wait and watch :)

  • didn’t watch epi 2 on your recommendation…thanks :). The 3rd epi was interesting but found more things weird than anything.

    1. When the Huniya was at the hospital still critical, her father and brother were arguing at the fiance’s house. I found that really strange as the scene was unnecessarity streched.

    2. All the “A” names were so confusing. I was getting confused who is who…Ahad, Ahsan, Ahmed? there are so many unique names why did they choice similar sounding names for all the main leads????

    3. I finally get the what people are saying about Fahad’s complexion and use of bleaching agents. His face was pretty bright in this episode but finally I saw the weird patches and difference in colour at the neck line. Gross….I don’t get the facination with light colour in the subcontinent????

    Am still reserving judgement.

    • Thanks for commenting. :)

      Lol! I agree with all three points! :p

      Technically, Haaniyah’s brother and father should have been with her at the hospital. But i think they only left the hospital after the doctor said that Haaniyah was out of danger.

      Hehehehe! I’ll clarify this. Ahsan is Haaniyah’s brother, Ahmed is Fahad and Ahad is Shehzaad Sheikh. It also took a while for me to get familiar with the names too. :) its the writer’s fault! :p

      Fahad’s makeup is one thing that irks me A LOT! He has a dusky complexion which is fine but he apparently has some issues with his colour which explains his heaps of makeup. You can clearly notice the difference in his current shows and his previous ones. There is nothing wrong with having a dusky complexion and we love him just the way he is. Hope he understands this!

        • Oh yes, and its seriously very annoying. Guys shouldn’t be obsessed with their color. And plus, on Fahad it shows! You can clearly make out that he has put tons of makeup.

          • well dont know who is now stylist of fahad, he is talented and praised more for his acting not for his looks but he has more than decent looks, height, complexion and features. For past many years Fahad is successful mainly for his acting talent. Perhaps its the impact of doing morning show of HUM,

            Good looks or fair complexion is not a guarantee for success otherwise all male models like abdullah aijaz, emad irfani would have been number one actors.

            His makeup and puffed face is hard to digest, but his hair also seems somewhat different, may be he is also having some different hair treatment.

          • I have no idea why he became obsessed with his color all of a sudden. He had no issues with it a few years back.

            I totally agree that looks do not guarantee success otherwise all the model who have entered the Indsutry would be successful.

            He has grown his hair and maybe he straightens them or something. I have also noticed this, they do look different.

  • Following reviews as usual.. Can’t understand one thing. How is the family going to explain to thier repectiove khandans that instead of the younger one, why the older one is sitting on the stage with Haniyah? What is the use of dragging Fahad into the marriage when they cant escape “logon ki baatain??.. Wouldn’t the khandan still get badnaam that the girl is being passed as a pillow? If Fahad is ready to take the “talk” on himself why can’t he just call of the marriage?

    • Thanks for commenting Amna! :)
      Frankly, even I fail to understand this. But i think Ahmed said something like if people point fingers then it will be at his family, not at Haaniyah. Right now, they are just focusing on saving Haaniyah’s reputation. Calling off the wedding would be a drastic step because people will think the fault was in the girl.
      Marrying Ahmed at this point would be better than calling off the wedding altogether.

      Ya well, I fail to see the logic here too but oh well, its a show. It is bound to have loopholes.

      • Np!..

        They could still save Haniaayh’s reputation by making up an excuse that would spoil there family’s reputation and not hers! Why not just tell them that his brother is guilty??!!

        Ya i guess.Nowadays dramas are having loopholes. or its just that we have become so sharp that we notice everything!!!

        • Dramas and their weird logic. The families must have feared that since Ahad left her, even if they tell people the truth they would think that Haaniyah must have done something that is why he ran away. People and their bug mouths never shut !

          God! I sound so filmy! LOL! Just stating what Haaniyah and Ahad’s family must be thinking. :) oh yes, we are all good observers. This is not the 1980s or the 1990s where people did not used to question anything. We belong to the 21st Century and we can quickly notice loopholes. :D