Actor Imran Abbas Lost His Father Today

Imran Abbas is a well-known actor, model, and singer of Pakistan. He moved to Islamabad with his family. He has two elder brothers and three older sisters before him.

Actor Imran Abbas Lost His Father TodayImran Abbas lost his father today as he shared the sad news with his fans through Facebook.

Actor Imran Abbas Lost His Father Today

“My father passed away. Please recite Surah-e-Fatiha,” Imran wrote.

Imran is born to a non-artistic family and not a single person from his family from his mother or father’s side belongs to showbiz. Earlier, one of Imran’s sister died at a young age due to cancer.

Actor Imran Abbas Lost His Father Today

Condolences from the team of Reviewit to Imran Abbas on the tragic death of his father. Kindly recite Surah Fateha for the lost soul.


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  • Reviewit team?? What is Surah Fatima???

    Is there no Muslim editors in your team to review it? Pakistans pls wake up and take serious note of such mistakes. Tomorrow they will write something worse about Quran and no one will notice it.

    Inna Lil La hi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon for Imran’s.
    Indeed we all have to return to our Allah SWT, but what will we say when will be asked about our state of Iman? We don’t even know the name of one of the smallest Surah of Quran?

  • Gham mai bhi ye log ko Instagram,Facebook,etc ….comments likhna nahi bhool
    thai ye celebraties.

  • It’s now corrected but there was no need to create such an issue as it was some typing error. Koi kyu surah Fatima likhega? R u out of ur mind? Bache bache ko patah hai it’s surah fatiha. Plz stop making drama. Musalman hone ka dars nange models ko ja k do itna he shauk hai tou

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