Actor Mustafa Ali Khan Proposes #MeToo For Men

You might have seen Mustafa along side Osman Khalid Butt and Ainy Jaffri in Balu Mahi. Mustafa came up with the idea for a campaign #MeToo but for men and it definitely isn’t what you think it is.

He isn’t suggesting a campaign that supports men who have been sexually abused or harassed when he says #MeToo for men he means that all men acknowledge that too are a part of this epidemic.

In his Facebook post he said,

“Every single man is guilty. Guilty of perpetuating this environment where EVERY woman feels unsafe. I too am guilty.”

Actor Mustafa Ali Khan Proposes #MeToo For Men

He continued,

“I, too, have made women feel unsafe. I have always been careful in how I treat every woman I interact with. I know I am guilty of, in one way or another, making them feel unsafe. So yeah, #MeToo.”

He further added,

“I am guilty of ogling or staring at women – sometimes long enough to make them uncomfortable. #MeToo.”

He added that ‘men will be men’ is the part of the problem,

“I am deeply ashamed of my actions and my inaction. I apologise to every woman who has ever felt uncomfortable or unsafe around me. And I promise, I will try to be a better human being.”

The actor concludes by explaining that this is not a debate about “feminism, sexism, or any other ‘ism’”, but rather about being better human beings.


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Mariya Haider