Actress Benita David with her Husband in Nida Yasir Morning Show

We all are well aware of Benita David. The actress has become a household name due to her presence at many morning shows. She is always there to entertain the audience with her amazing looks and personality. 

Benita is always laughing and chilling wherever she is, living her life to the fullest. She got married to the love of her life, Axger Ali. They seem to be happy with the new phase of their life. 

Benita and Axger were invited by Nida Yasir at Good Morning Pakistan. The couple appeared on the television screen for the first time.  Benita is expecting her first child and it’s a boy! They are really excited to welcome their little angel. 

Here are some of the latest pictures of Benita David and Axger Aly from the set of Good Morning Pakistan. Have a look! 

benita 1

benita 2

benita 3

benita 5

benita 6

benita 7

benita 8

benita 9

benita 10

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benita 14


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