Actress Fatima Sohail Latest Pictures with her Son

Fatima Sohail got the spot light when she raised her voice against her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider. Fatima shared her pictures on Facebook in which her face was clearly smacked and she accused her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider for hitting her and for having an extra marital affair with actress Nazish Jahangir. Fatima Sohail said that Mohsin Abbas Haider swatted her while she was expecting her son. Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider have a son Mehmat Haider. After all the controversy Fatima and Moshin Abbas Haider got separated leaving a mark on the personality of Mohsin Abbas Haider. And now when finally the saga is over Fatima Sohail is back in media industry. Before marrying Mohsin Abbas Haider Fatima Sohail used to work as a host on news channel but she left her job after marriage because her husband didn’t want her to work. Fatima is currently starring in drama serial Mera Dil Mera Dushman. Fatima has also made an appearance in Bol Entertainment show Star Player. Fatima is taking care of her baby as a single parent and she shares pictures of her son on social media frequently. Let’s have a look at these pictures of Fatima Sohail:

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