Actress Javeria Saud’s Luxury Banglow in Karachi – Exclusive Pictures

Javeria Saud is a Pakistani actress, producer, singer, and host. She is known for playing the protagonist Jameela in Geo TV’s drama series Yeh Zindagi Hai. She got married to a film and television actor Saud. Javeria and Saud own the production house JJS production house since 2006. 

Javeria Saud is the parents of beautiful daughter Janaat and son Ibrahim. They always manage to take time out for their kids. The whole family appears on the set of morning shows where they share their life stories and experiences. 

Javeria Saud launched her own Youtube channel, a few days ago. Her first video was about her beautiful luxury bungalow in Karachi, where she lives with her husband and kids. She told the details of her house from where she furniture, decorations, and other stuff. Most of the things were from Dubai. 

Here are the pictures and complete video of Javeria Saud’s luxury bungalow in Karachi. Have a look! 

javeria saud 1 1

javeria saud 2 1

javeria saud 3 1

javeria saud 4 1

javeria saud 5 1

javeria saud 6 1

javeria saud 7 1

javeria saud 8 1

javeria saud 9 1

javeria saud 10 1

javeria saud 11 1

javeria saud 12 1

javeria saud 13

javeria saud 14

javeria saud 15

javeria saud 16

javeria saud 17

javeria saud 18

javeria saud 19

javeria saud 20

javeria saud 21

javeria saud 22

javeria saud 23

javeria saud 24

javeria saud 25

javeria saud 26

javeria saud 27

javeria saud 28

javeria saud 29

javeria saud 30

javeria saud 31

javeria saud 32

javeria saud 33

javeria saud 34

javeria saud 35

javeria saud 36

javeria saud 37

javeria saud 38

javeria saud 39

javeria saud 40

javeria saud 41

javeria saud 42

javeria saud 43

javeria saud 44

javeria saud 45

javeria saud 46

javeria saud 47

javeria saud 48

javeria saud 49

javeria saud 50

javeria saud 51

javeria saud 52

javeria saud 53

javeria saud 54

Here is the Complete Video


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  • It is a bit too much for my taste. I like it simply. There is no home feeling to this museum of white and gold..

    • i liked it but yess u r right the colors r used only white and gold which is not giving so much homic look

  • It’s way too much gold! I wonder who was the interior designer. But probably they like it like a museum …. not so homey….I’ll die living in such a place lol…. but jokes apart …. may be it’s their taste

  • Yikes. When I see this, Trump comes to mind, his personal aesthetics being white and gilded in gold all over. Overcompensating for something or just plain tacky? I much prefer people’s houses that feel like homes, with a mishmash of art and personal objects that they chose and hold dear.

  • U r very right to call it a palace coz it dosnt look like a Home from anywhere…. put everything aside i mean tv lounge aisa hota hai..!!!!!!!! :…!!!! Just Money cant give u a gud taste…..

  • Oye tum log ko marna nahi hay kia ? Sadgi bhi koi shay hay k nahi ? Is ghar may itna bharnay k bajaye agar aadha paisa bhi ghareebon ki falah o behbood k liye kuch kar layti tau sawab mil jata , besharam log, pata nahi in log ko sharam kiun nahi aati show off.

  • MashaAllah bht khubsart gar h.. Kch log es ko museum bol rhy plz aise mat bolo bht dil se unho nai ye gar bnyia or ap sab ke sth share kia agr acha nhi bol skty aise mt bolo..

  • All the whit and gold scheme has created a monotony in the house. Tbh this makes me so uncomfortable 🤣🤣😶

  • I will get migraine, in this house, I am sorry but it doesn’t look and feel like home.Those gold decoration making me uncomfortable.

  • I would really like to know how they have earned that much money. Because many actors working for so long have been struggling to maintain this kind of life style. NAB should take a notice.

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